Wednesday, May 18, 2021

Happy Wednesday, all! I am linking up today with The Style Six here to show you my outfits since last Wednesday.

Last Thursday I wore this blush t-shirt tank dress, this Chico’s kimono (super sale of $5.99 at the end of winter), and my faux Birkenstocks from Amazon.

Thursday night I wore this to Senior Awards night.

Friday I wore my new Amazon skirt – you have probably seen it making the rounds for the last couple of years. I chose the palm print edition. It was so staticky! I did the lotion trick and a science teacher had spray starch (the science teachers have everything and some really weird things – just ask!) and those both helped! What is going on with my shirt and sweater? I will not wear that with it again!

Monday I wore this which felt very spring of 2019. This is my Old Navy butterfly blouse from that spring, my consignment Matilda Jane’s, consignment real Birkenstocks, and a consignment sweater from Banana Republic. That spring I had four blouses I loved from Old Navy – butterflies and florals and I loved them and wore them out!

I kind of cheated on Tuesday with this dress again from a couple of weeks ago. When I wore this before, it was ripped so I had to get it fixed at my tailor. So, it is kinda new and improved now! Lol!

And, that is it for the week. By the way, the shoes above are Soda from Amazon. I had never worn them to school even though I have had them for at least two years. They were comfortable for all day on my feet, so I was very happy.

What have you been wearing?

Do we still have energy to get dressed?

Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Cute outfits! I love that dress on the last picture! Well, it’s getting warmer here and I have actually worn a skirt a couple of times, but it’s not warm enough for sandals yet…

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  2. I really like the dress with the colorful embroidery. I went to a senior awards night last night, and felt really boring in my pink silk button up and black pants. I just have nothing to wear. The pandemic has really put a downer on my wardrobe. The weird thing, though, is that I am still not motivated to really do anything about it.

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    1. Thank you! That’s my favorite, too, and feels very me. I think pink silk and black sounds chic! Maybe you should treat yourself to a summer dress? One and done and you can wear it on your summer vacay? Hope to see you soon!


  3. I have been wanting a pair of ruffle pants. I helped my friend organize and purge her closet and tried her pair but after she tried them on herself, she decided to keep them lol! But now I do know I like how they look on me. Love your awards night outfit and that outfit the best.


    1. I found my first Matilda Jane ruffles at a consignment store. eBay has some. I have noticed more brands making them due to the 70s vibe that is in style. I’m sorry your friend kept hers! Lol!

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  4. as usual….my GG and now I am breaking in my 2nd pair! That is all I am buying — 2 is more then enough but now I have fall/winter ones LOL. I wore my spring ones every day in Austin and my plantar fasciitis never bothered me ONCE. I love them so much. I also bought a cute skort at Athleta. Its black and more of a skirt but they have shorts and I plan to wear it alot this summer with a cute blouse and my Ferkies…..and my GG. its longer and really cute. Kind of out of my wheelhouse so we shall see how it goes. Loved your outfits for the past week! Super cute!

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