Friday, May 29, 2020

Happy Friday, you all! I’m exhausted! Are you? I have had all of the emotions this week. I’ve been happy, proud, sad, disappointed, bouyed, and the list goes on…

I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. so go here to see more Friday posts!

Here are some things to share with you…

This seems like a lifetime ago – the first day of senior year versus the last day from home on Wednesday. They had already “graduated” Tuesday but that was the technical last day. They are in reversed position and look at the hair! So, there is no doubt that I am so proud of them for how they handled themselves in this stage of life.

And, my first and last day of my 26th year. I am also a bit proud of myself for making it for this long. How have I been doing this for this long? How did I get this old?

I had my co-worker stop by after her cleaning of her room shift and I made us limoncello mules. We sat 6 feet apart outside. Typically we would’ve had some end of year social gatherings, lunch in one of our classrooms, or something. I was happy to visit in person, though!

I had a surprise delivery from one of my dear senior girls. Several years ago, a senior started a tradition of stealing my classroom clock. Then they would return it on the last day for seniors. They stole it this year and she painted Frida Kahlo on it! If anyone steals this next year, they all fail! She also gave me a Taco Bell gift card (lol) and a handpainted card of the running of the bulls with the sweetest note inside. Awww!

My Mother’s Day gift from the boys came in late but I wanted to mention it. They got me a dry erase board in a pretty substantial size for teaching from home. I had mentioned wanting one and they remembered.

Cattle Baron in Cashmere had some funny ones this week…

And, this one popped up on Facebook from someone in my state…

In Kentucky, we are supposed to only gather in groups of 10!

My husband got me a subscription of this for Christmas and the summer edition arrived this week. It’s so good!

On graduation day after they aired the ceremony on Youtube, this sweet student of two years popped by my door. I have known her since kindergarten and her mom, too! What a sweet surprise. I stayed far away!

On Memorial Day, I went to Target and bought a few items for the new deck furniture. I added this pillow,

these coasters and faux plants,

and this doormat.

And, that is about it. I am hoping to step away from the screens this weekend! What about you? Does it feel like summer yet? I pray that everyone stays healthy and we can keep gradually opening things up. I pray for our leaders to make the right decisions for schools next year.

Thanks for reading!


20 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I’m exhausted too from work, emotions, etc and I didn’t have two kids graduate high school! I’m sure you’ve had all the feelings. That’s a funny tradition 😂high schoolers are the best. I love the Target decorations. I hope you have a great weekend

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  2. That clock is incredible! I hope that’s never stolen or changed! I’ve been a funk lately, so I’m glad to see what others are posting today. It’s making my heart happy 🙂 happy Friday!

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    1. Isn’t it? I’m so touched and will guard it! I’ve been in a funk too. I think it’s summer stretching before us with no typical summer things and the uncertainty of it all.


  3. What a big week for you!! Congratulations and what an amazing impact you make on your students to have them seek you out!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Target haul!!! The pillow is so great! I may be hopping online to find some too! Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you! A little creepy when they know where you live but oh well- I was really touched. I decided to go with tropical in all 3 areas of my outdoor space – can’t imagine getting tired of it! I won’t pay more than $25 for a pillow. Some are $50! And I don’t want a pillow cover I want the inside, too! Lol! Hope you find it! I need more but decided to wait til I find more that I love!

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  4. Lots of emotions this week, I’m sure! That clock painting is incredible, and I love the new accents on the patio. I have to look for the new PW magazine. have a great weekend!


  5. You patio looks so pretty! We’re building one right now (!) and I look forward to buying flowers and some nice deck chairs.
    We have a little heat wave here, and I’m so happy! It feels absolutely crazy to leave this sanctuary this afternoon and return to the city… But we’re moving here for the summer in three weeks time, lovely! Europe is slowly opening up, and we’re talking about a little summer trip somewhere, we’ll see!

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    1. Thank you! You will love your patio and I’m glad you will move there for the summer. That will be a nice change. Do you ever travel by train? I love train travel. Where would you go in Europe? It sounds like some people are starting to fly again here.


      1. No, I’m not a train person… But I like it!
        Spain will open their borders on July 1, and Greece have opened up for Swedes – except people from Stockholm… (because we have had the most corona cases). But we’ll see… I have no idea if I will be bored or not. I mean, it can’t be compared to Florida!!!

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      2. We’ve been to Puerto Buenos (the fancy Spanish riviera), but the islands would be nice!


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