Wednesday, August 19, 2020

I thought we should chat today – let’s pretend we are at a coffee shop holding our lattes and just chatting, mkay? The only difference is that I will be the only one chatting! Just kidding – I would love to hear what you would chat about in the comments!

Do you have a favorite mask? I don’t even want to know how much I have now spent on masks. I am like Goldilocks with my masks! The ear straps have to be comfortable, the material has to be breathable, but not too breathable so that it doesn’t work, the mask can’t go in my mouth while I’m wearing it, the mask can’t come up too high blocking my vision… ugh! Also, I want to make sure my boys have enough masks to go two weeks without washing them – so like 14. Because, boys! I ordered some more plain black ones from Amazon. My mom is also sending them one at their new college addresses. What about you? Please tell me others are just as picky!

As you are reading this we are on day six as empty nesters. Has our routine changed? Not one bit! Ha! We are doing o.k. with it but I have a feeling we will really start missing them soon.

I really like having the house a bit cleaner. Is that wrong?

I can feel a touch of fall in the air! Of course the year we don’t have to physically go to school in my district it is super pleasant in late August! Normally I am the grossest thing after a day at school. It’s hot and sticky in the morning and after school and oftentimes our old AC doesn’t work quite well enough yet.

I never thought I would have the chance to work from home with my job as a teacher. I mentioned this in the spring, but I will mention it again. I am going to enjoy this ability while I have it because there are lots of nice things about working from home.

I want to go to the movie theater so badly! I think there are some old movies playing at our favorite theater but Tom and I want to see a new release and they seem to be waiting on those! We love the movies and really miss going. I think the last time we went was in January? Should I put all that saved money towards a new expensive pair of shoes? If we went to just one movie a month pre-pandemic (including snacks of course) that would’ve been $150!

I could shop the Nordstrom sale yesterday at 9:30 a.m. as a non-card holder. I looked at the site and was just meh. Is it just me or does everything look the same as it did in 2019? So, I saved more money! Girl math!

I’m already thinking of all the dinners I want to make my boys when they come home. I know, I know. But, I’ve been cooking for them for 18 years!

I would like the newest iphone for the better camera. Anyone have the most recent iphone? I keep my phones until they die. I think mine usually last four years.

I love to type. I am a big nerd for saying that. I was so obsessed when I first learned to type in 9th grade that everything I read I would “pretend type”. O.k., that is really weird and I probably wouldn’t say that if we were having coffee.

Did you know that we aren’t supposed to space two times after a period anymore? Um, I can’t help it and I’m going to continue. See? See? Can you tell the difference?

I’ve pretty much stopped watching the news. I just know I can’t handle it now. I really want to break up with Facebook and Instagram but I can’t seem to. There is a lot of good on Facebook and Instagram. I am part of a college parent Facebook group for the boys’ college that is really helping me and some of my students are messaging me on Instagram that they are excited to see me – virtually!

I hope you enjoyed having coffee with me! I appreciate you joining me!


18 thoughts on “Coffee Talk

  1. I can’t stand watching the news anymore – I loved the Today show but I just can’t bear it anymore and I’m sad about that. I heard we aren’t supposed to space twice after periods anymore but I can’t stop – it’s too much of a habit.
    The A/C at my old school never worked right and that has been one of the things I loved about working from home – plus no walking around on a hard floor all day and so many other perks, I never see myself going back.
    Enjoy the day Amy!

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! The hard floors – my sister is back in school in Indiana and has been for 3 weeks! Her feet are killing her. Have a great day!


  2. I’m glad you are adjusting to your new normal. I just feel weird if I only have one kid home, let alone when both are gone. I do the same kind of girl math 😂. I remember in high school taking keyboarding 1 and keyboarding 2. I loved practicing typing. Haha

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    1. That’s how we were, too. We always felt lop-sided. I think we are doing ok because of the peace of mind that they are close. I love girl math and Tom hates it. He also hates that I round down – if something is 15.99 he says it’s 16 and I say it’s 15. I loved learning typing so much and it didn’t hurt that the teaching was the new young basketball coach who was only 22 and easy on the eyes. I was supposed to win the typing award but I was Amy Williams and there was an Amy Wooden in the class and it went to her because he got confused. I was robbed!


  3. Thank you for the coffee chat! Interesting subjects as usual! I’m glad to hear that you are coping without the boys (well, you still have two at home, right!?).
    I’ve been in school for a week, and tomorrow the students will show up, fun! A lot of corona restrictions of course, but no face masks, official recommendations are that they don’t make a big difference.
    I actually came straight from the cabin this morning, where we spent the night! It’s too hot in the apartment in the city – believe it or not! We have a heat wave, and I love it! I actually swam in the sea after work yesterday, heaven!
    Enjoy you day, I look forward to our next chat! 😀


    1. Long time no see Tin-Tin! Yes, I still have my Ernie and Tom. Oh tomorrow is your first day! Good luck! I wonder why you guys aren’t drinking the face mask Kool-Aid. Who knows? How fun to keep taking advantage of the cabin. We are having a cool spell. You must have taken our heat – thank you! Swimming in the sea after work sounds like a dream!
      You too!


  4. I don’t watch the news. I just follow a lot of reliable sources (from all political angles) on Twitter and go from there. Facebook is the worrrrrrrrst but it’s helpful when we move to a new base to get the best info.
    I got the iphone 11 last weekend. The camera is AMAZING. Since I don’t use my DSLR anymore (my mac doesn’t have an SD slot and I haven’t bought the attachment yet), the camera is what I use for everything.


    1. You’re good about that. I have listened to some that you recommended. I got rid of Twitter app on my phone but can get it back at anytime of course. I was intrigued by your talk of Cricket. Do you read Frugalwoods blog? You should look up what she does with phone service. It’s pretty interesting.


      1. I did not rush because it is a big time commitment and dance is my main priority after academics of course. I also want to get involved with Dance Big Red (WKU version of Dance Maroon) so that will take some time out too. I worked on my Spanish assignments for a few hours yesterday (a questionnaire for the prof to get to know the students, and then using our online link) but otherwise, the college life has been pretty slow. But I will enjoy the slow part while it lasts!!


      2. I understand! Dance will be like a sorority in and of itself. Can you send me the questionnaire? I am doing the same with Google Forms I think.


  5. I’m glad you’re doing well with the boys at school! I am with you on facebook. I don’t love that so much in my facebook feed has to do with school (going back or not) and teaching (ideas for great virtual teaching). I don’t want to see work when I log in to see cute pictures of kids and funny memes. I might opt out for a few days and see what happens.

    I really want the newest iPhone for the camera too. I have an iPhone 8 that works just fine aside from not have the latest, greatest camera. I got my 8 because my 6 battery didn’t last long enough to do a long training run for a half marathon. I’ll probably stick with my 8 for another year or 2, and then the camera will be even better.

    Have a great day!


    1. Thank you! It may be easier because they are close and I know I could go if I needed to or if they needed to. Hub and I were both talking about how in the age of covid it would’ve been so much harder to let them go further or to a bigger school. We would have been way more nervous. I try to ask myself if I get more good than bad from Facebook and Insta and I believe the answer to be “yes”. I unfollow anything negative. I have reconnected with so many people and it warms my heart.
      I think I have an iphone 7. It’s fine for what I need!
      You too!

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  6. The news is just the same old crap and talking isn’t it? And covid so dominant – I’d like to hear other news too please! I miss the cinema too – they’ve just opened here but I don’t want to sit in a mask for 3 hours – would you? Just bought an iphone11pro – it is fantastic, would really recommend it.


    1. Yes it is and it is very anxiety inducing. I don’t want to sit with a mask to watch a movie either, but I heard you can have a private showing for only $100 with 20 of your closest friends. I would totally do that! I would still want to spread out.
      Oh, I want the 11 pro! No wonder your fotos are amazing!


  7. So much to talk about over coffee…
    -I like the disposable masks best. I don’t go out often right now, so don’t feel bad about using them.
    -Our house is definitely on the quiet side with a half-empty nest.
    -We miss the movies too!
    -I’m not shopping the Nordstrom sale. Just don’t need much right now, and so many influencers are finding great versions of the Nsale items on Amazon for much less $.
    -I’m the same with my phone. My kids have the new version and the camera is SO much better.
    -I love typing too, and did typing competitions in high school.
    -Ditto on the news.
    Have a good day!


    1. I know! I miss going somewhere for coffee and I guess I could, but I don’t. I like my Dollar Tree disposable masks and you can wash and air dry. My sister told me that and it works. The only thing is they do release some fibers that itch a bit.
      Yes, it’s so quiet!
      I can’t wait to go see Top Gun! I hope we can by then!
      I’m the same on the shopping. It feels weird.
      My boys have the 8 I think and I have the 7.
      Wow – typing competitions! Did you know you can do online speed tests for typing! If you get bored enough you could see your current speed!


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