Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Are blanket scarves still in style? Do we care? The goal this winter is staying warm so that you can get outside! Through many years of error, I have learned that the goal is not to have skin showing or exposed to the elements. It amazes me how much warmer a blanket scarf can make you!

Here is my collection and I am going to show you how to wear them yourself, a weird thing I do with mine, how to share them with your holiday decor, and how to store them.

I own 5:

None of them are new this season, by the way.

I love this fall colored one. I am still going to wear it during the winter, though!

This was from the Target Dollar Spot for $5. I really like it and I think it might be my favorite right now. It is a bit wrinkled because I had just worn it.

This one was a gift from my Mother in law a few years ago. I like the navy and red and the touch of mustard.

This one with pink in it is currently the tree skirt for my white bedroom tree! If I decide to wear it, my tree can handle being naked for a few hours.

My classic Christmas scarf is dressing the green pencil tree in the family room. Again, we can share!

I was thinking a blanket scarf could also make a great table runner or a base for a tablescape (someone has been watching Below Deck!).

Did you notice anything about my scarves? They are all cut in half. I simply cannot handle my neck being strangled by too much scarf. I fold them in half and then cut into two triangles. My sister and sister in law have my other halves. I would like to buy another Christmas looking one to wear as a shawl this year. Let me know if you see any good ones!

I learned how to store them like a donut or a cinnamon roll.

Take the end and put it in your palm and start wrapping around your hand.

It will look like this:

Take the end sticking up and …

Pull it through the center of the hole securing it. Less calories than a real donut or cinnamon roll, too, right?

Here is really the only way I wear them. Hold your triangle in front of you with the point down. Put it on your chest like a bib and pull the ends behind your head to the opposite sides and you are done. You may have to arrange in the mirror a bit. Instant outfit. This takes the place of your necklace. Also, do not try to wear long or big earrings. Studs are made for blanket scarf wearing.

Tell me all your thoughts on blanket scarves!


12 thoughts on “Blanket Scarves

  1. A blanket scarf with holiday colors is currently adding a pop of holiday cheer as it drapes across the back of my sofa. The scarf was a gift to L., but she never wore it, so it has become holiday decor. 🙂

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  2. I live in Sweden, so of course I have a bunch of blanket scarves! 😀 I like them big but thin, if you know what I mean! And I actually wear them a lot in Florida, because you need them when you enter a store in just shorts and a tank top! And on the airplane – a necessity!


    1. What do you call them in Sweden? Big but thin – yes, I understand. Yes, in Florida I would call those a pashmina maybe? They overdo the AC in FL! I cannot remember what it feels like to be on an airplane, sorry.


  3. I hope blanket scarves are still in style. I have a couple and love them. I almost used one for my pencil tree skirt until I found the tree skirt I loved on Amazon! Great idea though to use those 😀


  4. I have two shawls and one blanket scarf. I rarely wear the scarf, but I wear all three as shawls around the house. It was too hot in southern CO to wear them so I fell out of the habit! Maybe this winter!


    1. That is fancy that you wear them around the house. You are just like Ma Ingalls. Are you too young for that reference? Just kidding! I guess it is much warmer in southern Colorado, but I still think of Colorado as a cold state!


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