Tuesday, March 3, 2020

I am linking up today with my friend Tanya right here! What a great idea she had to share things from our Amazon order history. I find Amazon to be amazing but overwhelming. I put things in my cart but wait to pull the trigger. I definitely do not go crazy on Amazon like I know some people do! No judgement here, though. It is a wonderful resource.

First of all, I really do recommend this product. It does exactly what it says it will do it you have a center console that opens and the headrests that let you clip it on. If you like to have your purse next to you and you often have someone else in the passenger seat, it is really handy.

Here is what it looks like in my car.

I “installed” it myself!

I love this popcorn! I couldn’t find it in stores.

It is a tiny portion but it is really good!

The boys and I have been taking elderberry gummies this school year for immune support here. Bonus, they taste really good and this is my dessert at lunch time at school!

I had been looking for a cream blush and I am really happy with this so far.

That is about it for me!

Are you a big Amazon shopper? Any recent finds that I should know about?


10 thoughts on “Prime Purchases

    1. I wish I was more discipline in the area of diet and exercise! I finally have myself permission to buy some things in my cart because it’s such a time saver instead of going to look for these things on the weekend. My husband buys more than I do from amazon.
      No clothes for 6 weeks! That would be hard with spring styles coming out but what a good exercise. You can shop your closet and keep a list.


  1. Well, my most recent purchase is a pair of puma trainers last summer… I mostly use Amazon for books, they always publish an extract from all books, and that is very helpful! We use Amazon a lot when we’re in the states. Here in Sweden we can order from the British Amazon, I’ve ordered some books that way.

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