Wednesday, April 21, 2021

I am linking up today with The Style Six right here!

What have you been wearing lately? In my neck of the woods it has been 50-60s most days.


I considered not showing any of these outfits. I have a goal to wear a different outfit each of the days of in person teaching until the end of the year. I am doing this to weed things out and to get use out of garments neglected during the Pandemic of 2020.

Our building is freezing. I usually am always hot. I thought I would be hot with the mask. My hands are so cold all day long. We do not know if it is the better air filters or the lack of warm bodies and hot air coming out of maskless mouths. Lol!

I decided to show you these outfits to, as they say, keep it real. But, I don’t really love any of them!

Here I tried to find long sleeves in spring colors. Frump alert! I was warmer than the day before…

I was cold. Enough said. This is an outfit I wore in Spring of 2019.

This was a Friday outfit. I have on my new Reef sandals. I love them!

This is meh. The skirt has little feathers on it that have white and I wore my white booties.

Oh well! At least I did get dressed, right?

Have a wonderful Wednesday and thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Oh the challenges of getting dressed for in person school! I remember well the finicky a/c and dealing with the outside weather too. And trying to wear something different every day is a challenge in and of itself but you are doing such a good job documenting it! I think sometimes outfits feel better on and don’t always photograph well. Documenting is a great way to figure out what to keep and what to purge!


    1. I know! It seems more finicky than ever this year. Isn’t everything harder this year? lol! I missed one outfit photo – accidentally deleted it, but I won’t repeat it to be true to my challenge. I have not had access to the better mirror this week because Mason has been studying here and I don’t want to wake him. It’s all good!


  2. But Amy, I don’t get it! Your outfits are great! When it’s warm enough I will definitely wear my white skirt with a colorful sweater like you did. And I have a black skirt almost like yours – it looked great with that yellow cardigan. It’s a superb idea to wear different outfits for the rest of the school year! I will try to do the same, even though I’m here until June 22.


    1. No, you go too easy on me! I like the white skirt better with my kimono as it is more flattering. I bet you are excited for spring clothing! June 22 sounds so far away!


  3. I really like the fun pants outfit! I have been trying to do the same and create some variety and have weeded out several things this year. I have realized that a lot of time my denim jackets had that extra warmth and structure my outfit need. Until it gets too hot for them! Love that you are trying different combos: some will work, some won’t but experimenting will help you figure out what you like.


    1. Thank you! That is the attitude I am having – not all will be my favorites and not all will look good. It’s a constant battle to keep up with the contents of our closets, right?


  4. I love the tie dye top with the white! It is a great color combination. I always have a cardigan because our AC is so wacky too! We are pulling all outside air instead of recirculating at school this year so I think that makes it chillier. I was telling my friend/colleague about your no repeat challenge and we are going to try it. I have 31 in person days left to wear my spring clothes. Lately I’ve had a few “last chance” wears meaning it is the piece of clothing’s last chance to stay in my closet. If it’s not comfortable or flattering, it’s outta here! Thanks for the inspiration!

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    1. Thank you! I need to keep a cardigan and a blanket I think! Plus it snowed yesterday while we were working from home! I think that is great about your last chance wears! Have a great day!


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