Happy Friday to all! I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. right here!

How was your week? Mine was o.k. I am in a good routine but at the same time I am starting to get tired of that routine.

Here are some favorites…

I continued to either sit outside in the evening some nights or to

have my coffee outside some mornings.

I guess I feel like my outside days are numbered and that is forcing me to take advantage when I can, which is a good thing, I think!

Monday Ernie and I had a wet walk but that is what Hunter boots are for! These are now 8 years old!

I showed my students these Day of the Dead tortilla chips that I found at Kroger.

You all – this popcorn is so good! The maple is not too strong. I need to go get more! Maple is the new pumpkin – you heard it here.

I had one weekday outing with a friend. I went back to the patio at Gravely Brewing Co.

When I am on the lower patio, Ernie is usually right here, guarding the back door.

Something very exciting happened Monday! This is our Master Bath frame. Between the green wall and the frame is our hall. The old tiny bathroom door will be a solid wall and our new Master Bed is beyond the opening you see on the right. And, our his and hers walk-in closets are first before the bedroom.

Hallway – the door on the left will be gone, too –

This is where the double vanity will be – used to be the Master closets.

So, it is exciting that after a 7 month hiatus, we are getting something going again!

The leaves really starting turning yellow in my yard this week.

During my lunch break one day I got my second pedicure since February. Everyone has to wear a mask and I brought my own Essie Wrapped in Rubies polish. I think it is safer and I can do touch ups when needed.

I am almost done with this book and you must go get it! So good!

If you are a Keurig user like me, this hot apple cider is yummy! It is 80 calories a cup.

So, those are some things I enjoyed this week.

What did you enjoy? Any highlights?

Any fun weekend plans?

Thanks for visiting me,


13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I picked up that TJ popcorn on my last visit because I knew Hadley would love it…& well, we all do 😂I love the pic of Ernie guarding the door. So sweet. Have a great weekend!


  2. I had forgotten that you were in the middle of a renovation project when all this hit; it must feel wonderful to see some progress again! I think your words summed up how I feel perfectly… “I’m in a good routine but I’m getting sick of that routine”. We had a great week but I slid into a funk yesterday after picking my son up and seeing how stressed he is with all the hybrid/ virtual learning.


    1. Yes, it is exciting to think something may get done soon, but I was teaching in my basement with pounding going on upstairs and thinking what is this crazy life I am leading?
      I really think some teachers are doing too much work virtually. This is survival mode. I am trying to maximize my live class sessions and giving a very reasonable amount of work outside of class. I feel for your son. Also, if he was not used to a 7 hour school day plus homework it is a big change.


  3. Sweet Ernie! He doesn’t look to happy about the rain…!
    How fun with the renovation! Promise to show all updates! It will be gorgeous!
    The book is waiting for me at the library, I hope they can keep it for me ’til next week, ’cause I have half term break right now!

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  4. I’ve been thinking about a pedicure lately. That looks lovely. I’m with you that it’s getting chillier and our outside time could be limited. I think we may tough it out a little linger this year since we are home so much more. Have a great week!

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    1. Yours will be done before mine but thank you! The manicure stations have plexiglass but I still haven’t done that. I’ve now had two pedicures and feel very safe. It was a nice treat!
      Looks like Nashville was fun!


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