Monday, December 21, 2020

Linking up with Heather, Tanya, etc. here if they do the Hello Monday link up today! I decided to go on with the show today. I hope someone is out there! Ha!

Happy first day of winter! I am going to note the time of sunset and then keep track of it each day going forward – because what else do I have to do? The good news is that each day will have a little more light after today. I am dreading January and February. I need to find the good in those months.

Let us go back to Friday – I went to school to take a photo for my students at my classroom door (not a soul was around my classroom) and to pick up my gift. Our school gave the teachers a giant golf umbrella with our school logo and a…

mug with our logo and on the other side it said…

I used it during class when someone forgot to turn their microphone on. It was a nice gift. I finished teaching and did a little cleaning. Gratuitous photo for proof of mopping the mudroom floor. I use the Swiffer with the velcro and attach a disposable mop pad. I use a bit of Pine Sol and it makes it really quick. I am really into mopping my mudroom floor. I should look into the kind of mop pads that you wash and re-use. There is a January goal for me.

The time is flying by with our boys at home and I really am dreading that adjustment again. We found out they have to take a Covid test before moving back on campus. It is administered at the college so that makes it easier for us since we are close. I guess the kids that are further away can do their testing at home. I am so over Covid. It just really stinks.

Mason has really gotten into thrifting. He goes to Vintage Vibe and Vintage Banana with some new college friends. Jack likes thrifting, too, but not as much. The whole family set out to go to Fleur de Flea around 3:00.

Looking at records and not realizing someone was taking their photo…

Some of the booths are boutiques that have gone out of business, sadly. It is a really huge space. I could’ve seen everything in about 30 minutes but Jack and Mason looked through lots of records and old books, and I think we were there for almost 2 hours. It made me happy to see them enjoying this. They both picked out a few gifts for friends.

When we got home I decided to cook some easy stuff. I made fried rice – guys, seriously, this is so much better than a restaurant in my opinion. Use my search bar to find my post on this if you are interested.

And, I made grilled ham and provolone on a fancier type of bread. I also made a slaw type salad from a mix but forgot a photo.

We watched some t.v. together and then I think I tried to watch some Christmas movies on Netflix but I was tired.

Saturday morning I read with my coffee.

And, then it was hair day. I always take the first appointment on Saturday and I go about every 2-3 months. You have to stand at the door and get your temp taken. I was the only person in the whole salon for quite some time!

Two sweet senior girls dropped off gifts on my porch this weekend. Brownies and a Target gift card and…

cookies and a candle. So sweet. I live really close to school and my next door neighbor is a senior so lots of my students know where I live. I am o.k. with that.

Saturday we had a plumber at our house most of the day. I think it was 3:00 by the time he left and Tom helped him most of the time.

I made a simple dinner of pasta with turkey sausage and corn and a salad and crescent rolls. I put a mixture of butter and seasonings on the inside and they were really good.

And, after dinner I started wrapping in my bedroom. I like wrapping but I am not that great at it. Also, I do wrap everything or almost everything in the stockings. Is that weird? I also wrap everything for the boys. We open one thing on Eve – pajamas and a game for the family – and everything else in the morning. The kids love seeing Ernie get his stocking. We need to get him a few more things.

Sunday morning I was lazy but did my coffee, some reading, showered, and then went to this cute little boutique owned by my friend. It is called The Prickly Pear and I have mentioned it before.

She has purse straps! And, the purse below comes without any strap on it. I think it is a great concept!

I made the pink meringue cookies! Mason wanted to take them to his friend’s house later in the day. They turned out kind of flat – meringue doesn’t like humidity and it had rained in the morning.

I am excited about Bridgerton coming to Netlflix! It comes out on Christmas Day!

My sisters and I decided over Zoom a few weeks ago that the smartest way to do Christmas was for each family to celebrate separately with my mom. So, one sister went there this weekend but wore masks. It stinks that we aren’t all going to get together, but we plan to do a re-do in the spring with maybe White Elephant gifts?

It is really hard not to get down about it, but things got real for us last week when one of our good friends tested positive. We also had a neighbor in the ICU – he is only in his early 50s. Thankfully he did come home yesterday!

I want to say thank you for filling out my survey. I will share the responses in a post because I am always curious to see results of the ones I fill out! There were some really good suggestions – a rating system for books that I read is one of those. Love that! I would also like to do a dedicated monthly book post. I am working to improve my photos. Anyway, you all are the best.

Happy Winter Solstice! Leave me a comment about your plans for the day or what you did this weekend!


22 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I will have to remember the Bridgerton’s – I always need a new show. How much are those purses without straps at the Prickly Pear? I’ve seen them in online boutiques but they’re so pricey.
    Love the mug from your school – what a clever idea!
    Have a good week and enjoy Amy!

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  2. Love that mug! I wish I had seen something like that for my co-workers.
    Did some baking for family this weekend and plan to do some drop offs tomorrow and Christmas Eve. That’s just how it is this year. No big family gathering ….
    One of my teachers in junior high lived next door. I thought it was kinda neat!
    Bridgerton looks good. I’ll be sure to check that out.
    Happy Winter Solstice and thanks for posting today!


  3. What a fun weekend!! The homemade fried rice sounds delicious!! I wasn’t sure if I would be the only one posting today either! I think I am going to keep blogging up until Christmas Day, and come back that next Wednesday because I have a monthly book club link-up I am hosting. Wishing you a wonderful day, and Christmas week!

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    1. Thank you Abby! I am so impressed with your blog. I’m a high school Spanish teacher (in Kentucky and virtual all year so far) so I like hearing about how school is going for you. I think I will blog all week, too. I want to do a review of 2020 one day! Same to you!


  4. That’s so nice that the school gave you a gift, as well as some students. Love the “Mute” mug. My daughter and husband love thrift shopping. I don’t mind it just for a little while. I was a little sad today when I realized my daughter’s visit home from college is halfway over. They are doing testing when they return on campus. Can’t wait to see the survey results! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road


    1. It was cute. I am not that into thrift shopping either. I do love consignment shops for clothing but thrifting is another ball game. I love that the young kids are into it. It makes me happy! So many kids buy from Goodwill! The break from college is going by too quickly. I wonder if Grace’s college will have the rapid results test since they will already be there? Thank you for the link up! Enjoy this week!


  5. My mom always wrapped everything in our stocking and under the tree. I prefer homemade fried rice to any of the take out versions too; in fact we have taken to making most of our Chinese food at home rather than take out since we don’t have any good Chinese food places around us.


    1. Same! The wrapping just makes for more anticipation! I am wondering where homemade Chinese food has been all of my life. I feel yucky after eating the take out stuff. I would love another recipe if you have a good one!


  6. Hi there! LOVE the mug! And LOVE that you got sweet gifts from some students!!
    Thanks for the NETFLIX suggestion! Will be watching that FOR SURE!!

    We will be going out tonight after sunset and looking at the sky in MN!
    A bit chilly, we’ll bundle up! We just got some light fresh snow! SO PRETTY!!!

    I’m on the one who suggested you rate the books you read! I LOVE THAT YOU LOVE my idea! I feel so “important”!! haha

    Making some Saltine Toffee cookies “crack” right now! yum!!

    Merry Christmas!


    1. Thank you! I thought it was cute! I am excited for a new show to get into. I am finding The Crown to be slow. We looked at the sky and it was cool. We saw tons of stars, too! No snow yet for us. I did love your idea – thank you! I think I am going to do a coffee cup rating system! 5 coffee cups – run, don’t walk, to get this book!, etc.
      I love that saltine toffee! It is so good!


  7. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! We cleaned out Tony’s closet yesterday. Fun Times friend! lol!
    Mondays are always my errands day. So I had a couple returns to go to Mailbox drop off place, picked up a last few stocking stuffers for Tony and Taylor and my mom. We are all celebrating with my mom on different days too. Christmas Eve is my youngest sister and her family. Christmas Day mom will come here for breakfast and presents and then go to my middle sisters later that day. All wearing masks. It really isn’t fun. We will leave for the beach on Dec 26 and be there until Jan 5. I am happy about that! well I have cookies in the oven and then I am making the pretzel with rolo candies to put in with the cookies. I don’t do alot of cookie gifts but I have 2 places to drop off to. Have a good break!


    1. It is so fun when it is done, though. Tom would never let me help him! He hardly ever gets rid of anything either. I think he really likes his new closet. Mondays are good to tackle errands. It really isn’t fun to get together this way. You are lucky you seem to be close geographically to each other. What about Tony’s family? One of my sisters is 3 hours away and the other is 2. I am only one hour away. Your time at the beach after the holiday will be nice. You will get to relax but you don’t seem like you get too stressed normally. I don’t really think I need to bake much. My boys and Tom would rather just have some chocolate on hand I think. The exception would be chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Honestly, I don’t want much around either. I did not make the pretzel rolo things but you know I love them. So easy and yummy. I may make the pretzel bark – have you done that? So good! Pretzels, brown sugar, butter, chocolate chips and sea salt.


  8. Thank you for posting! Of course your readers are here! 😀
    Your weekend looked great, you’re always doing so much fun stuff! But you reminded me about my hair, I really need to go…! But it’s like in these days hair isn’t so important, right? I have som grey coming out that I cover with highlights and normally I’m quick to fix it, but… not right now…
    We’re spending these days in the city, organizing for Christmas, it’s really nice! This year is so great with all the free days before Christmas! I hope you’re having a lovely time!


    1. You are very welcome – and thank you for reading! I have a few more readers from Sweden – is this your influence? Lol! I now have 5 readers from Sweeden, 2 from Australia and 1 from Turkey! Taking this blog world wide! Just kidding!
      I know – hair does not seem that important but I had the appointment in the books since October. I bet Christmas is pretty in Stockholm. Is your soldier girl home? I hope so!


      1. How crazy that you have five Swedish readers! That’s so cool! How many readers do you have (if you don’t mind me asking)? You should have a lot, because you are unique!
        No snow in Stockholm and 44,5°! The world is upside down! This time of year I should be skitting around ice spots and scraping ice from the car windshield…!
        Oh yes, soldier girl is home! All crew cut and bad ass!…

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      2. I thought maybe you told 4 friends! Haha! The other 4 have never commented. I have about 300 something readers on a normal day. I have 400 + on Fridays. The most I have ever had in one day is 700! I can’t remember what I posted that day. It’s warm here today, too!


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