Friday, November 8, 2019

Welcome to Friday Favorites and the link up with Andrea, etc. right here!  Today I have a hodge podge for you, but coming soon – how I spent my birthday money, fall color combos, what to wear for Thanksgiving, and some gift guides/gift ideas as you start your shopping!  I am excited to work on these posts and hope you will come back and visit me.  

I definitely read more in the summer but I think it is important to read all year long.  I cannot be a happy wife, mom, teacher, etc. if I give up my favorite hobbies.  So, when do I read?  I read instead of scrolling on my phone while I am waiting, in the early evening, and mostly on weekends.  

I just finished this cute and easy read.  I liked hearing about the behind the scenes of a rennaissance faire but the book was about characters who have some baggage when they meet.  

Then, I started this.  I have had this on request at the library since this summer.  Again, another cute story about people with some baggage.  All of my books come from the library because I am on a budget and I cannot handle the book clutter that my hobby could lead to!  

Tuesday was exciting because our election day in Kentucky got people excited about exercising their voting privilege!  We had a nail biter for our governor and the candidate that had been so nasty to educators and the public education system was defeated. 

Whose hand is that?  Well, it is mine of course, but do you ever look at a body part and think when did I get that old?  

After voting I took myself to the nail salon.  It was time to get rid of OPI Malaga Wine.  This was 4.5 weeks.  

I went with Suzi and the Artic Fox by OPI.  Hope you do not tire of my nail saga.  I like to get color ideas, personally!  

This might show the color better.img_0117

I am starting to think about bedding for my new room (even though it is still not that close to being ready) and my bestie is good with decor and told me to look at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Steinmart, TJ Maxx and Home Goods, and Target to start.  

This is on sale for under $40 but I have not gotten to feel it in person.  I will not  buy anything scratchy!  The walls are going to be a light greige and I want to keep things neutral and calming.  


With the time change and the weather turning, I have been turning to all things cozy.  I have been lighting a candle in the mornings with my coffee and it makes me happy.   img_0101.jpg

These are the Starbucks mugs I collect.  This one if from our 2016 trip to Germany.  

I am loving my Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize and here is a strange close up of my eyelid.  It is a pot of creamy product and you can put a little or build up and it kind of is eyeshadow for dummies (me) like I said in my birthday gift post here.  

My son is in Prague now but here are some photos from Vienna.  They took waltz lessons in the photo below.  


I stopped into Trader Joes this week and thought you might want to see these turkeys!  I am not hosting but thought if you were they would make great table decor or place settings?  


What were your favorites this week?  

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I get all my books from the library too; we are so lucky to have a great interlibrary loan program in our state so we can get most books pretty easily.

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  2. So much fun stuff! You really take what life have to offer, I applaud you! I try to do the same… 😀 But I’m not as social as you, I guess I can blame the Swedish weather that makes it more complicated to “do stuff”.
    Well speaking of libraries – I love them! I managed to do all my education with the help of the library, I only bought a few books over the years. That saved me hundreds of dollars! Lately I haven’t used the library but this week I realized that we have one close to my temporary school out in the suburbs! And you can order books from other libraries, so I’m really thrilled! It costs one dollar… How about you, are libraries free?
    I love darker nails for fall! Your nails look fab! I’m going to switch my orangey red for Essie’s Twin Sweater Set, that’s a really nice color!
    Have a fantastic weekend dear Amy!!!


    1. Thank you Tin Tin! I love library so much. It is totally free unless you are late returning.
      I love dark colors. I will have to look at that one!
      Happy weekend!


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