Monday, February 3, 2020

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How was your first weekend of February?  Mine was low key and really just what I needed.  

Friday afternoon one of my boys wanted help with a birthday gift for a friend who is a girl’s party on Saturday so both boys and I went to the outdoor mall and found socks and earrings at Versona.  I was very impressed with the fact that he wanted to give her earrings and then he went straight for this pair that I would love.  That’s my boy!  I should’ve taken a photo.  Then, the boys got Blaze pizza to take home and I got Five Guys for my husband and I because we didn’t want pizza.  We rarely eat cheeseburgers but these are probably the best I have ever had.  We both get the junior cheeseburger which is plenty big.  

While at the outdoor mall, we also went in the bookstore and the boys each found something they needed for school.  I thought this book looked good so I requested it at my library.  

I went to bed pretty early Friday night and Saturday morning I was up bright and early for coffee and blog catching up. 

No one had to be anywhere and I did grocery shopping on Thursday so I made cinnamon rolls for the boys for breakfast and chocolate chip cookies because I had all the ingredients and wanted to try the milk chocolate chips I had bought instead of semi-sweet.  My opinion is to stick with the classic – semi-sweet.  Don’t fix what isn’t broken, you know what I mean? 

Hub and I went to visit his sister’s boat shop and I took a Valentine’s arrangement for their counter. 

I finished You Season Two Friday after school and then started Cheer and finished it this weekend.  Have you watched these on Netflix?  I recommend both. I have a t.v. post coming your way this week! 

Son went to his party and hub and I went to our favorite taco joint.  I tried the mango margarita.  It was good, but again, I will say stick with the classic.  I could’ve title this “Hello Monday – Stick with the Classics Edition” I think. 

Chicken and Fish Tacos.  We miss our place that went out of business that had the best grilled fish tacos.  This place only has fried.  The tortilla encrusted tilapia at Costco makes for great fish tacos at home, by the way.  

Hub got an elote (corn on cob) and their queso is really good. 

We took food home for our other son and he and I watched an episode of Jane the Virgin. 

Sunday the weather turned out to be beautiful.  Everyone did homework, laundry, meal prepped, and things like that.  I managed an hour outside on the patio in the afternoon.  

I am trying to read this in the 7 day limit.  I like it so far but I don’t know if I will love it.  I have never read this author before. 

Then, it was time to make a Superbowl dinner and get ready for the half- time show!  Ha!  

As nice as it was to get some warm weather and sun, it just doesn’t feel right.  We need one decent snow.  I don’t know if we will get it.  I remember several big snows at the beginning of March so we will see.  Talk to any teacher – a year without a snow day just doesn’t feel right – ha!  It is what we live for!  

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  


P.S. – What would you like me to talk about on the blog?  Any blog post ideas or requests?  

6 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Imagine if we had snow days! Haha! (don’t take this winter into account, it’s crazy…!)
    First February weekend was perfect, thanks for asking! Not as eventful as yours, we just cozied up in the cabin… The weather allows us to work outside, I love that! We are in the forest, but try to keep up a little lawn and some bushes…
    TV-wise we’re watching Mr Mercedes, I can really recommend that for the whole family! Not small kids though, it can be a bit “explicit” and violent, but not too bad.
    Enjoy your Monday!

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    1. I wish you could experience a snow day! They are so wonderful as an adult!
      The cabin sounds so nice. Funny that you are having mild weather, too. I have not heard of Mr. Mercedes. I will look into it. By the way, the H and M stuff is gorgeous and affordable!


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