Wednesday, March 24, 2021

I am happy to link up today with The Style Six here!

What have you been wearing lately?

On St. Patrick’s Day, I wore this old top from Costco, consignment Matilda Jane pants, my Madewell sneakers, and my consignment necklace that is Kate Spade inspired and looks like shamrocks. I also used my yellow bag. I had a work day at home with no live classes and some meetings via Zoom. But, I ran to the grocery to make my St. Patrick’s Day meal happen!

Saturday I ran to the mall. I wore my Pioneer Woman Umgee kimono from Amazon (it’s not really Pioneer Woman, but I think it looks like her dishes!), my new Etsy red clogs, and some old tan Hue jeggings. I didn’t really like the look of the jeggings when I saw this photo.

Saturday night I wore my newish top with black Matilda Janes, black clogs, and I carried my snakeskin clutch that was a birthday present from one of my besties. Better picture to follow…

My friend Kara was happy to show me her “rule of three” Saturday night. If you aren’t familiar with this concept in fashion, it basically says that you look more pulled together with three items. In this case, her outfit is top, kimono, long necklace that serves as her three. She thought it looked like a very Amy outfit. It does!

Kara is a busy mom of three and very frugal. She got to the point a few years ago where she had very little to wear and needed help. I spent two hours with her at my favorite consignment store and she was simply thrilled. She came away with an entire new wardrobe for around $200 including shoes. I had her pick a color palette. I asked her what activities she was dressing for and what she envisioned wearing. I asked her what she was wearing when she got the most compliments. I made her try on things she wouldn’t have picked. I was quite the task master and it was really fun for me!

Katie was wearing jeans on Sunday that she distressed herself. She used scissors and tweezers to achieve this look and washed them and dried them. This is a fun little project if you have a pair of jeans that you could do this to.

I happened upon a 75% off winter sale at a little housewares/clothing boutique last week and picked up these sneakers for $14!

They are a bit big, but I think I can make them work. I think they look very fallish, but I hope to wear them a couple of times before it gets too warm out.

I’ve got a couple of things I’m thinking about:

Old Navy loose luxe v-neck tunic tees look interesting and I could use some solids.

OMG, this bag is everything! But, the short handle may drive me crazy?

And, really considering these clog-like sandals. They are so cute!

Of course, I really need to do a good inventory and clean out and that is on my list for Spring Break!

What have you been wearing?

Have you been shopping for spring and summer?


14 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I love that bag too but yeah, the handle will probably drive me nuts! I love all your colorful tops and that kimono (Pioneer Woman – ha!) is my favorite! How awesome that you shopped with your friend and helped her get a new wardrobe at the consignment shop! What a blessing!

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    1. I know! I wish I could find a patchwork one with a longer strap. I haven’t tried to look yet. The kimono is so happy. I love the brand Umgee. It’s a good price point and a bit of an Anthropologie vibe. Thank you! I really enjoyed being a personal shopper! I’ve offered it to another friend but she hasn’t taken me up on it. She brought it up, not me! I would never say that I think someone needs a new wardrobe! Lol!
      Have a great day!


  2. I can remember distressing my own jeans in high school because the pre-distressed ones were crazy expensive and my mother refused to spend good money on ripped jeans. It was fun and I have thought of distressing my own once again now that the style is back.

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  3. Your new shoes are so cute! I love that you helped your friend with her wardrobe. Everybody needs a friend like you! I just told Travis this morning that I hate dressing for spring 😂but it dawned on my that I’m out of practice dressing for spring because I haven’t technically done so for 2 years. This time last year, I was in my joggers, pjs pants, light weight sweatshirt, etc. I hate the weeks leading up to spring break because I feel pale and it’s not warm enough to wear dresses. I do have long cardigans in every color so those are my go to’s lately. This week I’ve worn long dresses two of three days with a cardigan. My classroom stays pretty cool. I always feel better when I’m tan. I put some self tanner on my legs last night 😂


    1. Thank you! I am bummed that they run a half size to a whole size big. I didn’t even think to try them on. Duh! You are right – we really haven’t dressed for spring since spring of 2019! So crazy! My self tanner isn’t perfect but it really helps me to not be pasty! I have no idea what my room will feel like but it’s likely to be cold with so few bodies! I love the idea of a dress and cardigan! So cute! I am hoping to make my white sneakers work with dresses and skirts.

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      1. Have you used those “heel grips”that go in the back of shoes. I used them for the kids’ shoes when they were in between sizes and I use them on a pair of shoes I wear often. They help make up the difference. I have two tried and true self tanners…I just have to remember to use them 😂sometimes the evening gets away from me and I’m in pjs before I know ir

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  4. Your St. Patrick’s Day outfit is so cute! I love the necklace! I am so ready to dress for spring but we usually have some chilly days before it gets warm enough to wear my spring clothes. I try to add in some extra bright colors to make my winter stuff look and feel springy.

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    1. Thank you! It was a good consignment score! Bright colors help a lot. It was 70 degrees here by afternoon today! It was amazing! Hope you get warm weather soon!


  5. I love all your outfits, and you should absolutely buy those clog sandals! I need new classic clogs for summer – I was thinking about white?
    The bad will probably drive you crazy… And those slouchy bags make it so hard to find things!
    I wear my new black leggings with a slit by the ankle, a lot. So comfy! And the slit shows the shoes in a cute way. I actually changed my dr marten’s for white sneakers yesterday! Spring! I actually enjoyed being on the playground for my weekly watch yesterday. (Does that have a name? I think you mentioned “hall watch” – is that an expression?)


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