Thursday, May 27, 2021

I am not sure I can call this a “haul” because I didn’t get that much, but here we go!

I think I like TJ Maxx more than Homegoods. I go to a really small TJ Maxx, but it has lots of good stuff.

The candy is too tempting, right? I got these for my son’s friends who were coming over that day.

Remember that I am doing my deck in lemons? I specifically went to TJ Maxx to look for a faux lemon tree. I had seen some months ago. I found this on clearance!

I haven’t developed any new cocktails in a quite some time and I am sad. Actually, I have been drinking less, too. But, this intrigued me. I have seen elderberry on lots of cocktail menus. Stay tuned…there may be a new recipe soon.

The Michel brand of soaps are just gorgeous. I may keep this or I may give it in a gift for someone. This was in the check out line. Don’t you just love how you get to keep shopping while waiting in line?

Look how beautiful this sea salt soap is! I needed a new kitchen hand soap.

And, here is where I placed my lemon pot.

And, you know I couldn’t not check the shoe section! I got these because I am attracted to the studs and they match my bright pink swimsuit. Total impulse purchase, but I am happy!

Are you a TJ Maxx shopper?

I love to see what other people buy!


12 thoughts on “TJ Maxx Haul

  1. I LOVE TJMaxx! I’ve been buying less clothing there but I adore the home section. They have the best plants and decor. You got some great things and that little lemon pot is perfect for your patio!


  2. I love TJ Max! We have a great one in our neighborhood (I’m talking Florida now…) and also a great Ross. I love the shopping in America!
    Yes, I agree, shopping while you’re in line is fun! For once you’re happy when the line moves slowly! 😀


      1. Oh yeah. love Marshall’s too! Especially when the store is a bit messy – you feel like a treasure hunter!


  3. I love TJ Maxx as well!!! The packaging on the gummy bear bag is too cute!! I would have bought it, too! I hope your sons friends loved them!!!

    Your little tree in the lemon pot is perfect for your patio!!


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