Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Linking up with Tanya to share a few of my recent Amazon Prime purchases you might like. Then, I am also sharing my 30 bags in 30 days project so keep reading!

It was time to say goodbye to my 8 year old Ugg Scuffette slippers. I had asked for them one Christmas and boy did they do their job. I picked these randomly on Amazon and I am super happy! I like letting the ol’ pigs breathe, too, you know? The price point was good. I started having a little foot pain over the break and I think I need support when I am working from home or walking around the house all day. I am wearing shoes more of the day now, but these will give me more support than the worn in Ugg slippers did, too.

A sweet student gave me an Amazon gift card and I purchased this live plant.

I also purchased a four pack of fairy lights that come with remote control and different settings for the lights – blinking, etc. Beware that each set of fairy lights requires 3 AA batteries.

And, you know I am a sucker for lip products. I love everything about this lip crayon and now have 3 colors. I am layering the different colors for different effects, too.

Mason wants more color in his wardrobe and really likes this one. I ordered this for one of his gifts and he and I are both super impressed with the quality and the feel. We are both big on things being nice fabrics. This is a men’s but I think it could also work for women.

And, I want to mention my purse strap again. Mine is camo and it appears they don’t have my exact one anymore. For $14, this gave me a new purse. It works on two of my bags but I have been using it most on my small off white cross body. These sell for $31 in my favorite little boutique and I do want to support small businesses and I do, but $14 just seems more appropriate for what this is. Look at the two I am considering below! So cute, right?

I just love breathing new life into something I already owned. It feels so good!

30 Bags in 30 Days:

Who has decluttering listed as a goal for 2021? I feel like I have to constantly keep up with clutter or it will overwhelm me. For inspiration, I watch a little Marie Kondo or Home Edit. I will never really understand it, but less is more. I feel like I have MORE to wear when my closet is less full. If I have too much clutter in any one area I just can’t seem to function.

This idea is not original to me. It came from The Larson Lingo Blog (no longer a blog but you can follow Mel Larson on Instagram) a long time ago and she called it “40 Bags in 40 days” and I believe it was during Lent. So, her plan had her finished by Easter. The idea was that she fill a bag of stuff to donate, sell, or throw away for each of her 40 spaces she identified. Tip: She said to use black garbage bags if you have kids so that they don’t see what you are donating!

I decided to declutter a space for every day of January. And, I may double up and do multiple spaces one day. Also, it doesn’t really matter when you start, just that you do start! You can also do it in January and maybe just pick 25 areas.

  1. Medicines – Go through all of our over the counter medicines, check for expiration dates, and organize – did this over the weekend.
  2. Spices – did this over the weekend.
  3. China cabinet in dining room
  4. Office supply drawer under microwave
  5. Nailpolish
  6. Makeup other than nailpolish
  7. Bathroom linen closet
  8. Cabinets above microwave – this space is poorly utilized but I did a big clean out a year ago so it is not bad
  9. mudroom – masks not wearing, dog towels, buy bins
  10. basement storage room shelves
  11. Amy closet drawers – especially jewlery and accessories
  12. tupperware drawer
  13. plastic wrap, baggies, foil drawer – have accumulated too many takeout silverware sets
  14. Game closet in basement
  15. hall closet – gloves, hats, etc. – do this before boys go back because they will need this stuff
  16. undersink cleaning supplies
  17. drawer by back door
  18. dishtowel drawer
  19. pantry
  20. cups – too many free plastic cups accumulated
  21. Amy car
  22. Amy lotions, hair products
  23. DVDS – keep or donate?
  24. pots and pans and baking dishes
  25. Amy school stuff – take some back to classroom
  26. freezer – January is eat from freezer month
  27. fridge – time to check for expired condiments
  28. Amy socks
  29. silverware drawer – wash the plastic organizer
  30. blankets – weed out and wash all blankets

So, here is my list! Instead of saying “kitchen”, I am being specific and tackling one small thing a day.

Saturday I did my medicines – got all of them out, looked for expiration dates and organized.

I also did my spices. Where do you keep your medicines? Is it weird that I have my spices next to my medicines?

I am not touching anything of Tom’s, Jack’s, or Mason’s in my plan. I am doing the things that are kind of my domain or spaces that I use the most.

So, join me! Or, give me some tips!


25 thoughts on “Prime Purchases and 30 Bags in 30 Days

  1. Your new slippers look amazing! I have a couple pairs (one amazon, one target) that I love. Hadley asked for the target pair for Christmas and loves them. I like the idea of 30 days 30 bags…I’m off to a start as I purged the food in cabinets, spices, fridge and freezer on Sunday. I found a tiny bottle of Bacardi behind the Frosted Flakes 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ok…zero clue that Amazon had live plants!! And I love those lip colors. I’m on a mission to simplify and get rid of crap we don’t use PLUS reorganize to better utilize what we do. Don’t you just love Mel? She makes it look so simple!


    1. They really have everything – even Mexican jumping beans. I know this because I am a Spanish teacher and ordered them once! Ha! I cannot ever move because of all of the stuff! I love Mel; wish she would blog again but I will take her Instagram I guess!


    1. Thank you! It really can accumulate. Maybe if you have a person you know would love and appreciate your outgrown clothes or toys? If you watch any sort of purging/organization show it will really get you in the mindset I think.
      The other tip I would give is maybe to bag it up and not give it away just yet if it scares you. Have a sort of 6 month waiting period?


  3. I have done the 40 bags in 40 days with Mel. Now that I have finished it a couple years ago, it is easier to maintain. I have a couple problem areas (haha) in my house that I plan to tackle in 2021. I have one area that is designated for spices but we keep our medicine in our own bathroom. I want to move my spices to a drawer in my island, so that is on my 2021 To Do list as well! I decluttered and cleaned a few places at the beach house and I always say that I feel like my house can “breathe” again! Happy Tuesday!


  4. I actually put a couple of those command hooks in my laundry room for masks because we just kept setting them on the washer and dryer and forgetting which were clean or needed to be washed, or they fell on the floor or got mixed with other dirty clothes.

    Our medicines are next to the spices too!


  5. Oh I am all about the 30 bags in 30 days – especially now that we have remodeled. It feels so good to take everything out and only put back things we need.
    Love the lip crayons and the twinkle lights – I am a sucker for any kinda light!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I’m so ready to be done and start fresh in my bathroom! This is the perfect time to do this!
      The lip crayon is great IMO. The twinkle lights really cheer me up!


  6. I went through all our medicines and our whole bathroom closet to reorganize it. We rarely buy any medicine and I was pretty surprised that a few were already expired (guess I bought them longer ago than I had realized!).


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