Monday, March 8, 2021

Hello Monday and Hello to all of you! I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya, and many more here!

I didn’t take many pictures this weekend and I did a pretty good job of staying off the internet.

Last Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. I got my second dose of the Moderna vaccine. After the first I had no reaction except maybe a mild headache the next day. I am hearing that if you have had Covid, the first shot is bad (arm pain or a feeling of heaviness in your arm, fever, aches, chills, headache, and even nausea and dizziness) and if you haven’t had Covid, the second shot is bad. So, I was super nervous and prepared Tylenol, a heating pad in case my arm hurt, sea bands for nausea and put them all in a little tray along with water. I took 2 Tylenol immediately after my shot and drank tons of water that day but went about my business waiting to feel bad. That night I didn’t sleep great, but just woke up a little bit sweaty and with a little bit of arm pain. I drank tons of water again on Thursday but I was able to do my classes and did a Kroger pick up and a Target pick up. Friday I had a mild headache but was fine. So, drink tons of water in case that is the secret. I would say don’t be afraid to get any vaccine you can – Pfizer, Moderna, or the new Johnson and Johnson that only requires one shot. Most of the people I know that have had the vaccine – and I know a lot because teachers were a priority in Kentucky – only had a headache and some aches and chills if they had anything, but they didn’t last long.

Thursday I decided to pick up a Shamrock shake in case I did start feeling bad. I try to have one every March. Do you like them?

I finished this book. I really liked it.

I made my first iced coffee of the year on Friday. Yum! I am sharing my recipe tomorrow and it’s low calorie and high protein!

Luckily my headache on Friday went away by dinner time! Both kids came home for spring break and we enjoyed Shiraz Mediterranean and some t.v. together.

Saturday morning Jack had his community theatre group; he is in Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors in May and they are performing to an audience outside! This makes me so happy!

Mason went back to campus to help paint the set for his play which is A Doll’s House which will be live streamed with no audience at the end of this month.

My dream would be to see them in a play together!

After painting, Mason and I had a patio lunch together.

We went to a new to us place called Flanagan’s Ale House. I had a fruity beer and I am mad at myself for not remembering the name of it because it was so good.

The sun felt amazing and I really love one on one time with each of my kids.

I feel like I only took pictures of drinks this weekend! Boy kids were home by 5:00 and I made two things for them for dinner – homemade fried rice and Tik Tok pasta. Kind of weird, but I had wanted them to try the pasta.

Tom and I had reservations with two couples. We went to a place called The Goat and everyone at the table was fully vaccinated except for Tom who had his first shot on Thursday! We had not been together for quite a while and it was so nice. I finally felt like I could relax a bit.

My friend and I both got this drink and it was really good – it was called The Elder-Berry and it had Tito’s vodka, St.-Germain, strawberry preserves, and lime juice.

I got a salad with avocado and a lime dressing and some of the people got pizza and some got tacos.

I started this book and read a bit with my coffee Sunday morning.

Mason went to a maple syrup festival with friends and Jack slept in. When he woke up we have been wanting to try this new donut place.

I read on the patio a bit; it was still kind of chilly and then when Mason came back I made a big salad with homemade honey mustard and homemade chicken tenders with panko breading and tator tots and we watched a couple more shows as a family.

Look at the weather forecast for this week!

I have 3 more weeks at home teaching virtually and 3 more weeks until my spring break.

Can you believe the one year anniversary of the pandemic is this week? And, don’t forget we change to daylight savings time this coming weekend, too. I told my son Jack this and he said, “Is this what is exciting to old people?” Yes, Jack, it is exciting!

Hope you make it a great Monday! Monday is my laundry day. I do my one load. It’s a lot but someone has to do it!


This week… My Iced Coffee Recipe, What I Wore, Thursday Thoughts on our school’s plan for in person learning, and Friday Favorites!

16 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Glad you are all done with vaccinations and feeling good! How nice to get together with friends too after a long wait. We went to Duck Donuts in the Outerbanks, I bet it’s the same. They were good as I recall!
    It would be nice to have your boys in the same play, I hope that happens for you!
    Have a super Monday, Amy and enjoy these last few weeks at home!


    1. Me too! Thank you! Have FL teachers had theirs? Yes, it is the same Duck Donuts. I have not been to the Outerbanks but I’ve heard great things and I’ve been near there.
      Thank you! You have a great week, too. I’m gonna savor this WFH experience!


  2. I had my second shot on Friday and all I had was a sore arm! SO THANKFUL! I, too, was concerned about the possible side effects.
    Your weather looks GORGEOUS!!!! YAY for Spring!!! MN weather will be high 40’s. Not like yours, but Spring is near!!
    Have you ever shared your homemade honey mustard dressing recipe? i want to make the salad you made!!!! Yum!
    Enjoy this day! 🙂


    1. Yay! I am so happy you didn’t either. It has been so sunny lately. Some days were kind of cool, but seeing the sun helps so much. I will share it! I don’t think I have. The problem is that I don’t measure! You too!


  3. I always forget about the shamrock shake at McDonald’s…the donuts looks amazing! I’m so happy it’s patio weather time…at home and at restaurants! I hope you have a great week. I had to remember to start dinner in the crockpot at 7:30 this morning before leaving for school. It’s been great seeing students at school but I miss the luxury of starting the crockpot when I have time and not packing a lunch! Have a great week


    1. I know! I just get one a year and usually I see one on social media to remind me. Me too – I live for patio weather! I hope you do, too. I don’t know if I can get out the door that early anymore. I only have to worry about me, now, though.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, I didn’t realize you could get sick from the vaccine… Well, I will probably not get one, so it doesn’t really matter… (yes, Sweden is slooooow).
    I love your weekend! And I love it that you get so much time with your boys! 16 year is friends with us again, it was bad for a while… But we bought her a boxing bag (!), so she could get rid of some energy! 😀
    I have been distance teaching from home for the first time, and I’m wasted! You are a star that has kept up with this for so long! It took so much energy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well just side effects – not a true sickness. Thank you! Lots of good quality time for which I’m thankful.
      Yay for improved 16 year old!
      It’s very exhausting but in a different way, right?
      Good luck!!!!


  5. My husband has had both. I just had my first. Both were at a hospital. We were told do NOT take anything but Tylenol and not until after 24 hours.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay for hub and you are almost there! Isn’t it funny how everyone says different things? I haven’t heard to wait 24 hours bc you can have side effects within 12. Who knows? Wishing you smooth sailing for your 2nd!


    1. I know! It is exciting! It’s been one heck of a winter! Thank you! Me too! Thanks for providing the link up and enjoy your college trips with your son. Didn’t you just do this? Lol!


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