Monday, September 6, 2021

I thought I would go ahead and post today because tomorrow is the Prime Purchases link up. I am linking up today with Heather and others here!

Friday early evening Tom and I headed to a nearby neighborhood for dinner and a concert.

Tom had a brat and I had the inside of a quesadilla and some fries. The place we chose just had bar food.

We saw several people and it was really fun! My friend Heather showed up!

We stayed out until about 9:30 and when we got home I walked Ernie over to the football field where my school had just finished our first home game.

Saturday morning I sat on the deck with my coffee. I had lots of errands to run and several things around the house to get done before Jack and Mason came home for Labor Day weekend and their birthdays!

They were happy to hang out all afternoon together. We were supposed to go to dinner on the boat with our friends but it started raining. So, we did a super nice dinner instead.

I had a sangria and my friend and I split sushi, brussel sprouts, and fries.

The female side of the table. I wore my new Amazon dress.

When we got home we watched some tv with the boys.

Sunday morning we woke up to lots of rain. It was Jack and Mason’s birthday and we let them sleep in.

Tom went and got donuts per Mason’s request and I made chocolate chip pancakes for Jack’s request.

They opened presents and went down to play some games together and Tom and I went to look at the river. It is very brown and there is lots of debris from the rain so we opted not to take our boat out.

We just sat and enjoyed the nice weather for a bit.

Then, the boys requested take out sushi so we went and ordered it. We got a few different rolls to share.

And, they had requested cookie cake.

We watched Kim’s Convenience and enjoyed a quiet evening of their choice. Tom had wanted to go to the movies with them but I had to remind Tom that they probably just want to be at home since they have been away at their dorms.

I am happy to have the day off today and Jack and Mason will go back to school at some point.

How was your weekend so far? It’s hard to believe how fast summer went by. I always get a bit sad even though I love fall. I think it’s because I know what comes after fall!

Thanks for reading and come back for Prime Purchases tomorrow. Spoiler: I bought a lot and most of it was for me!


12 thoughts on “Last Weekend of Summer

  1. Happy labour day! No day off over here… But I just heard that the American embassy in Stockholm is closed today :-D.
    Weekend was excellent, even though I only had two days… ๐Ÿ˜€ Weather is better now, they are talking about “the heatwave from the Mediterranean” – sounds good, right!? The thought of winter makes me cringe… I love December, but the rest… It’s always easier to handle the cold and dark after a summer in Florida you know…
    Enjoy you day off! Have a sleep in!


  2. Happy birthday to your boys! What a fun weekend you had! We spent the long weekend at the beach house- our happy place! Friends, wine, Firepit, golf, some great food. Some great (Penn State won!) and not so great ( Fresno state lost ) football game……it was just a lot of fun. We saw Shang-Chi today at the movies and it was GREAT! Probably my favorite Marvel movie. Not that I am an expert on any of them. They are not a first choice movie for me but we both really liked it! Have a great week!


    1. Thank you, Kim! We wanted to see Shang-Chi especially because we are watching him in Kim’s Convenience – cute show! I am not a big fan of Marvel and such, but I have liked all of the movies I have seen recently. I have been desperate! Your weekends always look amazing. I am really on a red wine kick!


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