Wednesday, December 1, 2021

It is December! If I can muster the energy after school today I will start getting my Christmas decor out.

Here is a little snapshot of what I’ve been wearing along with a bit of fashion talk.

This is what I ended up wearing on Thanksgiving Day. It was rainy and I knew I would be hanging in my sister-in-law’s kitchen so I went with something not too hot. I would have never chosen jeans in the past I don’t think because I do like to dress up normally. But, the jeans felt good and served as a bit of accountability for me.

The next day I wore my new black jeans with another blouse and a vest. It got much colder out so I needed another layer.

I tailgated Saturday in my leggings and sweater – both from Amazon and influenced by my blog friend Jen! I bought both last year and Jen really does pick well from Amazon. I added an old Old Navy quilted vest and my Amazon purse with my Fucci strap (faux Gucci).

Sunday night I did a mediocre red paint job.

And, Monday for school I broke out my December plaid a bit early. I got a lot of comments that I looked Christmasey.

I have lots of vests that I have had for forever. They are great for teachers because of the pockets and because they add a little bit of warmth without adding too much warmth!

And, another teacher ‘fit. I have had this pink Burberry-esque cardigan from Amazon for several years. The pants are Matilda Jane.

I am going to try to wear a unique outfit for each of the remaining days until winter break because I am seeing what still fits my body and my style. I think I can do it and it will be fun!

Over the break, I was way too proud of myself for making my own raw hem on my too long jeans. I actually think it looks more modern to have this type of hem. I’m not really into the distressed jeans anymore, but I do like the raw hem. I picked up a new pair of black jeans last week and I am excited to have black jeans to wear again.

Also, I ordered two funnel necks that are sooooo soft inside. They are super warm so I don’t know if they will work for school. I ordered them from J.Crew Factory and I sized up one. I could have sized up two sizes I think and I’m hoping they don’t look too boxy. I will try to style them soon. I was influenced by Whitney who has great taste!

I may try to wear the tan and white one with white jeans. I’m not big on white jeans in the winter but I do have a pair that is brand new from J.Crew clearance that were too small.

At this point in the year I get tired of all the oranges, mustards, browns, and other fall colors in my closet so I switch to my plaids, velvets, and lots of red, black, green, burgundy and my winter palette.

My classroom is an oven so I have to be careful not to dress too warmly. Like, I cannot teach in a sweater but I can do a cardigan over a top. Add in the mask and the heat from my computer projector and I am not comfortable if I don’t dress correctly.

I keep telling myself not to buy anything for winter. I really have enough and winter clothes are my least favorite to buy. It has been fun to see what now fits or fits better. I am having to send a few things on because they are too big but for the most part my winter stuff is accommodating to multiple sizes. Also, I am trying to re-discover my style. I don’t want a packed closet anymore. I want to have a more curated collection. I’m also trying to stop with so much Amazon, Old Navy and cheaper brands. Don’t worry, Target. I probably can’t ever quit you!

I have a few questions for you…

Favorite brands of clothing?

What have you been wearing?

Any favorite outfits of mine from the past week?

Happy Hump Day and Happy December 1st!


13 thoughts on “WIWW

  1. I used to tell my WW group to wear clothes that buttoned and zipped for Thanksgiving – it’s amazing how helpful it is. It truly is the little things that add up.
    Love your fun looks this week – so festive, especially the plaid. I think your challenge till the break is a great idea.
    I think you should treat yourself to some new winter clothes this year – you deserve it! Get something that maybe you would not have bought before your weight loss. I think it’s really important to do that – psychologically speaking. Sometimes when we see ourselves in something new and smaller – it is extremely motivating!


    1. Very good advice. It really is the little things.
      Thanks! See – this is why I like you – you give me permission to shop! haha! There are other reasons, too.


  2. So many great outfits! I love the shirt you wore for Thanksgiving (& you look fab!) Fucci 🤣you crack me up. I LOVE both of your plaid school outfits. Perfect & festive! I agree with you about a raw hem. It’s my preference too!


      1. I just got on here to respond for a second time to thank u for a shout out and now see this comment 🙂 I love Amazon and I’ve mastered the art of returning what I don’t love 🤣 I loved your outfit! Perfect for tailgating


  3. I love the tailgating outfit and the Christmas-y top and vest. But those Matilda Jane pants I will never understand. LOL They just hit everyone in such a weird spot on the leg. If I had to dress professionally for work, I would definitely wear a lot from Loft. I love their classic pieces and they are always having a sale. Working on the farm doesn’t call for much dressing up. So, I will stick to my usual jeans, leggings, sweaters, and sweatshirts.

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    1. Thanks! I think the pants are cute and interesting and very 70s. I love Loft and their sales are epic. You can get stuff for less than Target and the quality is great! I need to try them again now that my sizes are smaller.


  4. I loved the plaid Christmas shirt as well as the funnel necked shirts. Totally off topic: I’d like a tutorial on how you style your hair. I have similar thickness and type of hair but can never get the body on the top and sides that you seem to achieve.


  5. I love that outfit that Jen influenced and your plaid outfit! I find that it am happier with brands that are a little pricier with a classic silhouette because they I can wear them for years and years. Sometimes I find items on Thread Up new with tags for a little cheaper. I love Lilly (printed and plain) most!! That Jcrew camel top is spectacular! I love it!!


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