Thursday, November 19, 2020

I love this idea! I hope Kristin does not mind! She does a post like this every now and again and I really enjoy reading it. I first became friends with Kristin when she was selling her Madewell tote (gasp!) and I bought it from her and still love and use it. It is an older model and very heavy. She just was not reaching for it so she sent it on and made me very happy!

Anywho, it is o.k. to disagree! If you disagree with me I will still be your friend. I value your opinions and enjoy hearing other perspectives. When did it become that we cannot have differing opinions? Amy, get off of your soap box!

My first unpopular opinion is about bum bum cream. It does smell good but I am not sure how much better it smells than a cheaper lotion. Many bloggers rave and rave and rave and I thought it might make me into a Brazilian goddess. This is very expensive and for me it is not worth buying again. If you disagree that is totally o.k.! Have you tried it?

I am sorry Tom and Sheri but your natural product does not work. If you have gotten this wrinkle spray to work, please let me know how and on what fabrics. I have tried Tom and Sheri Iron in a Bottle on multiple fabrics and nothing. I am loyal to my chemicals, I guess. I love Downy Wrinkle Release and it even smells better to me. This stuff works! I have noticed they use it on Below Deck to get wrinkles out of the sheets, too! I would have never thought about using it on bed linens. Have you tried either?

My next unpopular opinion is about the golden arches. My boys refused to get food from there from about age 8 and up. They were against all fast food. When they got a little older they started requesting other places. But, I really like McDs. I love their egg mcmuffin and sometimes I love a basic cheeseburger or fish sandwich. I only go about 6 times a year and I do always try to get one Shamrock shake in March! What about you – do you secretly or not so secretly like the golden arches?

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This was fun to write! Share an unpopular opinion in the comments!


27 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions

  1. Great idea! You should have this post as a regular!
    The bum bum cream… I have a sample, but I haven’t even opened it… it feels like I should save it to a special occasion… it will probably be to old by then, that’s typically me!
    Wrinkle spray? Never heard of! I thought it was something for the face (yes, thank you!. You Americans use way to much chemicals (oops, unpopular opinion :-D)!
    I like McDonald’s! They have a good reputation over here and our family has a snack there quite often. We don’t go for full meals, but you know, just a small chicken burger when you’re starving!

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    1. Thank you! You should try your sample. It does smell really good.
      We do like our chemicals. It is great to pack for trips to freshen up clothes and take most wrinkles out. I try to buy cleaner cleaning products.
      That is funny because most Americans use MCDs for meals. What is a chicken burger? I wonder if your menu is different.


      1. I think it’s called Mc Chicken? The menu is actually the same, but you are bigger on breakfast items. And I actually think your burgers are slightly bigger… (of course!)

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    1. I love downy wrinkle release and if you iron you can use it while ironing,too.
      What about Diet Dr. Pepper? I love that they offer that. I rarely do soft drinks but it’s good every now and again.

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  2. Love your unpopular opinions and the idea of doing it for a post! I haven’t tried the cream, but agree that many expensive products that influencers rave about are just not what they’re cracked up to be. I like McDonald’s occasionally, and my kids loved it when they were little. Have a great Thursday!

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  3. I, like you, visit McDonald’s a handful of times a year. It is gross and so bad for you, but there is something about their fish sandwich, fries, and a cold Coke that really hits the spot sometimes. 🙂

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  4. I love Downey wrinkle releaser especially for traveling. And my guilty pleasure is a Big Mac. Occasionally they do a smaller version called the Little Mac and I wish they would leave that on the menu! I’ve never tried the bum cream. Keep it real Amy!

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    1. It’s a great product! I buy the travel size and it lasts a long time and I can also take it on trips – that aren’t happening for me! A Little Mac is a great idea because I always get the kid size at 5 guys. The cream smells great but not $18 worth for a small tub great! Thanks Theresa!


  5. I completely agree with you about the Bum Bum cream, I don’t get it. At. All. I have a couple trial sizes and would never purchase. As for the golden arches? They make the best fast food french fries hands down and I have always been a sucker for their chicken nuggets!
    Other things I don’t get – Barefoot Dreams – why is that brand so $$$$? Also, Spanx leggings. But most people love those, keeps things interesting!

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I have never loved their nugs but their cheeseburgers – so thin and the onion and pickle!
      My new Target robe is just as good as BD stuff. I do have an old cardigan I got on super sale but I agree. I can’t pay $100 for the leggings!
      It is good to have different opinions! It’s the education profession in us maybe!


  6. I got a sample of the Bum Bum Cream and I HATED it! I think that it stinks! I actually got a second kind(turquoise jar)and it was just as bad. YUCK! My daughter wouldn’t even take it. I don’t frequent McD’s but I do love their egg Mcmuffin and fries. My unpopular opinion…I do not like Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets. HA! My daughter would live off of them if we had one closer. But just, no! Love this! There was a little survey thing on FB at the beginning of the pandemic shutdown about things you hate that other people like and people are so polarized on topics. It was super fun to read.


    1. I do not hate it, but I am cheap and I want to get something for my money! I wondered about the turquoise bottle. Their egg mcmuffin is probably the best thing on the menu. I love CFA. I love hearing those things on FB and blogs, too. It is o.k. to disagree! It is interesting!


  7. TOTALLY agree with you on the BumBum cream! I got some this summer because of all they hype……and I was disappointed. It is NOT worth the price! The smell is meh……

    I have been curious about that wrinkle free spray…..haven’t bought it, but I love my grocery store stuff that works just fine! 🙂

    My 16 year old son LOVES McDonald’s!!! I think their french fries are yummy……but probably 8 times a year!

    This was fun……do another post like this!!

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    1. Haha! Same on the BB cream. I can’t figure out if the T and S works and I hate to bash a small biz but it’s too expensive and I also don’t want anyone to waste their hard earned cash. I know some teens secretly or not secretly love MCDs!


  8. Haven’t bothered with the bum bum cream. I would rather spend money elsewhere…. love McDs !! I don’t eat the food anymore but i love their Diet Coke !! Tom and sherry spray- has worked somewhat. I do take it when we travel. But probably won’t but it again. It’s almost the weekend!


    1. It is pricey! If you do want to try it, get a small size. Everyone who loves Diet Coke loves theirs. I am not a big soft drink person – just my diet ginger ale and Fresca in my cocktails! I like to take the Downy in my suitcase.
      Happy friday to you!


  9. Great post! I also cannot get T& S Wrinkle Remover to work. I will try the Downy ☺ I had a sample of the bum bum cream and bath wash and do not care for it either, Have a great weekend!


  10. Thanks for the shout out! I still remember going to the post office, 38 weeks pregnant, to mail the tote lol 🙂

    I haven’t tried bum bum cream but I’m always like “you paid how much?!” I think they all buy it because the container is cute. I am super sensitive to smells so I go with mostly unscented lotions (and only purell hand sanitizer).

    I have despised McD’s since I was a small child. My mom didn’t understand it either! I liked it as a toddler (so legend goes). I will only go there as a last resort. In Wyoming, we didn’t have many options for ice cream, so we would alternate between there and Sonic for milkshakes. Now I prefer Sonic for ice cream or drinks, but don’t like their food. I only ever go to CFA for fast food.

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