Monday, August 24, 2020

How was your weekend? I hope it was good! I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya and others here.

I did a bit of work in the morning Friday (it was a day off for me because it was a flex day that I had already worked) and then met my friend at the Christmas Morning Cafe. Only their outdoor space is open right now. We waited in line, ordered, and then found an outdoor table. They had Christmas music playing.

We both ordered the crepes and they were good!

I had a library appointment to pick up this book. It’s good so far!

Then, that evening after Tom came home from work one of our favorite bands was playing at Bearno’s By the Bay – a pizza place at a marina. It drizzled a bit but we hung in there and it was fine.

We ordered the chicken barbecue pizza and it was really good.

We lasted until about 8:30 and had a really nice time. We felt safe and were distanced away from others.

I got some happy mail – my Pioneer Woman magazine came!

Saturday morning was hair day! I put on some clog sandals and fun pants and this was me waiting at the door to get my temperature checked.

I got new color and quite a bit cut off. I always feel so awkward taking selfies.

Saturday afternoon was kind of dreary. Tom went paddleboarding and I started watching The Lost Husband on Netflix (I read the book a few years ago). I was a bit sad on Saturday because of my empty nest. I did o.k. through the week probably because I was really busy, but I guess weekends will be different.

We had made plans a few weeks ago to try a new Cuban restaurant with our friends so I was excited about that.

This was the first time since before mid-March that I have gotten this close to them and we just got close for the photo.

The chocolate cigar dessert was amazing. They brought a cigar box out and opened the box and it was smoking inside. The cigar was about the size of a banana and it was chocolate mousse with hard chocolate shell on top and it was accompanied by some coffee flavored ice cream. We cut off a piece for everyone. We had to eat inside since it was raining and I would’ve preferred outside but we were spread out quite a bit.

Sunday was a lazy day. I did some school work, did some reading for pleasure, went to the grocery, and watched some t.v.

We start school on tomorrow – virtually. Today is our last teacher prep day. I don’t really feel ready, but I guess I am. I am still deciding whether to teach from home or from my empty classroom. I think I will try going in this week and see how it goes. I have a lot to do today!

What was your weekend highlight?

What do you have going on this week?

Hope you have a good Monday – only one more in August and then it will be September!


12 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. You always pack so much fun into a weekend Amy! I love reading about all you do. It is nice to be busy so you aren’t missing your boys, I know the house is so quiet when ours aren’t here.
    That Cuban restaurant sounds like fun – the dessert sounds like such an experience, how creative!
    I need to watch The Lost Husband, I’ve been watching Hannibal.
    Have a great day!


    1. This weekend almost felt normal – pre-pandemic. I have been so careful and I hope I didn’t do too much. I’m so over it and I miss normal! The dessert was incredible! You too!


  2. Evidently I need to visit the Lou soon. Our only local Cuban place closed. I only tried it once, and it was AMAZING, and I miss it. And that Christmas place….YESSSSS!!!!!

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