Tuesday, August 10. 2021

Here is just a quick photo dump of recent meals I’ve been eating. This kind of post always helps me when I get in a rut!

This was a lunch:

leftover baby broccoli from the night before, a tiny baked potato cooked in the microwave with spray butter, salt, and pepper, veggie burger wrapped in a low carb wrap with mustard, tomato, pickle, and lettuce.

Tilapia with cajun spice, potato rounds cut from my new mandolin and cooked in oven with Pam olive oil spray, and the first go round of the baby broccoli.

Dessert – heated up Fiber One brownie with fat free Reddi Wip.

Burrito bowl – corn, beans, chicken, tomatoes, sauteed onions topped with an aioli made with lime juice, ranch powder, and non-fat Greek yogurt. I do not miss the rice. This is so good!

I made a snack type lunch of tuna salad, chicken salad, and buffalo chicken dip.

I have been eating lots of strawberries topped with Reddi Wip.

Tilapia, corn on the cob, tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes

A snack of popcorn (I put kernels in a paper bag and use the microwave popcorn setting then top with spray butter), veggie straws, string cheese, and strawberries. I cannot buy veggie straws because I have no portion control. I love them! Do you have foods that you just can’t buy?

A lunch of buffalo chicken dip, celery, and leftover broccoli.

Tom and I bought Magic Spoon cereal – the four variety pack. It is very expensive so we will not buy it again. I tried it twice and I hate it. I think it has the weirdest after taste. Tom ate all of it but was meh about it. He said that we could probably find a low sugar cereal in the store. He is not Keto but tries to watch sugar – kinda. He says he does but… He works out 4-5 mornings a week and rides his bike 30 plus miles on the weekends. He also does some paddle boarding. We bought this to try and I will let you know. Anyone try this? Anyone have another suggestion?

Cereal is another food that I just have avoided for now. I love cereal and would probably eat too much.

Bon apetit!


12 thoughts on “Recent Meals

  1. I buy the veggie sticks/ straws in individual serving bags so I don’t over eat on them. I too love them and have a hard time with portion control. I don’t have a good cereal suggestion as I haven’t found a low point option yet.

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  2. There is so much sugar in cereals and granola… I guess it’s best to just skip it! here in the cabin we have muesli in the mornings, it’s a treat I guess.
    I hope school is ok!

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    1. Yes! I’m skipping it for now! I’m an eggs in the morning person anyway! Yesterday wasn’t bad. We had short meetings and lots of time in our rooms! Thank you!


  3. Your meals look delish! I love a burrito bowl. So good! Snack plates are my favorite summer lunch…will have to save those for the weekend now. Sigh 😔 I bought the fiber one brownies at Kroger yesterday. Can’t wait to try them!


  4. I guess I am an odd duck cuz I love the Magic Spoon Peanut Butter and the Cocoa. I love Cap’n Crunch PB and I buy it and add a tiny amount in with my cereal. I also eat it dry as a snack in the aftn. But that’s ok if you dont like it! Tony eats cheerios, mini shredded wheat and raisin bran crunch mixed together EVERY SINGLE DAY. How does he NOT weigh 300 lb. HAHA He is also a HUGE Baskin Robbins ice cream nut so he eats 3 scoops several times a week! PB and Choc, Jam Almond Fudge and Pralines and cream. He microwaves it a bit to soften it then mixes it all together. HE IS A WEIRDO LOL. Tonight I am grilling hamburgers and I will make some of those good French fries I sent you last week. 13 of them is 3 points. I will make a burger bowl and put the burger (no bun) pickles, salad, fries and that yummy dip. Now I am hungry for dinner!

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    1. People have different tastes! I tried all 4 flavors and thought they were nasty!
      That’s funny about Tony! I would rather have a small amount of real sugary cerealbut I’m just avoiding it for now.
      Tom had BLT and homemade potato wedges and I had veggie burger and the wedges. Boys dissed us for Taco Bell.


  5. I love seeing what you eat – such a good variety! The burrito bowl looks good. I love cereal but it’ s one thing I haven’t eaten in well over a year, it’s full of sugar and I have a hard time controlling myself so I skip it all together.

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    1. Thank you! The burrito bowl is something I can eat at least once a week. I am lucky that I love vegetables and like to cook because this has been a part time job to prep so much and cook so much! Lol!
      Yeah, I’m with you on cereal.


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