Friday, September 3, 2021

It’s Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! They mean so much more now. This week was long. I am linking up with Andrea, etc. here today.

Here are some things from my camera roll this week that were my favorites.

I am still reading Guncle but I was anxious to start this. I like it so far and I’m invested. The weather was rainy at the beginning of the week but the heat finally broke and we have had much more comfortable temps. You know I am an outside reader, so it has been nice to go outside after dinner.

I ordered two Blue Apron meals for two people. It is kind of expensive and the meals take a bit longer than my typical cooking, I think.

The packaging is really nice and convenient.

The first meal I made was Asian inspired tilapia, brown rice, and green beans. I did the WW approved/Wellness meals.

I haven’t made the second meal yet, and I put the chicken in the freezer because I knew it would be a couple of days.

Ernie loves to find giant puddles after the rain!

I sat on the patio in the rain one evening.

Have you ever seen a rhinocerous beetle? Oh my gosh; it was huge!

I am super excited about the new Kristen Bell movie about couponers. I must admit I was fascinated by the TLC show about the extreme couponers.

I watched a bit of the new Marie Kondo show on Netflix called Sparking Joy. I just think her methods are so interesting and I think the way she explains Japanese culture and beliefs is really cool, too.

I got my Pioneer Woman fall edition.

It’s almost time! I may make a TJ run tomorrow morning but I plan to go for the fall stuff, too!

Yesterday after school I had Beth over for happy hour and she brought this gorgeous light up pumpkin. I am so excited to put pumpkins out but I am giving apples their due first.

I made a sun dried tomato cheese ball, but I made it very small for two. We sat on the patio and it was so nice out! I didn’t get a photo – oops!

And, I asked permission to conduct class outside. The kids brought in beach towels and we read our literature textbook.

This tree is right outside my classroom window and I call it “my tree”.

Shenanigans before we went back inside:

They were soooooo happy! They asked if we could do it everyday – NO! But, I hope to take them out at least once a week. I really think it is good for our kids’ mental health. Unfortunately, a lot of our lessons are tied to technology and harder to do outside. It made my heart happy that they enjoyed it.

I overslept one day this week. I have been super tired. I fell asleep at 8:30 on the couch, went to bed at 9 and slept til 1:30 a.m. and got up to go to the bathroom. Then, I slept from 1:30-6:15. That’s a lot of sleep. So, I hurried and got ready and got a venti Pike with one pump of pumpkin at Starbucks and it was so good!

One night for dinner this week I had the skinny pizza dough pizza. Yum!

It’s hard to believe it’s already Labor Day weekend! What are your plans?

What were your favorites this week?


P.S. – It’s been a hard time with a lot of sadness. I am thinking of you if your heart is heavy from everything our country is going through.

12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Ooooh I am excited about that couponer movie and I need to see Marie Kondo’s new show. I love that you took your class outside- it would be great if you could do it every week, I hope that works out. I hope you have a great long weekend and get some much needed rest!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! It looks so good! Maybe Marie will inspire me to work on that this weekend? Reading works well outside but I’m not sure what else. I will definitely make an effort! You too!


  2. I’m headed to Trader Joe’s after school today! I’m hoping they have some pumpkin faves out. The photos of your students made me smile. I love it! This week has felt so long. Enjoy your weekend!


    1. Did they have fall out? I saw some people with the pumpkin body butter already! The photos made me smile, too. This week was so long! I’m not sure why? I guess because the new-ness has worn off and we are ready for a long weekend? You too!


  3. I always loved class outside and think the fresh air and sunshine is so good for the students. It really is a mood booster! That beetle is crazy big; one good thing about living up here is our insects tend to be quite small. Enjoy your nice long weekend!


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