Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Hello and happy hump day!

I have just a few outfits for you today and my thoughts on them.

We don’t have a teacher dress code so you can technically wear jeans every day if you want to. I typically wear them on Fridays and sometimes there is a “spirit theme” for that Friday’s game. I either wore this outfit on Thursday or Friday. I wore my new Target Universal Thread short jeans, my MIA clogs, and my Target Little House on the Prairie top. I don’t know if the light jeans (darker jeans are more slimming) and the high necked blouse do me any favors but I wanted to experiment. This top is really too short to do the “half tuck”.

My favorite outfit of the week is the next one. I just love the fabric of this dress – the design and the feel of the fabric. It is Umgee brand and I bought it on Amazon. I told you I was going to try it without leggings so I did. This is what I wore out to dinner Friday night. Tom did tell me not to bend over – meaning he thought it a bit short, but from this photo I don’t think it looks too short. I did wear my Jockey slip shorts under (very light biker style shorts).

Saturday I had an outing with my mom, sister, and niece. I wanted to have a fall look but it was in the 80s! I did my cut off Target Universal Thread jeans, my gold clogs, my fall TJ Maxx blouse, and my cross body with the leopard strap.

My sister wears the slip on tennies a lot for her job as a first grade teacher. These are snakeskin and she found some plain black ones at the consignment store we visited. She said she was lacking accessories but she looked very cute with the straw Amazon headband I gave her. She found and bought a cool necklace and earrings (they have new ones) at the consignment store, too, and put them on right away. I don’t have a photo, though.

If you want to look pulled together but don’t have much money to spend, a pair of well fitting jeans and a cute black top with interesting details is the way to go in my opinion. You can change the shoes to booties and this outfit can take you to school meetings, out for dinner, and more.

I gave my sister a big bag of stuff that no longer fits my style. I bought things for my pandemic virtual teaching life last year and I just don’t see myself wearing most of it. I hate that I only got one season out of some things, but I like passing it along and who doesn’t like going through a bag of hand me downs? It’s so fun! I generally ask myself if I’m excited to wear it this year and if the answer is no, I send it on. I think I do better with fewer pieces I really love.

What have you been wearing lately?

What is your favorite outfit and do you think I should try the high necked blouse with something different?


14 thoughts on “WIWW

  1. I think the high necked blouse would look great with a darker bottom but those jeans look terrific on you – light or dark wash – you have such slim legs!
    That dress is darling on you – so pretty and you should wear it again and again! I bet it would be great with tall boots too!
    I have been going through my closet and my drawers and getting rid of things left and right – it feels so good to let things go!

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    1. Thanks! I think darker are more slimming but I like the look of the light. Thank you!
      I can’t wait to wear the dress with boots! I think that helps a shorter dress sometimes, too!
      It really does help to send our things along to someone else!


  2. Love love love the dress. You look so pretty! I love the TJ Maxx blouse as well. I tried on the target shirt and liked it but so funny you mention lack of being able to front tuck…that’s what did me in 🤣 I love your gold clogs too. So fun


    1. Thank you so much! You are too kind to say that! I love it, too, but I don’t know if it is the most flattering like I said – but, not all outfits will be a 10! Some will be a 4 and that’s ok because we wouldn’t appreciate the 10s without the 4s. Hope that made sense because I am teacher tired today!
      My gold clogs are GOLD! Solid gold, baby!

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  3. Here I go again…LOL….it’s not the color of your jeans, it’s the high neck blouse. Too much fabric above the girls will make you(me) look top heavy every time. I SO want to wear the cute high neck ruffled tops but I know that they will make me look so top heavy. More than usual. Look at the dress and the other floral top you’re wearing, they both have a v neck. Makes you look so much slimmer! The other top has a similar style but with a different neck line. You look absolutely wonderful in that last pic!!!! And I don’t think that would change if you were wearing the lighter jeans. V neck tops are where it’s at!! It is hard for me to wear a “regular” t shirt because where the sleeve stops is usually in line with the girls and I think that it makes me look wider in that area. Add a v neck to a t shirt and it creates a “gap” that doesn’t make me look so wide. Just my 2 cents.

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    1. You should be a stylist! You are totally right and I only have that one high necked I promise! Lol!
      I’m still learning and the photos are the most enlighenting way!
      You’re the best!


      1. I am glad you feel that way! I am an open book for the most part and I put myself out there and what you say is truly helpful! You should start a blog now so I can get to know you better! Lol!


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