Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Today is the first day of school! I am linking up with The Stylish Six here. Today’s post is short and sweet.

So, I have moved most of my shorts to a higher shelf now because I won’t be wearing them as much. I will probably only wear my denim cut offs and of course, I wear my lounge and exercise shorts year round. My biker shorts with pockets on both sides are my clear favorites so I will mostly be wearing those!

Friday night for the play in the park, I wore my drawstring denim shorts and this Target blouse from a couple of years ago. I also wore my lace up metallic gold sandals. It was pretty hot for the play’s first half but then it cooled off. I wished I had worn a dress or light pants because my legs stuck to the bench. But, I had not been able to wear the shorts or the top comfortably last summer so I am having fun fitting back into a few things.

For boating on Saturday I wore the only suit I’ve worn this summer – the hot, hot pink Aerie tank – and I pulled out an old cover up that I love. I wore my Amazon hat from this season. The cover up was too small last year, too.

To get my hair done Saturday, I threw on one of the Walmart dresses.

I created a staging area for my school outfits. The idea is to again see how many unique outfits I can wear. After wearing something, I will hang it in a different area. I am feeling the dresses and the blouses with a skirt or pants the most right now. My swing dresses and kimonos have been worn so much that I am kind of tired of them. The building is hot right now. Last April it was a refrigerator. I’d like somewhere in between, please!

I also have printed pants in this mix. I chose to wear my fun printed pants for the teacher days Monday and Tuesday with a solid color top. Many teachers go super casual with t-shirts and jeans or denim shorts, but I still dress pretty professionally on these days.

And, I purchased a mask chain off of Amazon here. Last year, I would take it off and lay it on my desk or I would forget where I put it. I think this chain is lovely and I do have a chain this style from Kendra Scott. I think I’m going to like having this.

What have you been wearing lately? Is it time for “real clothes”?

Thanks for reading,


10 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

    1. Very! Thank you! I hope to! I am not going to force myself to wear something just because I have it and I will try to keep a discard pile.
      Thank you! Busy time of year for you, too, I’m sure! Take care!


  1. Yay for being able to wear that outfit again! For me it’s the other way around with a long sweet summer of ice-cream and rosé… 😀
    It’s a great idea to try to wear everything in your wardrobe and then move it to another place! I would like to try it… but my wardrobes are so full…
    I start work next week and I will not wear short shorts and dresses (nor bikini!)… Otherwise I won’t change much…
    Thank for spoiling us with post every day! 😀


    1. Thank you! Ha! Usually it is for me, too.
      Thank you – I am glad I have the space now. I have hardly anything folded. I like to see all on hangers.
      Good luck on your start!


  2. I have tried to rotate some of my clothes. You know I am mainly all about Athleta clothes and I did sell a couple of my old crop pants on PoshMark this week. I am very low key about my clothes and since I do not work outside the home, I dont have a lot of tops etc. I plan to go thru some this next month and see what I truly wear and what I dont. Have a great school year and I look forward to seeing your wardrobe change as you change!


    1. Rotation is always good I think, but we do have our favorites. Nice that you took time to sell and make money. I think closets need to be curated at least once a season! Thank you!


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