Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Again this week I will abandon outfit photos for something different! I have not shopped much in 2020 at all but now I am anxious to get a few pieces for spring. I can see all of my spring clothing in my new closet and know where my “closet holes” are. I have also been looking at outfit inspiration on Pinterest.

I stopped in at my consignment shop not thinking much would come of it. I feel that the quality has gone down. I had a specific item I was looking for – a plain black clutch. I have a gold, leopard, among others, but wanted something to go with patterns. I found more of a wristlet for $13 by Steve Madden in perfect condition. I also happened upon shoes that I have considered buying full price – these Earth booties in great condition. Some people might find it unappealing to buy consignment shoes but I don’t have a problem with it if they are in good condition. I will clean them up a bit. They were $20. I have heard that these are the most comfortable booties ever. Amy from MomAdvice blog loves them.

Target Universal Thread does it again here. I will have to wear a cami under but it is so cute for spring. I will have to style it and make sure it will work for me. $24.99

My friend Kellyann wore this dress. I may have to eat my words about Target’s Wild Fable line. This dress is fairly thick material and appears to be well made. Again, I will have to style it and make sure I can pull it off with the shoes I want to wear. I also have white capri leggings but I don’t want to look like a toddler. It is pretty short. It is $24.99. I think this could make a great summer day dress and double as a cover up.

And, this disappointed me. First of all, I think you need to size up one and second of all it is a very, very thin material. I don’t like the print in person as much as I did online. This went back. Lisa from Coast to Coast looked adorable in hers. I saw her in it after I had already ordered. It may work for you, though. It is $19.99.

And, finally I have this on order. It may be too long but we will see. You can find it here. I know this picture isn’t great so you should click. This is the wonderful Knox Rose line and it is a bit pricey for Target at $31.79.

I really do go back and forth on Target clothing. On one hand, I want to get away from fast fashion. On the other hand, the lines Universal Thread, Wild Fable, and Knox Rose speak to me. My Universal Thread things from last summer were my closet workhorses and they will still work this year.

I highly recommend you go to, shop by brand, and order things for in store pick up or shipped to your house and then return to a store if you have one near. Target prices have gone up but I think the quality has, too.

What are your thoughts on Target clothes for women?


13 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Spring!

  1. That tie dye dress is so cute! I go back and forth with Target too – I love the Prologue line – those pieces are very well made. I don’t have much luck at our consignment stores either but I do love selling them my clothes!

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    1. Have you worn your dress? It looks great on you! The Prologue line is really elegant and I don’t think I can pull it off! Ha! I guess you have to be persistent with consignment shops and be happy to leave empty handed more often than not.


  2. Well, I hade some bad experience with Target clothes when I first started to come to the us (ten years ago), the quality was really bad. But I bought a lovely bag last year and I just love the white blouse you showed! I think I have something similar in my wardrobe… White top with white capris make you look like a toddler – haha, that’s so funny!

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      1. Well, I can get on the website, but I can’t order anything 😀 Maybe that’s a good thing!? Normally I don’t think you should dress according to age, but I agree on the toddler look!

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    1. Oh no! I wonder if it will be re-stocked? I go back and forth but I do love the Universal Thread and Knox Rose especially! I also find these at my consignment store sometimes. Your new blue dress is stunning!


  3. Great finds at Clothes Mentor. I went there this past weekend looking for blouses for work and actually found two. One from Chicos and the other from Banana Republic. It’s always hit or miss there for me with clothing. I can usually find a great handbag and jewelry there and shoes that look brand new. I never shop at Target for clothes anymore. Maybe I’ll check out the brands you mentioned.

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    1. Thanks and you, too! I feel like sometimes their prices are too high and some of the quality has gone down but there are still treasures to be found. The organization is good for the most part. The organization at Target these days kills me – it’s so bad! I am definitely doing better looking online and then going there to pick up!
      Enjoy your new finds!


  4. Well we sure we’re on the same wave length for Target. HA! I don’t know how I missed that last blouse though. It’s super cute. I guess I’ll be revisiting the website. Thanks for the shoutout!!!! XOXO

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    1. That was really funny and that’s why I chose that as my cover photo – I linked right after you I think!
      I am picking up that blouse tomorrow. It looks long but we will see!


  5. The Universal Thread line has some great/cute pieces for spring. I don’t want to pay full price though, so I’ll probably wait until it’s truly warmer out in May or so.

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    1. I know! I am trying to buy smarter and I don’t want a style or size to run out. I want to wear white and denim and my clogs. Hoping I can be happy with fewer things I love!


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