Thursday, August 20, 2020

This post was originally posted on 8/1/19. I hope you find it timely and helpful! Come back tomorrow for a new Friday Favorites!

This is the month that many of us dread.  It is our hottest month and it’s just plain BUSY.  There’s so much to prepare and it’s time to change routines which is always hard no matter what your age!  

One of the things I’m doing to prepare is making a “back to school meals” list on my computer.  These meals will be super easy for the most part and still pretty much summer meals.  I will add the chili, soups, and more fall type foods later.  Having a list helps me immensely.  When I’m making my grocery list I seem to forget every meal I’ve ever made.  I’m hoping my list will help you, too.   My list is based on what my family will eat and you may have to slightly adjust.  

But, first, how about an easy recipe?  

Turkey Sausage Alfredo


This sausage is precooked so you don’t have to do this step, but I like to brown it in a skillet or you could also do the oven if you want.  Boil your penne while you are doing this.  

Put those two things together and now it’s time for the sauce.  

I used the same pan for my sauce because i thought it would add extra flavor.  You can start with a new skillet if you’d rather.  Just make a simple alfredo sauce.  I melted 3 T. butter and then added about 3/4 cup cream, brought it to a boil, then simmered for maybe 10 minutes.  Add garlic powder, salt, pepper, and I also added a bit of cajun seasoning.  I also threw in a bit of mozzarella cheese, but I don’t think I will do that next time.  It really didn’t need it.  

Pour the sauce over the penne and sausage and sprinkle a bit of parmesan and you are done!  You guys, this tastes like something you would order at a restaurant.  It’s really good.  Feel free to use andouille sausage or another type of sausage.  

When I went to my friend’s house last week she bought a bottle of already made sangria, and simply added her own fruit and gingerale and it was some of the best sangria I’ve ever had.  So easy!  


O.k., moving on to other meal ideas…One thing that worked for me last year was to have themes – Monday pasta, Tuesday Mexican, Wednesday chicken, etc.  Another thing that I did last year was to cook two meals on Monday night and Wednesday night and that way on our late nights – 6:30 arrival at home on Tuesday and Thursday and it was simply just heat and eat.  I will have that same schedule this year so I am going to shoot for that again. I will tend to make spaghetti and taco meat at the same time.  I start cooking around 5:30 and dinner is ready at 6:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays.  

Tip:  I run my dishwasher while I’m cooking dinner and the boys unload right after dinner and then reload.  We have been doing this for a few years and the system works well for us.  

The other thing I do is take out on one weeknight a week most weeks and then cook one of the two weekend nights at home when I have more time to make a nice meal.  I am also creating a computer list of our take out options.  And, of course, I will be doing online grocery shopping and pick up!  Game changer in the busy fall!  

Disclaimer:  I don’t own an Instapot nor do I want another gadget right now and I mostly use the crockpot on weekends.  I feel that I’m gone too long during the weekdays and all the crockpot meat ends up being overcooked or all tasting the same.  Maybe it’s me but that’s how I feel.  

Back to School Meals:  (For me, I will sub out rice for cauliflower rice, turn things into a salad, easy swaps like that)

Frozen orange chicken (we like Costco’s the best), rice, broccoli

Frozen fish (panko tilapia from Costco), okra (roasted on sheet pan), little red potatoes(boiled or roasted on sheet pan)

Ham (slices that are fairly thick), mashed potatoes(can be ready made), green beans (canned)

Prepared BBQ, Texas Toast, baked beans, side salad (prepared mix)


Tacos, rice 

Taco Salad with Doritos

Southwest Bowl (Andrea from Momfessionals) (search my blog and you will find it!)

Mexican Lasagna (search my blog)

Fettucine Alfredo with chicken (use above recipe but sub chicken and fettucine noodles)

Bacon Alfredo (this is from Grace and Love Blog but I have also posted it here!)  

Hot sub sandwiches, frozen potato wedges or fries, green salad

Baked Ziti

Hawaiian ham and swiss sliders, chips, salad

Faux Thanksgiving – thick cut turkey from deli, Stove Top stuffing, green beans

What are you go to back to school meals?  Let’s help each other out!  I’m so happy that we start on a Wednesday this year so I will get to ease into the routine.  

Thanks for reading!





2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts on Back To School Dinners Plus Turkey Sausage Alfredo and an Easy Sangria “Recipe”!

  1. LOVE your blog and your great ideas!!!!

    We grill burgers, deep fry french fries for a fun quick meal!
    We also have a breakfast night for dinner…..Breakfast casserole, omlets, hasbrowns, fruit. Easy.
    Homemade pizzas with EASY homemade crust (super economical!!!$$) on Friday nights!
    THe easiest meal yet……..grill chicken breasts, slice them up, and add a bag of ceasar salad! (That’s the meal that my husband ALWAYS makes when it’s “his” night to cook!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Your food sounds amazing! I would love breakfast for dinner but hub doesn’t for some reason?
      Chicken Caesar salad is my son’s fave! Yum! The Costco Caesar would be great for that!
      I need to re-type up my meal list and include some of these!
      Thanks for the ideas!


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