Wednesday, June 17, 2020

You all are my people! I loved reading your comments about my new red Dr. Scholl’s sandals yesterday! I am linking up today with The Style Six so go here for more fashion posts.

So, my outfits from the past week both involve the aforementioned red Dr. Scholl’s!

First, this is what I wore on Tom’s birthday last Saturday. Tom and Jack went to the guitar store while Mason and I went to World Market. We got Mexican take out and came back home. I have on my simple knit button down from Loft and my Target Universal Thread cut offs.

This is not a good angle. Mason is my photographer and we are trying to figure out lighting and locations. But, again I wore the simple Loft knit button down and my Loft knit pants. I fell in love with the print a couple of summers ago.

Before I ordered the sandals, I thought carefully about what I would wear them with. I had about 3 things in mind. But, when I went into my closet, I couldn’t actually believe all the things I could see them with.

I love this combo. It’s a sleeveless Loft top and a kimono from TJ Maxx. This is an easy combo to put on when I don’t have much time to plan.

I love my white knit skort (I think it looks like a skirt) from Kohl’s several years ago. I love to wear these navy tops with it – so nautical. The short sleeve is Target Universal Thread and the tie-dye is Kohl’s. Adding the red sandals I hope will be fun and not look too costumey.

I love my light denim skirt from Old Navy a couple of seasons ago. I could wear this plain white blouse from Old Navy this year or this knit embroidered blouse from Kohl’s several years ago. I am not a big fan of Kohl’s, but I do love both the navy tie dye above and the embroidered top below. They are both the Chaps brand. I find this brand to be of good quality.

I thought they would also look cute with my black and white gingham blouse – old from Loft. I love this fruit blouse from the brand Democracy that I found at Steinmart last year.

I love how one new item can help breathe new life into pieces that I already have in my closet. Do you find that to be true, too?

Also, shhhh – don’t tell anyone. I ordered the red Saltwater sandals yesterday. I read some mixed reviews so I will totally send them back if I think they are too flat or too little girly/young looking for me.

Also, will you judge me if I buy red clogs in the fall? This is kind of what I do, so I have to be careful. I go ALL IN. I love the style trick of copying something from one season into another with adjustments – for example, if your winter look is black pants, an olive sweater, and black booties you can switch to black shorts and an olive top and black sandals. Do you do that? I do! So, I could carry the red sandal look from summer into the fall with the red clogs. But, then I would also need red flats because I can’t wear clogs every day, you know? I could become known as that lady that wears only red shoes. I could also sport a red lip? Help! Stop me now!

What have you worn lately? I was happy to have two days that I got a little more dressed!

Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I love those cute outfits! You are a real summer girl! Fun how those sandals could inspire to so much! (haha, the lady with only red shoes!) And clever idea to make ordinary outfits “summery”!
    I love summer clothing and have actually shopped quite a few things. Most of my summer clothes are in Florida, but they would probably be too colorful and “revealing” anyway… Right now I’m wearing the cutest white dress from hm ( with a jeansjacket.

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  2. Love the red shoes! I say go for it! Buy all the red shoes you want! I had a red pair of slides a few years ago and wore them out! I went to the office Monday for the first time since March and was so happy to wear some of my new summer things! It felt so good to get dressed up again.

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    1. Thank you! Did you replace your slides? It really does feel good to get fixed up. I think I’m going to start even when I just need to do an errand. It will positively affect my whole day I know!


  3. You definitely got me interested in the salt water shoes and I checked them out. The price point is good. I look forward to getting a review from you when you are able to try them on.

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