Friday, January 31, 2020

We made it you all!  It is the last day of January!  It has been a busy but rewarding month for my family!  My son performed Pride and Prejudice 8 times and he was a joy to watch!  My other son had some excellent wins this month with his Quick Recall Team and his Written Assessments for our school.  He came in first place in language arts and fourth in humanities and advances to the next level.  Last year he made it to state so he has the goal of doing that again. 

Here are a few favorites from the week…

I cannot resist the siren song of Target.  Look at this dress!  I would like to try it on in store this weekend.  I am giddy with anticipation for all the spring styles coming out in the stores and online. I just love tie dye!  


One of the fun things in my class this month has been telling fortunes with the future tense.  These boys were really getting into it! 

I had a mid-week treat when I got to see my friend Beth at a local brewery/restaurant. 

Fries with toppings

Do you watch the Superbowl?  I wish it was not on a Sunday night!  I love the halftime show and the commercials!  This year is exciting – J. Lo and Shakira!  In preparation we have listened to songs of theirs in Spanish in my classes.  


My dear reader and commenter Theresa recommended this.  I knew I needed a heat protectant but hadn’t gotten around to it until now. Love the smell!  Thanks, Theresa!  

And that is it for me!

What were your faves?  I would love to know!!!


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Love the tie dye dress! I’m so glad that January is over and we got through it without snow! Have a great weekend! Hope you like the heat tamer as well as I do! I used to use Moroccanoil and it smells wonderful, but I think the Tresemme works even better and it’s a lot less expensive.

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  2. Oh Target, deep sigh… One of the best things about US!
    February! We did it! The sun is shining outside and there’s a new fresh light!
    Well, Super Bowl isn’t even mentioned over here, but of course I know what it is! The music acts are more talked about over here than the football!
    For Friday favorites I want to recommend H&M Home, the interior design from Swedish H&M. The spring stuff is beautiful, and I thought about your closet when I saw the fancy baskets (also great for kitchen stuff). They have an online shop, you should check it out!

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    1. What would we do without Target? Lol!
      The sun is just coming up over here and I’m enjoying a lazy morning while everyone is sleeping. The Super Bowl is a big money maker here – all the grocery stores have sales on snack and party foods.
      Thank you for the recommendation. Putting it on my to do list now. Happy Saturday!


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