Monday, February 17, 2020

How was your weekend? Mine went by so quickly! I am linking up today with Heather, etc. so go right here to see more Monday posts.

First off, my niece turned 12 on Thursday and I sent her scrunchies, a set of beauty treatment face masks, and a clip on reading light. Here is the picture my sister took of her with all the scrunchies on at once! She is a character!

So, our Friday night Valentine’s celebration was really low key! One son went bowling with friends and I made bow tie alfredo for the other. Hub got sloppy joes, brussels sprouts, and potato wedges because the restaurant we had gone to a week ago took sloppy joes off of the menu. He was so happy!

Saturday our son had a long day of academic team competition and they placed 3rd out of 8 teams, I think. Our son made it to state for language arts and humanities.

Saturday after the competition our other son came home from theatre and a friend’s house.
Tom and I had a casual dinner at Crescent Hill Craft House
. It was so noisy that we were ready to leave. Are you getting like that? So many places we go to are so loud.

Sunday was a lazy day with some errands including Kroger. Our son had theatre again because he is directing a play next week. I roasted some sweet potato for lunches this week. It turned out so yummy!

I also went to the library to pick up this book on hold. It seems like it will be really cute! I have been in a rut lately and have not had a good book to read.

Tell me about your weekend! I hope it was great!


11 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Our Valentine’s Day was very low key too – I made chicken chili in the crock pot, cobbler for dessert and we watched a movie – The Good Liar. It really was good but I can’t remember if it was Netflix or Amazon!
    Congrats to your son!

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  2. Well, usual rut with cabin on Friday and girls coming out Saturday. We have worked that out well I think, they get some time off us, and then we’re all happy to spend a cozy Saturday night together! On Friday I tried to return a knitted sweater with a “almost hole” in it, but believe it or not, they would not refund it – that would never happen in America! Your customers’ service is the best! Then we bought some expensive ice-cream at the supermarket which turned out all icy and bad – I’m going to try to show the receipt and get a refund, wish me luck! Sweden needs to learn from you!

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  3. We had a fun weekend; my husband and I went shopping (for clothes and fun!) then out to dinner. I think it’s cute that your husband wanted sloppy joes; I don’t think I’ve ever seen them on a restaurant menu.

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    1. I hate to clothes shop with hub. He is so slow! Our roles are reversed! It isn’t often you see them on a menu – Pioneer Woman’s recipe wins again! I’m glad you had fun! I’m having trouble commenting from my iPad and need to figure it out!


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