Friday, March 20,. 2020

Well, one week down. Are you doing o.k.? Working from home? Homeschooling your kids? I have enjoyed reading some of my friends talk about being lunch lady, principal, IT guy. There have been a few detentions and expulsions apparently and even some firings.

Your comments have been much appreciated this week. I am so thankful that many of my favorite bloggers are still blogging. I love the journal type entries, easy recipes, ideas for kids and adults, and even some normal type posts. How can I help you? What would you like me to write about?

Here goes some random stuff from the week:

On Wednesday, I ran up to the nail salon before they were mandated to close at 5 p.m. to get my dip removed. I arrived around 10:30 and it looked like I wasn’t the only one with that idea. I had to make an appointment and come back. I was a little bit worried about being close to people but I was also wanted to help support them before they had to close. It was a tough call. I got a local coffee – Heine Brothers – and did my nails at home. I have a huge stash of polish and I really don’t dislike doing them but I am washing my hands so much it won’t last long!

On Wednesday, WordPress told me I hit 500 posts!

Another example of why I think Kendra Scott is an amazing company. Their super generous birthday deal can still be had if you have a March birthday.

One of my students posted this below. I like charts and found this helpful.

The memes that have come out are super creative, like this one below.

Last week I added something to my new bedroom. No, I haven’t moved in yet because the window treatments are not up yet. They did arrive this week so hopefully this weekend we can do that. I am debating if I should keep the sheepskin chair and replace it with an armchair and ottoman. I love the little table.

I have a very creative friend and she texted this to me this week. We are going to try to do this tonight or Sunday night. I don’t know if we should order food from the same place and have the same drinks. I think maybe we can dig up a trivia game or find an online game or something. Any ideas?

I am considering posting recipes this weekend – one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Would you be interested? It isn’t that much work for me and if it helps someone I may go for it.

Thank you for reading and stay well!


24 thoughts on “Friday Files

  1. Cooking has been my therapy this week. I’ve always loved cooking and this week more than ever. Would love to see some recipes. Thank you for offering. Also, I’m a huge blog reader and would love to know some of your favorites. Maybe I’ll find a new one to follow during this time indoors.

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    1. For me, too! I am making banana bread today because I have bananas that will turn soon. I will share more recipes and my favorite blogs! Thanks for the ideas. I am torn between cooking and supporting local restaurants so I am trying to find a happy medium. Thanks for visiting me!


  2. Your new floors are gorgeous! Love the chair too! Going to sign up with Kendra Scott. I keep forgetting to do that. My birthday was yesterday!
    I did get some new nail polish this week to do my own mani and pedi. I need a hair cut. I wonder if salons are open?
    Happy Friday !

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    1. Happy birthday! Thank you! Enjoy picking out your Kendra Scott – that will be a fun activity today! Our salons are closed. No one is seeing your hair right now! lol!


  3. I have been doing a lot of cooking now that my boys are both home and between that and working I am staying pretty busy. That does help! I hope to get back to my regular blogging schedule soon, hoping the dust settles on the panic everyone was feeling with the news that schools were closing. Our school districts are starting to announce their plans and I think that helps put everyone’s mind at ease.
    Have a good weekend – can’t wait to see your new bedroom!

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    1. I bet! Are you finding groceries? I hope you share what you’ve been making? Show us your at home outfits, too! I think people like knowing but I don’t like them jumping to decisions too soon, you know? Take care!


  4. Except for the kids out of school and Alex having NOTHING going on (which is really the biggest shock and adjustment), it’s business as usual in our house. Rodney and I are both still working. And me being the introvert that I am, it’s like I’ve been preparing for mandated social distancing all my life! I’m ready for some wine and Netflix this weekend! 🙂 Might do some baking with the kids, too. I feel a chocolate cake in my future…

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    1. Do you think your business will close? I love being home to be honest and I’ve been cooking 2-3 times a day. I’ve been having real phone conversations. I started walking once a day. There are silver linings. Jack and Mason have been spending more time together. They miss their friends and activities. I need a chocolate cake! I think I’m making banana bread today. Molly and I feel lucky that we can cook and like to cook. Kate, on the other hand…


      1. I honestly don’t see how we can NOT close at some point. If for no other reason, lack of business. But I wouldn’t been surprised to see a mandatory nationwide quarantine very soon. Sure would be nice to find a pack of TP before then! lol

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  5. There is a great NPR podcast called Ask Me Another which has tons of fun games that are Word And language-based that I have used a lot with friends and students. You can actually play them asking the questions and stop the podcast and wait for your friends to answer or you could write the questions down and do it yourself.

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  6. Thanks for still writing! I love to read your posts. Funny you mentioned the nail salon, that was one of the first things I said to my husband – thank goodness my gels are off. That meme about the roaring 20s was too funny. I love that we are still finding reasons to giggle. That table is so lovely!! Enjoy!

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    1. Thank you! I knew I was taking a chance going there but I hope it was ok. It was time to give nails a break anyway. The memes are good!
      I love the table but I think I will take the chair back when TJ Maxx reopens.
      Thanks for blogging today too! I’m still working my way through the link up!


  7. Our online learning starts Monday, and I think the kids will feel much more “settled” when they have some tasks to complete. I’d love to see some recipes. Take care!

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  8. That Skype dinner is a great idea! I have wanted to help those near us adjusting to “homeschooling” their kids as a veteran homeschooler but our local schools are all having teachers teach virtual lessons each day and assign work… which really isn’t much like homeschooling since they have no freedom to choose when/where/ how to cover subjects.

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    1. I thought so! And a reader gave me a suggestion so if it works I will write about it.
      I bet you can help – you can help them structure their day and I’m sure you have tons of tips! I think it would make a great post.


    1. Thank you! My husband has good ideas and taste and I loved it, too, when he showed me, but it turned out way prettier than I thought. We are doing whole house in that – well whole main floor except kitchen.
      I kinda like doing my nails.


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