Wednesday, December 29, 2021

I had plans to take lots of outfit pics, but it just didn’t happen. I have been wearing jeans most days, but with a nice top. I change out of them into shorts whenever I am done going out for the day. The jeans are my accountability touchstone for remembering how far I’ve come and for keeping me motivated to treat my body right. Y’all, I went several years without wearing jeans much at all. I repeat, leggings were not my friends. Jeans are that bitchy frenemy that will tell you the truth, ya know?

I love fashion and this is my day of the week to talk about it. It may seem that I am obsessed, but I don’t think I am; I just really enjoy it as a hobby. I ask people if I can see their new stuff and if I can help them put outfits together. Style is a personal thing and your style can evolve. It’s just so fun! And, it’s all about being and feeling your best. If you feel good you will life your best life.

We have had very, very warm weather here in Louisville, Kentucky. I hear that was the case in many other locales, too. If I can’t have a white Christmas, I will take a balmy one.

A couple of nights before Christmas, I wore my Loft velvet leggings (very old), a new Loft blouse, and my faux fur vest (very old – from the Liz Claiborne line at JC Penney! This line used to have some decent stuff for great prices and I wear this vest and my tan one quite a bit).

On Christmas Day, I just wore jeans, my Feliz Navidad t-shirt tucked in with a belt, and my red clogs. It was perfect for being on my patio all day at home!

For the day after Christmas, I wore my new Loft quilt-esque blouse, jeans and belt, and my cognac booties (Jack Rogers, old).

The day after the day after Christmas, I wore another new Loft blouse. I’m not gonna pay for shipping, so they got me – I had to order enough to qualify! This blouse has a tiny gold thread running through it. I love it. I was letting my hair air dry here and I had no makeup on.

For Christmas, my mom got me some Matilda Jane items. I think this is a tunic. I am not sure what I will put over it yet. I do have a cardigan in this color.

And this kimono..

And, this kimono…

She also got me some brown bell bottom layered pants like my red and black ones. I cut them off because they are long on me and have them in the wash now. They don’t require hemming and just kinda roll up and look like they came that way. They are perfect teacher pants. They are super comfortable but still look professional. By the way, teachers are getting so casual. I think high school has always been a bit more dressy than elementary, but I’m noticing that we are getting pretty casual. Maybe it is this year with the mask situation. Nothing really looks nice with a mask as an accessory for 8 freaking hours!

I really don’t want to buy any more winter clothes. I think the new things I received will work well for spring and fall so I really like that. I can’t wear anything too hot to school so it’s almost like I need a seasonless teacher wardrobe. I am really trying to minimize my closet and only have things I LOVE. Right now I am using Mason’s spare closet as I try to better organize my space. I feel like I work in my closet so much. I just don’t have it fully functional yet. I might ask Tom for advice on where things make the most sense.

I said I don’t WANT to buy winter clothes, but I might have some deals too good to pass up, so don’t judge, ok?

What have you been wearing lately?

What is your current vibe – type of clothing, stores, etc.?


13 thoughts on “WIWW

  1. I just love your jeans & blouse outfits! You look great! The new leopard loft one was a hit!
    Since I live in a cold country outerwear is very important. My husband gave me a Barbor quilted jacket for Christmas, and it’s just beautiful! A bit fox hunting in Scotland you know? (In a Hallmark movie of course! :-D) I also bought a grey military inspired coat for myself… Looks great with my Dr Marten’s!
    For American shops I was just crazy about TJ Maxx, Ross and Marshalls! Crazily fun! I and the daughters could spend hours in there… husband not as thrilled (I mostly found him in the Home department, he’s very much into home decor, believe it or not).


    1. Thank you! I think I will wear jeans more to work now since we don’t have a dress code. My hub has a Barbour. I don’t really go to Ross and Marshall’s. The ones close to me aren’t that great. I love TJ, though! Your poor hub. Mine likes home decor, too.


  2. I have amped up my collection of sweaters this winter, but unfortunately, it really has been too warm for some of them. I also splurged on a wool navy blazer. It is oversized and a little “mannish”, so I am still playing with what looks best with it, but I usually just like to wear it with jeans. I think it looks best with a more feminine top peeking out. Of course, clogs make it look better, too. With my new job, I have had fun shopping my closet and trying some different outfits.


    1. I wish I could wear them comfortably. It’s just not gonna ever happen for me at work. The blazer with blouse combo sounds amazing. Maybe you should take work outfit fotos! I bet it is fun to shop your closet for a new job. I bet they think you look so put together!


  3. Athleta, Athleta and more lululemon. LOL I do have fitted Athleta pants and Love to wear them. I also love vuori pants. They’re amazing. I got a cute pair of Gap denim joggers but I bought a medium and really should’ve gotten a small. So I wear them around the house. Super soft denim. I am going to try a new challenge in 2022. #12in2022. DO you follow Mel Larson? She used to blog but she is a middle school math teacher. She did 5 buys in 2020. 12 buys in 2021 and is doing the same in 2022. I am going to do it too. I do not need anything and really I need to cut down who I follow on IG. SO MANY PEOPLE SHILLING SHILLING SHILLING. It just gets old. And again, up to me to just unfollow!


    1. Maybe when I get to my goalish weight I will try Athleta! I tried on a Lululemon tennis skirt at my consignment store and it fit but it was too pleated for my taste. I do follow her. I love that, but I am afraid restricting myself will result in more purchases! I am trying to buy more quality stuff as I get to my goalish weight.
      I am so over the shilling, too. I think that might be why blogs die. The over shilling!


      1. I start to enjoy a blog and then it’s just so much click here- everything they wear is “the best” the softest- etc. It’s just too much for me so i just stick to a few blogs now! I’ll keep you updated on how i do with my 12 buys! I can’t believe I’m going to try it but i am. Amy, i seriously need nothing. I like a good challenge too! Ha! I don’t wear pleated skirts from lululemon or athleta. Not my style. But man i sure love all the clothes from there. I’m actually to the point where i own most of thier stuff- with a few exceptions of course! I am definitely a fan!


      2. Totally! That is the worst! I would like to hear how you do. I don’t think I can do it because I am basically rebuilding my wardrobe with my size changing. I want a new tennis skirt but the pleats were too much. I need more subtlety. You are their number one fan! If you had a blog, they would sponsor you!


  4. Amy, I love that loft top! The gold is so spectacular with the leopard! It looks great on you! As an elementary school teacher, I tend to dress a little more causally. I am really trying to wear some of my dresses and dressier tops/sweaters in 2022 because if I don’t wear them to school I probably won’t wear them. I am going to try to buy no clothes January – March. I have a bunch that I didn’t wear last year or haven’t worn this year and I need to wear it before I buy anything else. I love casual clothes though! I always have and always will. Athleisure may be the best/worst thing that ever happened to me. Happy New Year!


    1. Thank you! I think I will wear it quite a bit! I think that is a good goal – have you tried to mix your casual with your dressier like a graphic tee with a skirt and cardi? I would like to figure out how to wear dresses with tennies without looking weird. I don’t have much Athleisure to be honest. I really need better at home clothes so I don’t look like a slob!


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