Monday, October 11, 2021

Monday, you came too quickly again. I am linking up with Heather, etc. here.

Friday after school some students and I videotaped a 7 second dance to try to be on a Spanish teacher website – lol! One sweet girl brought me a pumpkin cold brew because she leaves school early for her co–op program and came back to school. Yum!

Erica and Elizabeth came over for a drink and it started raining. We were all laughing at how pitiful Ernie looked in the rain. We were under cover on the lower patio.

I let him in; don’t worry!

Friday evening we were celebrating my other friend Heather’s birthday at Malone’s. Get ready for some food pics, ok?

I got a raspberry mule that was really good.

Their bread and butter is good!

We tried their spinach and artichoke dip with fried lasagna noodles as dippers. OMG is all I can say.

Their salad is really good, too. It is like a BLT and it is family style for the whole table.

I ordered grilled fish and a baked potato.

Their chocolate cake was quite the spectacle and it tasted amazing, too.

Saturday morning I drank my coffee on my upper patio and I have made it a Day of the Dead theme. Post coming this week.

Then, my mom, sister, and niece arrived. We were attending a miniature show with my mom because she is into miniatures and makes little scenes with them.

Um, how did this little thing get this old so quickly?

We ate lunch at The Grape Leaf which is authentic Mediterranean food. Molly and Lena got frozen mint pomegranate lemonade.

Lena loves hummus and loved theirs.

Stuffed grape leaves:

Greek salad:

Lena got saffron rice and

the rest of us all got vegetable biryani. It is kind of a stew, I think. It is really good and I can’t stop ordered it when I go there.

After lunch we sat on the patio with Tom and Jack, too. Jack and Mason had arrived home for Fall Break while we were out and then Mason had left for a friend’s house right away.

Sunday Tom and I took the boat out for about 3 hours and it was really nice. We are having very high temps for this time of year.

It was a good one and it was a full one!

Jack and Mason don’t have classes until Thursday so they will probably stay home at least one more day. We are watching Ted Lasso again with them and we are going to try to get them to watch Schmigadoon with us. Anyone watching it?

Today I have parent teacher conferences and will be switching back and forth between in person in mask conferences and video call conferences in 15 minute increments so that will be interesting. When I say “interesting” I mean chaotic.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


12 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Another fun weekend for you and the food at Malone’s looks so good! That chocolate cake – OMG! I had a very restful weekend after returning home Thursday night. I did get to do a fun brunch with some blogger friends yesterday so that was the highlight of the weekend for me!


    1. It was good! The chocolate cake was worth the points! I try to only use the points when something is worth it and let me tell you – it was! I am so glad you had a restful weekend but so much fun to go to Nashville in the fall I bet! That brunch looked great, too! You are very social lately!


  2. Ernie in the rain! 🤣yesterday was perfect boating weather. I love that you got to hang with your family as well. So fun. Malones bread and butter…my fave! Hard to resist. FYI – I purchased your Target jeans! When I put them on, I thought they were a bit long at the bottom and then remembered you said they come in short. While I’m not short, I like when form fitting jeans hit right at the ankle. My store had a short pair. I wore them on Saturday, and I love them


    1. Dramatic boy! It was so warm! I do want a true fall before the cold, you know? That bread and butter is so good. I didn’t make a pig of myself because there were 5 others! I am so glad you liked the Target jeans and that short was in your store! I didn’t even think to look because I thought they would be online only. I keep finding such good fall stuff at Target!


  3. All that food at Malones looks so good! I’ll have to keep that in mind if we are ever near one. The day out on the boat looks wonderful. We had a pretty cold rainy weekend and I even turned on the heat in the house! Hope your conferences go well!


    1. It was really good! I think it’s just a tiny Kentucky chain. The boat was really nice. I was hoping for more leaf peeping but we don’t have much color yet.
      I actually need a cold rainy day as an excuse to stay in! Be careful what you wish for, right?


  4. Ernie! ❤ Get him out of the rain! A friend of mine forgot her golden outside a food store in the middle of the winter… she realized it two hours later… (I know!)
    I love Greek food! We stayed in Crete for six months for my husbands job 15 years ago – Greece is so nice!
    I also have parent teaching conferences coming up, just like you with a mix of digital and irl… Chaotic is a good word!
    Thanks for another great post! 😀


    1. I did! Don’t worry! He also had places to go out of the rain but he was being dramatic boy! Crete sounds fabulous! Greek food seems so fresh and healthy. One of my best friends is Greek. She didn’t move here until she was 19.
      The conferences went better than expected but I should have put a 5 minute buffer between each one.


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