Friday, March 5, 2021

Happy Friday! Today is my boys’ one day spring break for their college! Ha! Due to
Covid, many colleges are packing in each semester more tightly. They are discouraging travel this way. They have the weekend, too, of course! I am happy today to link up with Andrea and many more here for the most fun link up of the week.

This was a busy week and it went by quickly. We had lots of sunshine. Tuesday I met my friend Victoria at Red Hog. I’m becoming a regular! This time I tried the drink Elizabeth had – yum – and…

we had the fries again and the feta with lavash but I forgot a picture and…

we split this German grapefruit beer after our cocktails. It is so good and I first tried it in Germany five years ago!

The patio is empty at 4:00 but then it fills up by the time we are done. I would say we have perfect timing.

We will have a couple of days to get ready for our in person return but we were supposed to go in and do our arrangement and measure our 6 feet apart. It’s close but not totally do-able for half of our roster.

Also, I got my second vaccine.

After working in my classroom, my co-worker Erica and I had a late lunch at Wild Eggs.

It was so sunny and nice to sit outside! I went home and worked some more and then I sat outside and read.

I picked up a new stack of library books and will do a book post soon!

Today our businesses can go up to a 60% capacity from 50% capacity.

The river is really high from all of the rain we got last weekend so many businesses and homes had to pack up temporarily.

So, my highlights this week were time in the sun and time with friends! I think I said that last week, too, but honestly those will always be my favorites!

How about you? Are you starting to see the sun again? I mean that both literally and figuratively!


16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. UF added spring break onto winter break so the kids go straight through – such a bummer for them! How fun that you got to get out twice this week and socialize! Since we’ve been open for so long I can tell you how good it feels to get back to normal (despite the masks). Can’t wait to hear how returning to school goes! Have a super weekend!


    1. It is such a bummer! It is not the spring break of the 80s and 90s – that is for sure. But, they want to be able to remain on campus, right? Our positivity rate is down to like 4%. which is really exciting! I do wonder what, if anything, going back to school will do to the rate. Our elementary go back March 17! I know I will be tired, but hopefully I will be happy. I am trying to wrap my head around how to change my in person teaching style because I do lots of pair and group normally.


  2. How exciting for you to meet your students again! You will love it! Your students too! Strange that I’m doing the opposite – starting distance teaching on Monday! Probably only for one week, but still. I really look forward to teaching from home! Husband and daughter is also working/studying from home, so that will be fun! (I hope! :-))
    I so look forward to your book post! I have started reading a lot again, and I LOVE it! I have borrowed a stack of books and it’s just wonderful!
    Yes, the sun is shining, but it’s cold again… Two days ago we had hot dogs in the sun, but not today… Enjoy your Friday!


    1. Some I have never met in person! I have lots that I also had last year, too. It will be interesting and make sure you all have your own space! My book post only contains one book for 2021 so far but I am going to show what I am planning to read next! Hot dogs in the sun sounds very summery!


  3. We had a few days of teasing warmth and sun but it’s starting to get quite cold again. Our hiking group is supposed to resume hiking on Fridays this month and I can not wait to see some of our friends again!


  4. Yay! For getting your vaccine. The grapefruit beer looks so good. This weather has been so gorgeous and I’m officially ready for spring! Have a great weekend with your boys!


    1. Thank you! If you get a chance to try that beer, do it! It is really good! I know – I have put my anti-gravity lounge chair out on my upper deck and have enjoyed reading after class each day. What a treat! Thank you!

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  5. Hooray for your second vaccine! How’d you fair? I agree that sunshine is the absolute best!! I hope you have a smooth transition back to in person. Warning – it feels like the first week of school tired again, but it is so good to see kids faces in person! Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you! I was so scared, but it was fine – maybe a little more tired and a little headache but I was so thankful. Maybe this means my immune system is bad? Thank you so much! I am worried about that. I think I will be sitting more than normal because we can’t walk around the room. But, I know I will be so tired.

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  6. I work in a school too!! Hang in there! Spring break is only a week away! Then we can relax and decompress! It’s been stressful lately.

    Girl… fries are a way to my heart! Sometimes that’s all I can stomach during lunch on my lunch break. HA!


    1. You are so lucky! Our spring break seems far away – 3 more weeks! I hope you have a relaxing break and I cannot even imagine how much harder it is in the Covid world! I will soon find out!
      Love me some fries!


  7. One more week until spring break here. Which means I’m going to be spending a lot of time figuring out 1st grade report cards this week lol.
    I got the 2nd vaccine this week too….how do you feel? I felt pretty miserable on Friday but not completely sick. Just achy and like I was getting sick. No chills or fever though.


    1. Yay! My sister just had to do that yesterday for her 2nd graders. She goes back to 1st grade next year. I drank so much water and moved my arm a ton. I felt fine – maybe a little tired. I was able to teach both Thursday and Friday even though I had prepared to not be able to. I heard horror stories! I am sorry you felt bad on Friday and I hope you felt normal the rest of the weekend. Hub got his first on Thursday and was fine.


  8. Good luck returning to school! I teach in Florida and we started face-to-face back in August…it takes a little getting used to but we have done pretty well! Can’t wait to read your posts about it.

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    1. Thank you Danielle! Bless you – I bet you are exhausted. Both of my sisters have been in school since August. I will probably talk about our plan and then report about it once I’m in the throes of it. Is it summer yet?


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