Monday, May 3, 2021

And, just like that… it is May! May is always a super busy month for teachers and parents. This year doesn’t quite look the same for me with my kids out of high school, but it will still be busy!

-I have 15 more days of in person instruction, then we have an in person graduation on our football field! (We normally go to our convention center indoors and I’m actually really excited about this change.)

-Jack is in Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors in the parking lot of his community theatre – complete with food trucks. This will be the first time he has performed since Februrary of 2020’s Pride and Prejudice.

I am happy to link up today with Heather, Tanya, and many more right here!

We had some wonderful weather this weekend. Thursday evening after dinner, I went out to my happy place and read.

Friday morning I slept in until 7 because I didn’t have school! This is my tree top view from my bed. I really want to open the blinds fully.

I did my coffee, blog, and devotional and then got motivated to get to Trader Joe’s by 8:30.

I came home and made a new breakfast favorite – a low carb tortilla with egg and cheese. I plan to add more items to this soon – onions, mushrooms, etc. I ate on the deck.

I spent some time reading my library books and the sky was as blue as blue can be!

I forgot to take pictures but my friend came over for lunch and a cocktail and to watch the Oaks race (part of the Derby). That evening we just stayed home for dinner.

Saturday morning I had my iced coffee on the deck after breakfast with my new library book.

Then, that afternoon, our friends came over to watch the Derby. I made a cocktail called a Twin Spire (named after the architectural structures at Churchill Downs) and charcuterie platters and I forgot photos!

Our friend brought his new bourbon smoker.

Then, the four of us met our friends who went to the Derby for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants that used to be a gas station.

I had the vegetable platter and it was so good!

Then, we came home and watched some tv on the patio because we kept our bedroom tv outside. I am anxious to permanently put a tv on the patio. But, this worked for now!

Then, Sunday morning it was not so cold and I had my coffee out there, too!

Then, it was time for Sunday morning meal prep and school work. I like to get things done in the morning when I have energy so I can have that off of my plate.

So, I didn’t take many pictures and as you can see the ones I did take were mostly of my deck or patio! When the weather is nice, I am outside as much as I can be!

What were the highlights of your weekend? Did you have nice weather?

Thanks for reading!


15 thoughts on “Hello Monday – 3 Day Weekend

  1. Don’t you wish every weekend was 3 days? Gosh, I wish that could happen. You have some of the neatest restaurants in your area, I love that it’s not so commercialized. You had great weather too and I am so glad you were able to get together with your friends!
    Our weekend was great until my mom tripped and fell yesterday afternoon. She ended up shattering her left wrist and will need surgery. So definitely not a good ending!

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    1. I’m so sorry about your mom! That stinks!
      Yes I do! I would love a 4 day work week but I do like the Wednesday at home, so I’m not sure which I would pick!
      We do have great spots and May is usually a beautiful month here. Friend time was good!


    1. It was! Me either! It’s been the year that won’t end but the year that started in person in April – so weird!
      I am so ready to put this year behind me.


  2. Your quick egg breakfast sounds amazing! Seeing everyone’s Oaks and derby pics sure made it seem like Louisville had come alive the past days. I can’t believe it’s May either! April flew by! Have a great week

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  3. You only have 15 days of teaching left!? I have 32… But still – it’s nothing! Summmer!
    How great that you will have a nice graduation! I think we’ll just stay in our classroom like last year… Boring!
    I also want to have a tv on the patio! But… not that kind of weather over here… But spring is absolutely here, even though it’s not especially warm (50°), there’s something special in the air, with full daylight until 9 pm (yes!) and a lot of beautiful spring flowers.
    One highlight this weekend is the fantastic book The great alone! I even ordered it in Swedish for my husband (who prefers to read in Swedish, not everyone can be a language teacher :-D).
    I hope you have a great start of the week!

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  4. Your weekend sounded amazing! That coffee looks yum – how are you making it? Low- key weekend over here but it was nice! Seeing the Kentucky Derby in person is on my bucket list:-) Thanks for sharing your fun weekend!

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  5. Movies on Saturday. We saw Separation. Scary and a good one! Saturday night our propane tank ran out right when I lit the grill soooooo 45 minutes later Tony was able to get them replaced but in the meantime our besties invited us to join them for Mexican food so by that point I was over the idea of grilling steaks! We had a fun impromptu dinner with them and then went next door to a fun brewery. Who are we? We RARELY do last minute things. I am very Type A. cant help it. Sunday we golfed at our club with Taylor and had lunch there. And I grilled those steaks on Sunday night. Weather here has been great! 80’s and sunny. I will take it! Have a great week!

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