Tuesday, February 18, 2020

I used to record my clothing purchases and did so for maybe three years.  It was super enlightening and I think it made me a better shopper.  I would look at my purchases and think – wow I could have used that monthly sum for a staple item instead.  I would cross out what got donated or sold at the end of the year.  I really recommend doing this if you love clothes like I do.  I learned so much! 

I am naturally a bargain hunter.  I would go immediately to the clearance rack without any thought to my color scheme, what I needed, what I already had – I was simply looking for that bargain!  

Now, I do still look on the clearance rank but I am much more careful.  Also, I have developed my seasonal color palette and I try to use those colors to have a cohesive wardrobe.  I am trying to learn that one full price item may be a better bargain in the long run than 5 sale items.  It is a hard lesson to learn!

Also, I am trying not to change my nature and who I am and what I feel comfortable in.  I like tops with black in them because I have lots of black pants.  I prefer neutral shoes in brown, black, and metallics.  These are what I wear the most.

I have not shopped much in 2020 so far.  I really think it is due to a few factors:  

-I have gotten to be a better shopper and was happy with many of my previous winter purchases.  

-My new closet allowed me to see what I had and I took the opportunity to purge and that makes me feel that I can see what I have even more.  Also, life is too short to be uncomfortable in your clothing.  Why have a closet full of 7s when you can have a half full closet of 10s. I hope that makes sense!  

How much have you shopped in 2020?  During the years I journaled my purchases I did see some patterns.  I have more time in the summer to shop so I do so more.  Plus, I love my sandals, flip flops, cover ups and they are fun to buy.  Two other months stood out for me – March and September.  I was always ready to update for the coming seasons.  

I hope you enjoy seeing what I have bought.  

$12 – poncho/sweater thing open on both sides from The Prickly Pear (local boutique owned by a friend)  

I think this will be a classic and I think this was a great purchase!  


$5.99 – Old Navy – I have not worn this yet but it matches many of my kimonos.  Heck, this was the price of a latte so even if it was not a good purchase I feel pretty good! img_1340

$5.99 – Old Navy – This is the same top and I have already worn this with a kimono.  Again, I think it is a good purchase!  


I bought this polka dot top at Steinmart for $20 something.  I lost my receipt.  I have worn this three times already and I am not sure how flattering it is but I wanted a polka dot badly.  This is a non-wrinkle polyester ish material.  img_1418

And, I bought these palazzo pants for $25 at the same time I bought the polka dot above at Steinmart.  I was drawn to the green for March and St. Patrick’s Day for some reason.  I am anxious to wear them but it has been too cold most days.  


I spent under $100 for almost two months!  I did not include any Christmas money purchases as I did those before 2019 ended.  I am very happy with this amount and I think I made good purchases.

Now, I will continue making my spring wish list based on my current spring clothing.  I feel that I am in a bit of a rut, though.  I am not super excited about ordering from unknown retailers sight unseen.  I much prefer online shopping when I can return to the local store.  Where should I look?  My go tos have been Old Navy(want to get away from ON), American Eagle, Loft, Target (very selectively), and TJ Maxx.  

Thanks for reading!





6 thoughts on “2020 Clothing Purchases

  1. You are so disciplined. I am NOT! Ha! But you have inspired me – I love the idea of a journal dedicated to purchases that I could then go back to and indicate if I ended up loving it or losing it because it didn’t end up being so great. My advice is to try Amazon for spring pieces – shipping is free and the return window is long so you can think it over. I have been loving these easy dresses. The ones I’ve recently purchased have been terrific. They’ve washed well with no shrinkage!


    1. Thank you! Let me know if you try it and what you think. It is so easy when you read blogs to click on and purchase – I used to do that a lot! I will check out Amazon. It is overwhelming and sometimes I have trouble with sizing. I love the baby doll dress on you! I am having ipad/Disqus problems commenting and need to figure out my issue!


  2. I agree with Amazon- I’ve purchased some basic things and love all of them. My typical go-to’s are Loft, Ann Taylor, J Crew. Have you been to That Cute Little Shop? It’s next to Martini’s in the Paddock Shops. They have some super cute things but I love their accessories.

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    1. I need to look more on Amazon and take more bloggers’ recommendations. I love Loft but some seasons are better than others. I have been to that shop – it seemed a bit pricey compared to some other boutiques around here.


  3. I also like to shop online at stores that I can return at the local store. If the size is wrong I can try another right away and it gets me into a brick and mortar store to look at current items and sale racks.
    Love the polka dot shirt on you!

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