Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Linking up today with The Style Six here!

I apologize for some of my photos this week. I can only think it was the high level of humidity in my classroom after my phone had been in my better air conditioned house and car?

I bought a new dress at Target a couple of weeks ago. It was Knox Rose and I have been enjoying wearing dresses so much this year. Here it is if you are interested. I wore my gold clogs for the first time and lots of students liked them!

The next day I wore pants for the first time and it was raining. I tend to wear black when it rains. I wore my Chico’s pants, an old Loft blouse, a kimono, and red accessories and red Saltwaters. The Saltwaters are so flat that they aren’t the most comfortable on my hard classroom floors.

And, I wore this orange LulaRoe skirt with a Savanna Jane blouse and my MIA clogs. I think this blouse is too big. There is a LulaRoe documentary coming out on Prime in September that I am interested in. I still have my pencil skirts, a few pairs of their leggings, and a kimono from them. The documentary trailer makes me think there is a scandal behind the company!

My Saturday outfit was of course my cut offs, gold Birks, and an old basic Old Navy button down blouse. Here is my new Amazon purse I showed you on Friday and I used my old camo strap this time. This purse is the perfect size!

Monday I wore my dress from Diane, my blog reader!

And, Tuesday I wore my fall-ish Target dress for the first time.

And, has anyone heard of June Adel online boutique? Well, a targeted Instagram ad got me. I saw these pants and swooned. And, I found out they are Umgee which is a favorite brand. I ordered them Friday night and they arrived Monday! Wow!

They are beautiful but long. I will have to wear a heel for them to work for me. But, I am willing to do it. They are a dressier material.

What have you been wearing lately?


15 thoughts on “WIWW

    1. Thank you! I love your new Walmart dress, too. So many places are making cute affordable dresses! Now I need to focus on fall and no more summer dresses. I hope they work when I style them!


  1. Oh your new pants are going to be so much fun! I saw a cool pair of pants one a blogger last week, from a shop I had never heard of, April Cornell and had to get them. They should arrive tomorrow and will have to share them on a blog post (hopefully they will fit as they only had to size left).


  2. I’m with you on the dresses, I let the dog out this morning and my first thought was, I’m wearing a dress today, it’s hot and humid! I have the Lulu Roe documentary on my calendar to watch too. I know someone who was selling it onFB and they were always having sales on merchandise that led me to think that they were forced to purchase too much inventory. From what I understand it was a pyramid scheme.


    1. Yes! They do keep you cooler! I heard something on the trailer about how LLR was meant to be fronted by the wives but run by the husbands – Say what? I cannot wait to check it out – I think Sept. 10.


  3. I love your dresses! And the golden clogs! (I think I need a pair!) And I can’t wait to see you in those pants!
    I wear shorts or skirts every day now. Since I’m going to wear pants for 7 months… I don’t like tights, so I don’t wear skirts or dresses winter time.


  4. I love the gold clogs! So fun. The black and white dress is so cute! I wear lots of dresses during back to school time and spring. I think I’ve only worn pants once since we’ve started back to school. Dresses and cardigans are mr preference for the varying temps!


  5. Well, I mean, we’re not talking Daisy Dukes here! 😀 Almost kneelength, absolutely proper.
    Hm, I only found a pair with higher heels… I need to search more.


      1. We don’t have that brand here… I actually think it’s English (?). Maybe a Swede living in the UK? But Swedish hasbeens is very Swedish, have you seen that brand?

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