Thursday, May 20, 2021

I love black and olive green together! I threw this on for Saturday errands recently.

These are my Target shorts I have talked about. They have pockets and I love the material. I “collect” black tops with interesting details. They work with other solids and they work with my patterned pants and skirts. This is a knit boho top from Old Navy from last year. My camo purse strap works well with this color combo, I think.

I have another pair of drawstring olive shorts. I love this style. They can be dressed up slightly or dressed down.

I wear this color combo in the fall, too. I have these olive Matilda Janes from consignment that are easy to throw on with a black top.

I have my black patent Birks on in the photos, but I also think cognac makes this combo look more modern.

These easy combos make dressing effortless.

Do you like black and olive green?


8 thoughts on “Instant Style – Black + Olive

  1. I love olive and black too! And I’ve gotten into camo…I have a pair of pants and love to wear a black top with them …and same with camo shorts and black tank in the summer


    1. So great, right! I love camo and would love the camo Rothy’s! But, I also want leopard! These combos that we can change up are so great! I like jeans and a black top, and fun shoes in fall and denim shorts, black top, and fun sandals in summer.

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  2. i too love olive and black. and olive camo with black! i can totally see you in camo leggings with any of your black tops! and i am digging your straight hair/blowout look!


    1. It’s so great, right? I do have camo leggings! I used to have camo pants but I donated them because I didn’t love the fit. Thank you – I didn’t style it at all! Maybe I will try a straight look where I make some effort!


  3. You just inspired me to pull a black and olive outfit together!! thank you!!
    I loved your outfit with your cameo purse strap!!! SO cute!


    1. Awww I am so glad! Thank you so much! The purse strap adds to so many outfits. I have really gotten my $15 worth out of it, you know? Have a great weekend and thanks for commenting!


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