Monday, October 26, 2020

Hello all! I am linking up today with Lindsay, Tanya and others right here.

First of, all, you need to read this book! It was really good and one of the best of 2020 for me.

Friday after work was really good because I got to see both of my boys! One was brief because he was going to a friend’s house nearby to hang out for the night. And, the other ate pizza with Tom and I at home because it was pouring rain. That was o.k. His favorite pizza Boombozz has been under renovation for almost a year and it has re-opened so I think it was a treat for him. He also ate ramen! And, he and I made indoor s’mores – in the microwave. He was in a great mood and it was a really nice treat.

Saturday morning I had told Tom it was going to be Amy Day. It was much needed hair day and I just decided to take myself out. I started with a local coffee shop bourbon caramel latte. It was just a flavoring, people. I was not drinking at 9 a.m. I always take the first hair appointment of the day.

Is there life on other planets? Hello?

New hair.

I then took myself to this cute little holiday pop up shoppe at a shopping village. It was really cute. I really want to shop locally as much as I can.

This was my hair outfit. I get hot under the cape so I did not wear the vest. All black. I will talk about my new camo purse strap on Wednesday.

I did my nails this grey/lavender Essie color that I featured in my fall nails post.

I also went in one more store at the village, Target, and then I got myself a veggie sandwich for lunch. I went home and watched a movie and it was nice.

Saturday night was our celebration for the girl on the left. It was her birthday!

We went to the country and ate in a barn. It is a farm to table concept at a farm. The owners are also big into art collecting/curating. After we ate (the food was not that good so I am not even showing you, but it was an experience), we got glow bracelets to go on an “art walk”. We didn’t really know what to expect.

They had built wooden walkways in the woods and had a light installation set to sound effects and music. You were free to take a drink with you but we didn’t and we wished we had because we could’ve stayed there for a lot longer.

At the end there was a light show and a place to sit to view it. These pictures don’t do it justice. I would like to go again.

Sunday I was super lazy but I did make my breakfast for the week and I had already made my soup for the week – lentil bacon. I piddled around, cleaned, read, drank coffee and then around 1 Tom and I went to the restaurant on the river for the annual charity pumpkin chuckin’ where they launch pumpkins into the river trying to hit a target.

Tom’s sister, brother in law, our niece, and some other people were there so that was nice. I had a mimosa and we had some food.

Then, we went home to some yard work and my new Woodwick candles from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It crackles when it burns! I think it’s best for outside, but people do use them inside.

And, that is about it. How is it the last week of October? It is crazy! I can’t believe Halloween is in less than a week. We are not going back to school any time soon. Our numbers are horrible here. We are in the red. Everywhere I go people are wearing masks so I don’t really know why it is so bad. The sports that are in the playoffs are allowed to continue but if a sport is not, they are pumping the brakes on those. I feel so bad for the kids. I know some desperately want to go back. On the other hand, some want to remain virtual and some are doing very well with our online curriculum. This is hard – there is no doubt about that.

How was your weekend? Any highlights? How are things in your neck of the woods?

Thanks for reading!


23 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. That art walk sounds like fun! And Tom is smiling in the picture with you – great photo! Love the blonder hair and great score on the camo purse strap!
    Everywhere we went in Nashville we saw face masks and I see them everywhere here too. Yet, there seems to be no end in sight. This is just getting so frustrating! I don’t want to wear a mask forever but boy, it sure feels like that’s the direction we are headed in.


    1. The art walk was so cool! My friend is going to call the manager and tell them to keep it/change it for Christmas . She is very pushy Iike that and I love it! Tom’s friends were making him smile. I need to bring them to all of our photo oops. He smiles in real life but the men in his family are notorious for stony faced photos!
      Thank you for the kind words on the hair and purse strap. I got so many compliments on the strap.
      I agree. If masks work why is it so bad? I need more info – how are people getting it?


  2. I love that you had an Amy day! So fun. Your Saturday night experience looks amazing, and I’m so happy you got to see your sons 🙂 you’ll blink and they will be home on break! They decided we are virtual the rest of the semester and if numbers are ok (how will they be?) kids will go back 5 days a week or so virtual 5 days if they choose that route starting in January

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    1. It was good. I feel like I’m on house arrest M-F!
      I know – they will be home soon and that will be an adjustment.
      JCPs won’t call it yet but we all know.
      We are going back 2 days a week each kid when we go. 5 days is very optimistic.
      Again, I’m so glad you have your pod! Keep on feeling better!

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  3. Your hair looks great, trés chic! I wish I had made my hair lighter at my last appointment, I really like your color!
    Your art walk made me look up our annual light festival in a park nearby – but of course it was canceled because of covid… The main idea over here (and according to our health recommendations) is that masks don’t help. Therefor we have no regulations to wear masks anywhere. But of course they wear it at the hospitals! Our numbers have also risen dramatically – what is going on!? We really wonder if we can go to Florida next summer…? And I agree; how do people get it when we are so cautious?

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    1. Thank you! My girl does great color I think.
      I hate that everything has been cancelled!
      The thought here is that masks do work! So weird! I’ve seen info graphics that show that if two people are talking and both wearing a mask that there is such a low percentage of getting it. Also I think the masks will help with seasonal cold and flu.


      1. It’s really strange (like everything with covid…)! This is what our public health authority says: “We do not currently recommend a broad use of masks in society as knowledge of how masks affect the spread of infection is uncertain.” The man in charge, Anders Tegnell, has become quite famous internationally since Sweden has taken a different approach (no make, keeping schools open, etc).


  4. What a fabulous weekend! Yea for taking time just for you on Saturday, and the farm-to-table place looks like fun. I don’t know why covid numbers continue to climb. Texas has had mandatory masks since the beginning of June and we still had a late summer spike. It’s hard to understand what’s happening. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road

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    1. Thank you! I am so confused, too. Also the countries with lock downs had spikes! It’s getting really old. I will say I am a bit of a cynic about the numbers. I do wonder what the narrative will be after the election. Thank you for the link up!


  5. I think I need a “me” day! I was hoping to talk my husband into a local-ish weekend away for recharging but that would be a great back up plan. Your art walk sounds so fun.

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    1. You should take one! I know – I would like to do a weekend away before boys come home but it’s so hard with covid! The art walk was really cool and I want to do it again!


  6. Have you read Me before you by JoJo Moyes? I could not put it down. I’ve been wanting to read some of her other books.
    Love the nail color and your hair is beautiful!

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  7. The art walk looks so fun! And so does the pumpkin catapulting into the river! Does that wood wick candle smell like a fire pit? Does it come in different scents? I think I need a Sarah day. Your Saturday looked AMAZING!!! Have a great week!

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    1. The art walk was cool! It was really cold the next day for the pumpkin thing! I bought Wood Smoke and Fireside and they both smell really nice to me. There are lots of scents and they are at BBB and Kohl’s too. Do not order off Amazon bc mine was a broken mess!

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