Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Today is everyone’s favorite post – Prime Purchases for the month of April with Tanya and many more here! I don’t know if I should read these posts because I get severely influenced!

To be honest, I return more than I keep when it comes to Amazon clothing. I guess that is o.k., though, because I am learning not to settle for things that aren’t 100% for me. I buy snack items, toiletries, households goods, too. But, I definitely don’t go crazy on Amazon!

I didn’t want to spend almost $50 on real rubber Birkenstocks – Birkencrocs? I do have a pair of real pinkish melon ones and I also bought that same color for my MIL, but I wanted white this time and I knew that a knock off would do. I am very happy with these!

I almost ran out of this and I cannot let that happen! Seriously, I cannot tell you how many cans of this hairspray I have gone through. I love it and it really works for my hair! This is the only thing I have on auto-ship.

I really like these – two pockets and a nice material! I did go up a size and I feel like it was the right call. I am just wearing them to walk in or lounge at home with a big t-shirt.

I’m trying to drink more water and I bought this jug, influenced by Heather!

I had the worst rug in my hall bathroom that kept slipping. I bought this set and I am super happy with how soft and how non slip they are!

That is it for me in April!


13 thoughts on “Prime Purchases

  1. I am so bad in that I turn to Amazon for EVERYTHING. In fact I don’t think I have ever once listed everything I have purchased in a month for fear that my post would be that long. I have used a few different Not Your Mother’s products before but never that hairspray. I’ll have to try it as I do not have a favorite spray brand yet.

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  2. I need to try that hairspray, I have not found it in stores near me so Amazon to the rescue! Amazon makes it so easy to return things and I love that because I am not keeping things I’m not totally crazy about either, my closet space is precious real estate!

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  3. Hi Amy, I just put that hair spray in my ULTA cart per your recommendation. I’m addicted to online shopping with ULTA. Some reviews said this hair spray smelled weird. Can you speak to that? Thanks!

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    1. I really hope you like it! I do feel like they slightly changed the smell? I love the hold, the non offensive smell, and the price! I have never been this loyal to any product!


  4. I really like the Not Your Mother’s beach spray! It’s a great texturizer. I have been looking at rubber birks and I just haven’t hit “buy” yet. I may try these though. I agree with you about Amazon clothes. I really like to do Prime Wardrobe where they send you a tryon box and you only keep what you want. It’s perfect! Have a great day!


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