Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Happy Hump Day! I am linking up with The Style Six right here! Check them out!

Here is what I have worn over the last week. I am trudging along with my 32 outfits for my 32 days of in-person learning if you are new here!

This is a Savanna Jane blouse from a local boutique, an old LulaRoe Cassie skirt, and my Reef sandals. Extra credit if you can spot my self-tanner mistake!

Next up is a go-to outfit for me that you may have seen in the past – not this year, though! My Chico consignment pants that I have more than gotten my $10 worth from, an old Loft tassel blouse, and a black and white TJ Maxx kimono made up this outfit. I wore my red Saltwaters for comfort. Yes, yes, yes – I highly recommend Saltwater sandals. The flat does nothing for my leg line, but they are such good quality and, legend has it that you can get them wet. If you have a little girl, they are a classic.

I wore these pants after school for a happy hour one day, but I never wore them to school this year. These were a major Versona clearance rack find years ago. I think I paid $8 for them at the end of the summer season. My top is from Costco a few years ago; it was maybe $12. And, for comfort I am wearing my faux Birkenstocks from Amazon. Again, a bit of a heel would help the leg line, but I am dressing for comfort right now.

Here I have on a Savanna Jane clearance blouse from last year, Matilda Jane consignment pants, and consignment Birks (the real deal).

And, finally, I have a bonus weekend outfit for you! I have on my new Target Universal Thread pink shorts ($15) with a favorite long sleeve blouse. I love long sleeves with shorts for some reason. My sandals are Soda from Amazon. The shorts have a matching top that is on its way to me. I ordered one size and it was too small so I re-ordered. I am not sure I can pull off the matching set look. Stay tuned… But, I liked the shorts enough that I kept them even if their sister top is a fail. I was happy to also find that the shorts match my cactus top that I love. It is the best when you keep finding items in your closet that work with a new item, no? The pink and black feels very early 2000s to me. Is this combo back?

What have you worn this week? Are there any summer styles you are trying?


10 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Those clearance pants from Versona are the best – so pretty and summer perfect. I am fan of long sleeves with shorts too – and the pink and black together look so good. You had some really fun and colorful outfits this week!

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  2. Haha, you forgot your feet – right!? 😀
    I agree, long sleeved with shorts are really nice!
    I like all your outfits, and I am especially thrilled by all your nice summer shoes! I so look forward to warmer weather! Yesterday we had the rainiest day for 18 years… yeah, it was fun…
    So, I’m in a rut of wearing jeans and blouses… a bit French you know :-D.


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