Monday, June 1, 2020

How is it already June? Can you believe it? I am happy today to link up with the lovely ladies Heather, Lindsay, and Tanya so go here to check out their posts and more!

O.k., Thursday was my last teacher day. I woke up Friday and had some loose ends to tie up for school in the morning. I also decided to clean my Keurig. Do you use one? I have a really old one and it is very special because my Dad picked it out for me. It is the original model, I think. I have cleaned it a few times before. It involves white vinegar, water, and 4 hours of wait time.

I also decided to switch sides of my closet for winter and summer clothes. My closet stays pretty organized. I also bagged up some things I don’t have any desire to wear this season or ever. I think it’s a good tip to keep a donation/sell bag in your closet at all times.

Then, I decided to do something crazy. I went to TJ Maxx. I had a chair to return that I had purchased the day before the quarantine began. I called ahead and made sure they were doing returns. I had to wait in line for one person to leave the store when I got there as they are limiting costumers. I wore a mask. The check out line was really long and I probably had to wait 20 minutes. It will be a while before I go back. I just don’t need anything that badly. I picked up a few things that I will show you Wednesday. I hate wearing a mask and I can’t imagine how uncomfortable/hot it will get as the summer goes on. One of the employees was using a fan around her neck to get air under her mask. It probably lessened the effectiveness of the mask but I felt a soul connection to her because I want a fan necklace now.

My friend and I met on a patio with this beautiful parking lot view. It was the first time I had my temperature taken at the door of a business. He said I was good but I wanted to know how good and he told me I was 97 degrees. See, I am an overachiever or I am a cold @#$&! Have you had your temperature taken before you can go in a business? Hub has to every morning at work.

I got this tequila grapefruit drink; save your $10 because mine are better.

My friend was starving but I wasn’t hungry so she got these pretzels and talked me into one. There were like six – don’t worry.

I felt very safe doing this. I was less than 6 feet from my friend but she has had the same level of quarantine as I have as she works from home. We were spread away from other tables and the employees were all in masks. By the way, I feel so bad about them having to wear masks for a whole shift. Food service will get even hotter!

My sister sent photos of her new German Shepherd puppy Felix! I know so many people who have gotten dogs.

Saturday morning I tried my hand at cinnamon sugar scones. They were pretty darn good.

The river has been high because of all the rain, but Saturday afternoon Tom felt it had gone down enough. We did our trial run of 2020 and had to be careful of some debris.

We saw our friend and his daughter on their jetski.

I tried the mango and it was good.

It was a bit chilly. Look at those clouds!

We decided to let our son go to his friend’s house for the first time in almost 3 months. He was so happy.

After we put the boat up, we heard there was going to be live music at the marina so we went.

People were so happy to be out you could tell. Tom wore his Gilligan hat to boat and to go to the music venue.

Our city had a curfew of 9:00 both Saturday and last night. Are there protests in your city? The protests are about George Floyd, but also a local woman who was wrongfully killed. There was some damage done, too. I pray that we can have a peaceful outcome. I know that the stress and strain of the pandemic is part of this, too.

I enjoyed some coffee on the deck Sunday morning.

And, later on I made some whipped iced coffee.

I found some sun in the yard on another gorgeous but coolish day. Tom didn’t want to do the river because of the conditions of it not being great yet.

But, look what he accomplished! He still has to do the stairway railings.

And, we ended our Sunday afternoon with a patio happy hour at our friends’ house. We hadn’t seen them since maybe February? She did appetizers in individual containers for safety.

And, she made bourbon lemonade with a lemon wedge and a cherry.

So, this weekend felt full and more normal. We got the all clear on May 22 to gather with 10 and to eat at restaurants at 33% capacity indoors or on patios. We waited a bit but opened our circle a bit more by me going to TJ Maxx, my son going to friend’s house, going to hear some music, and going to our friends’ patio. Yes, there are risks involved. I think everyone has different comfort levels. And, I think you have to do what is right for your situation while following government/medical recommendations. It scares me a bit to widen our circle. My and our decisions can affect others. It is a scary time with so much uncertainty.

I plan to continue grocery pickup except for quick trips in to grab a few things from time to time. I’m still doing Dinnerly for three meals a week and that is going well. I plan to stay home most days. I think I will still make up a summer bucket list of things I can do. I also plan to set a summer schedule for myself. I will post those things soon.

I hope you had a good weekend!

Tell me a highlight or where you are in the pandemic?

Thanks for reading,


18 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I am so happy you got on your boat and got to listen to live music! I find wearing the mask uncomfortable too – my glasses keep getting fogged up and I forget to put my contact lenses on before going out. Such a hassle but I believe in wearing the mask so i don’t go out quite as much as I would. Things look normal here but all stores are counting the number of people allowed in and there are plenty of hand sanitizer bottles out.


    1. Thank you! It was nice! I put my contacts in when I go out, too. My eyes have been getting a break from them many days at home. I heard you can use some Dawn dish soap on glasses and they won’t fog or make sure your glasses come over the mask and they won’t fog. I believe in it, too. I just felt kind of selfish being in a TJ Maxx, you know?


    1. Thanks! The river is sometimes fickle though! I’m really happy with the railing and I think the furniture is just the right amount for the space. I’ve been waiting so long for this!

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  2. It was such a beautiful weekend and it looks like you had a good one. Love your new deck railing. We are needing to repair our deck and I showed this to my husband. He loves it ! We have not yet gone out to a restaurant or met with friends. We start going back to work on the 15th at half staff and alternating days. I work in downtown Indianapolis in the same building as the police department and I hope the riots are over! It’s scary times.

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    1. Oh wow I bet you are glad you aren’t there yet. I pray things calm down and we come to a peaceful agreement. We can’t get those lives back of course. The railing came from Superior Aluminum out of Ohio. Thank you so much! Stay safe Theresa!


  3. I have to have my temp taken at the gate coming into work every morning. And we have to wear masks all day. A lot of my job is in areas without AC, so it’s no. fun. at. al.

    We had a protest in Evansville on Saturday, and as far as I know it was peaceful. But I can tell you this, it’s scary being married to a cop these days…

    On a happier note, we’re getting a Drake’s soon! Is it worth checking out, besides overpriced cocktails?

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    1. Yes, I hope he stays safe! You may need a fan necklace? That stinks! I have heard the mask with the wire at top are more comfortable?
      The food at Drakes is pretty good. Lots of people around here think it’s great but I’m just kinda lukewarm about it. Still it will be fun to have for you!


  4. The deck and railing look so good and with the furniture and planter, it’s very inviting! I love your friend’s idea of the individual containers for the happy hour too. I have a newer model Keurig and it has a reminder to descale about every 6 weeks and if you ignore it too long it simply won’t brew! That happened once in the morning before work and will never happen again! So I semi pay attention and don’t let it go too long and your remark about 4 hours made me laugh!
    We went to Prescott on Saturday, about 90 miles from here to visit family who are moving there. Since they are just moving and don’t have anything there yet we went out to lunch. I was very uncomfortable, the restaurant was very busy, no masks and it was warm. I told my husband that I’ll walk out of that situation no matter who we are with if it happens again! Then on our way out of the town we got a tool of some kind in our tire and had to get a new one as it was too big of a gash to patch, all happening at 4:30 with the tire place closing at 5! Thankfully they stayed overtime to change the tire so we didn’t have to stay there overnight. So Sunday we basically loafed around all day and cooked flank steak out on the grill for dinner. Oh and I had a little zinfandel in the fridge so I added some diet seven up and orange slice and it was the perfect reward for end of the weekend!

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    1. Oooh Tinto de Verano does sound nice for this afternoon! I would have felt the same at the restaurant and then the tire on top of it would’ve had me in a bad mood. I know – I won’t mess around with my Keurig not working. I have my little one cup for work but I don’t think it works as well. Happy Monday Nancy!


  5. Getting out on the boat and to a restaurant must have felt wonderful! Things seem to be more opened up here in Texas. Trips to TJMaxx and Hobby Lobby feel normal except for masks. I also feel sorry for employees and waiters who have to work in them. Many people here are not wearing masks anymore…probably about 50/50. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road

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    1. It was nice! I can’t wait to go to Hobby lobby! I feel like the masks will start fading here as the heat ramps up. We aren’t getting as much virus info now either. Hope for no hurricanes!


    1. It’s really weird but I think it’s good. It’s an easy precaution. I’m worried about wearing a mask for my hair appointment. Enjoy your haircuts! It’s been so long!


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