Wednesday, January 6, 2021

I didn’t do a great job with outfit photos over the break despite my best intentions! I apologize! I am linking up with The Style Six here, though.

First off, I want to tell you how much I have been wearing these. I realized back in March that working from home should not mean barefoot at home. So, many days I wear these even in the house. I wish I had gone down a half size but they are o.k. I can’t remember where I got them now – sorry. They were around $30!

I kind of did a splurge over the break on a pair of Target boots. A student gave me a gift card so I felt like it was o.k. I say “splurge” because I pretty much stopped buying shoes from Target in favor of spending a little more on footwear as I got older.

These are super cute and Universal Thread (you know I love this line!) and while they won’t be teaching boots or walking boots, they will be sitting on patio boots. You don’t have that category of footwear? Lol!

Aren’t they cute?

I have a new lip obsession and I did include it in my Prime post yesterday. I love the texture, the smell, the longevity – everything. I want more colors. It is called the Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayon. This is a great product for under your mask.

Right now I have Lead the Way – the lightest of my colors – kind of a nude.

Run the World – a medium pink

Make it Happen – a dark berry

I mix them all together, too! Love this product. Find them in most grocery and drug stores and on Amazon.

Here are the two bottom ones mixed.

My mother in law gave me a makeup set for Christmas and it included this mascara which I have been wanting to try. It was time to say goodbye to my last mascara so the timing was great. I really like this!

My work from home outfits are so different. When I was in school I was all about the rule of 3 – a top, a vest, pants. Now, I am just a top and earrings (I do have on clothing on the bottom half but it’s not noteworthy and sometimes it doesn’t even match!) I have plenty to get me through winter and I have done a great job so far of resisting winter sales.

I am not going to rule new stuff out, but I am really trying to just wear what I have. I am going to do some wardrobe challenges coming soon! Join me! Let’s wear what we have and at the same time weed out some things that no longer work.

I polish my nails at least once a week. OPI Alpine Snow is a fave. I just prefer the OPI and Essie polish for my nails. I wish the cheaper ones worked well, but they don’t and I end up wasting money.

Normally over winter break I would go to the mall, TJ Maxx, my consignment stores – it’s so fun to look at the after Christmas sales. This year I didn’t feel like doing that, but I did go in my local boutique once that has my new favorite brand – Savanna Jane.

This top below caught my eye! It’s $62 which is a bit more than I normally spend, but I am really trying to have less but stop buying things just because they are cheap. I need a piece to speak to me.

What do you think of this?

Case in point: This top was $54 by the same brand and I have worn it at least 20 times since purchasing it in September. So, therefore this was a better buy than a top that cost $10 and I only wore once. This is a real struggle for a life long bargain hunter!

My sister doesn’t like the snakeskin nearly as much as the leopard floral so she told me not to get it.

And, I showed you these yesterday in my prime post but I am loving my new Amazon slippers here. We need arch support even in our slippers, gals.

What have you been wearing?

Are you shopping for winter clothing?


18 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I wish you lived closer so I could give you all my OPI nailpolish. It doesn’t stay on my nails more than a day – Sally Hansen works better on me. But I do love a few of my OPI colors and will wear them knowing they won’t last, it’s so sad! Ha!!!
    I stopped buying cheap things a few years ago after cleaning out my closet and seeing them all in the give away pile. It’s not worth it and far better to spend more on a piece you love. I really like the Savanna Jane tops – they are unique and colorful, definitely worth it!
    I didn’t do a lot of shopping over the break and I am trying to resist sales too, I don’t need anything honestly.


    1. Me too! I know not everything works for everybody. Buying better quality is really a hard lesson for me. My hub has no problem buying good quality but then he shops way less than I do.
      Thank you – I found a new fave brand and it is so fun. I have 3 of this brand now – 2 short sleeves and one long. The fit is best on the long sleeve. That is another hard lesson. If it does not fit perfectly it is not worth it!


  2. Hi Amy! Thank you for the intro to Savannah Jane tops. They’re super cute! I tried to find them online and it doesn’t look like they have their own website but there are several tops for sale on Poshmark. I agree that quality over quantity and price-per-wear is how I now shop for things. Hope you’re having a nice new year so far – enjoying all your 2021 posts so far, as usual!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kate! Love your name – my sister is Kate! I searched online as well and I’m thinking they only sell to boutiques. I am not familiar with Poshmark but I have heard of it. Maybe this would be a good reason to check it out. Now you are making me think I need to go get it! The boutique only carries like two in each size so if I snooze I lose. Thank you so much Kate!


    1. Thanks! They are not that comfortable! Also, my feet have forgotten how to do a bit of a heel! I really want to order it but I am trying to only do a few purchases a month so we will see if I succumb. Oh yes, I am all business on top and casual on bottom.

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  3. Those boots are cute! I bought a new pair of ankle boots in the fall, and I love them…but don’t get too many opportunities to wear them right now. Those boots have been my only purchase for fall/winter. I would say that about 3/4 of my wardrobe is not in rotation right now, so I seriously don’t need anything. It is strange for me not to spend money on fashion, but it does feel good to save money. Also….you know me….always quality over quantity.


    1. Thanks! Teach me your ways! I want to see those ankle boots. I love ankle boots – my slip on ones are so great I’m on pair number two. It’s not about need – it’s about want and boredom! Lol! And, the hope that we will have places to wear them!


  4. I just realized that I added 4 pairs of boots to my closet this year! But I have been wearing them a lot! Like you, I am trying to buy less but make sure I buy things that I will wear a lot even if they cost a little more. I hope I will do better this year than last. I like both tops but I think my fav of the two is the snakeskin one.


    1. Wow! But, that is o.k. if you wear them and boots last me for several seasons. It is a hard lesson to learn to buy less but better quality. I really want to go look at the snakeskin top and see if still in my size. If it is, it will be meant to be and if it is not it is not meant to be! Shopping philosophy, right?


  5. Thanks for all the inspo, you are a delight!
    I’m quite satisfied with my clothes… Husband gave me black Dr Martens for Christmas, and I guess I dress a bit after them… you know; black jeans, black tights, cool socks… School starts on Monday for me (I think! Students are supposed to start next Thursday, but the “specialists” recommend that we should wait. High school daughter will do distance teaching first couple of weeks.)
    I want to be more “classy” when school starts… You know Cameron Diaz in The Holiday!? Minus the heels, cannot do heels…
    How is work!?


    1. Thank you! Will you be my fan club president? Just joking!
      You look so cool in your Doc Martens! All black is very European to me. I love Cameron Diaz style in The Holiday and Bad Teacher. Have you seen Bad Teacher? It is so freaking funny. I got to see it in the theater with my two teacher sisters and we laughed and laughed.
      Work is o.k. I just have a hard time with January, I think!


      1. Yes! I can make member cards! At least for me and my five Swedish friends! HAHA!
        LOVE Cameron Diaz! Where is she now by the way?
        Let’s do January! And then February is short! And then it’s spring! Can’t wait!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha! You do need to find those 5 Swedes. I am not sure what Cameron is doing, but I think my niece Lena will look like here when she is older. Same eyes, hair, and complexion and a tall willowy body. She is a doll.


  6. I love your Target boots AND your Amazon slippers!!!! ADORABLE!!!!

    I am not really shopping for winter clothing……..I’m REALLY trying to just rotate all of my winter clothing with different combinations of sweaters and tops/graphic t-shirts.

    I am on the look out for a new pair of winter boots for my daughter who just graduated from college.


    1. Thank you Michelle! Same here on the winter clothing but it is so hard! I am doing a challenge next week to help me and anyone else use what they have!
      What kind of boots are you looking for? This is a great time to buy.,, DSW.


  7. Love the purse strap idea! I love my purse that I got at Goodwill for $5, but hate the strap because it is too skinny and cuts into my shoulder.


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