Friday, December 18, 2020

Happy Friday! I am linking up with Andrea, etc. right here!

Are you ready? I am waiting on a couple more things to come in this weekend.

Here are some things that made me happy this week! I would love to know your favorites, too! Leave me a comment! We can all use more happy.

In addition to virtual teaching this week, I had a bit of down time to start watching The Crown. I had watched a couple episodes of season one a long time ago so I jumped right back in and now I am on season two. I am watching this by myself usually in the afternoons. I find myself Googling information about the royal family. I cannot wait to get to season four but it will be a while. Anyone else watching?

Also, one of my sons wanted to try Gilmore Girls with me. We started it together and for some crazy reason watched the first episode in Spanish. Did you know you can go to settings in Netflix and do captions and change the audio? We are watching it with English captions and Spanish audio. Hilarious! By the way, I turned on the captions for The Crown just in case I need them for the accent.

I also abandoned my Christmas books for now for Sophie Kinsella! I could not believe how quickly the library came through on her newest book. Anyone else a Sophie Kinsella fan?

I got a local coffee this week – actually two – one morning I had to be out before classes started and I got a caramel latte at Sunergos. Another day I was out around lunch and got a toffee latte from The Coffee Zone.

I finally wore my Scotch tape leggings to teach in. Photographer son was up and able to take my photo. I love this pullover so much and reach for it more than my Aerie leopard one. It has pockets! I was so comfy in this outfit.

I meant to do a full house decor tour but I decorated on Thanksgiving night and then never really did anything else. I added the small bottle brush trees to the mantel but the other decor is old. I love our stockings from Pottery Barn – they are 18 years old. Ernie has our old dog Archie written on his stocking. He told me he is o.k. with it as long as he gets the contents now. I tried to find these stockings again but no luck.

And, here is our hall table with all of my Christmas cards. When your kids turn 18 and you have had a card for almost that many years, you run out of space. No card for us this year.

Tom turns the patio lights on in the morning and I think it looks so pretty. We had rain/frost this morning so I snapped a picture.

Today is the two year anniversary of the death of my Dad. We all miss him so much and it is crazy that it has been that long. Holidays make it harder, of course. I feel like now I remember the funny or good things more. Have I ever told you about my pennies from Heaven theory? My friend Victoria told me about it a long time ago. Your loved one sends you pennies or coins. I have found so many! Recently I have found several. And, there is a coin shortage! I usually find them in parking lots when I am getting out of my car. Now, do not try to tell me that people drop them. I want to believe these are messages and I save most of the ones I find.

These two peace lilies from the funeral are living in my mudroom and I swear they like the agitation/noise of the washer and dryer. This one is from our good friends and it has some new blooms.

And, this one is from one of my assistant principals. I am going to send both of them a picture and just say how much I love these plants and the daily reminder of their generosity warms my heart.

I really want more plants! I am going to work on that in January.

Other favorites this week were just getting to talk one on one with a couple of students. I had a couple of kids stay after virtual clases and it was so nice to feel like I am helping them. One boy confessed that he is struggling with this format and I gave some suggestions and I hope I boosted his morale. I miss the connection with my students. Our district is talking about being able to go back around Spring Break? I have my doubts but I hope that is true. It will be very hard to adjust after so much time away – for both the teachers and the students.

I signed up for the vaccine this week. Our governor is making teachers a priority and we are in phase two which should be around end of January. We get to choose if we want to take the vaccine but we had to express our wishes so they can have enough. I said I would take it but I am a bit nervous, I must admit.

I am not sure how much I will post over the break. This is my favorite hobby so I may post semi-regularly or even regularly.

I really enjoyed doing the faux leather leggings review on Wednesday and loved all the comments. Also, check out my potato soup recipe from yesterday.

Now, I have a favor to ask…

Would you mind filling out a very quick 3 question survey to help me plan for future posts?

Here it is! Thank you in advance!


24 thoughts on “Falalalala Friday!

  1. Good morning! Nice to see your post pop up, since I’m just sitting in the sofa with nothing to do! (well, except buy a Christmas tree, find Christmas decorations in the attic, wrap presents, buy more presents, plan food… you know! :-D) Anyways – yesterday was my last day in school! I spent the whole day dismantling bookshelves and packing, I’m so happy to move back to our old school!!!
    Of course I’ve seen The Crowne! It’s a treat! But we lost interest in the middle of season 3, I was missing the lovely Claire Foy… but we picked up when season 4 came – I loved Diana! Do you really need subtitles! That’s so interesting!
    And again… I love your blog! Love the pictures and love your “tone” – thank you!
    I hope you have a wonderful day, and that you reminisce many beautiful memories with your dad.
    Now, on to your survey!


  2. Hi Amy! Daily reader here and I tried to take the survey but got an error message “You need permission
    This form can only be viewed by users in the owner’s organization.” I will try back later, maybe it’s me (probably me, ha!).

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  3. I knew your dad’s anniversary was coming up. I do enjoy the fun memories of my dad more but the other day I just got sad. Like real sad (my eyes are filling with tears right now as I type this). I was thinking of a song and couldn’t get it out of my head and it reminded me so much of my dad. It is hard to believe two years have come and gone. We were both so lucky to have great dads!
    On another (lighter) note. We got a peace plant last spring when my MIL passed away. I want to keep it alive, I fail miserably with plants. Mine has been outside but yours seem to be doing well inside, any tips? I’m thinking of bringing mine in.
    Have a great weekend Amy!

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    1. Is yours in February? I still get that way sometimes too – I think it’s good to feel those feelings. My dad would have hated the Corona restrictions so there is that.
      Mine are in mudroom with two windows and we water them once a week. After your renovation is complete maybe you could bring them in? Tom has kept these doing well I am sure. We water on Thursday for Thirsty Thursday! You do have to experiment with different locations in house. Ours have started dropping but watering perks them up! You too!


  4. I love the scotch tape leggings. You are so funny. I’ve been helping many kids prep for finals this week…and I’ve been a little emotional about it for some reason- it’s just all so weird, I miss being able to help more easily, and I feel the exhaustion of myself and the students. Hadleys teacher sent a message on the Dojo app the school uses and it made me tear up…I just can’t believe we’ve been doing this for so long. I signed up for the vaccine too

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    1. Thank you!
      That must be so hard.
      I had a sinking feeling in one class yesterday that they haven’t been learning. I was getting repeated errors and felt so defeated. This will stay with us for years I think!
      Notes from teachers meant the most. I cry so easily over touching things now. It’s all the emotion of the pandemic tied up with everything else! So glad we have gotten to be blog friends this year! Have a great day!

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  5. Happy Friday! THose peace lilies are beautiful. Start with pothos if you want more plants… they are pretty forgiving :-). Peace and love to you on the anniversary of your dad’s death. XO

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  6. going to check out plants on amazon next! i agree with the pothos comment. they are very forgiving and they propagate so easily. scotch tape leggings made me laugh out loud! but, they are so cute and perfect for the christmas season. this may not be your cup of tea based on your other book recommendations, but we just started the stand on cbs all access and i think it is going to be very good. i read the book 40 years ago or so and i have seen the first miniseries they made. what is spooky is it is about a pandemic and i just know they had to have been filming this before this pandemic. spooky. you will be missed during the holiday but i’ll bet you have a wonderful couple of weeks off,
    and by the way, i had no trouble doing your survey so maybe you had already fixed things by the time i got to it!!
    Merry Christmas!!

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    1. I have a pothos in a pretty pot right now sitting in my cart. A student gave me an Amazon gift card and I think that is what I will get. Thank you for complimenting my leggings. I need to wear them several more times before Christmas! Yes, I probably wouldn’t pick that book up but I will read about it because you mentioned it. I do like some deeper books like Giver of Stars and American Dirt.
      I think I will still blog – just maybe not every day.
      I fixed the survey around 6:30 so I think I did it before most readers tried.
      Thank you Rita and blessings to you!


  7. I’m watching the Crown too and your idea to turn on closed captioning is great. Sometimes I struggle with accents! But I’m loving it!
    I put out bird feeders this year and have a ton of cardinals which I feel are visits from my stepmom this year. It’s like the pennies from heaven that keep us going when we lose someone close, especially this time of year.

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    1. They help! I find I have to be in the mood for The Crown, too. Some of it is slow and I’m not that interested in Margaret for some reason?
      I need to get more bird seed! I love when cardinals come and I agree that it is a message. I’ve heard some of my friends say they have had cardinals at really important dates and that get really close. It’s comforting to have these beliefs. Happy weekend!


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