Monday, November 4, 2019

My 48th birthday was Saturday and it was also the long anticipated departure date for my son’s European adventure.  He has been taking a Humanities class for a year (January-May of junior year and August-November of senior year)  to learn all about the landmarks and history of the 5 countries they are visiting.  

After the airport, our other son was at theatre for most of the day, so hub and I went to the mall to eat and look around a bit.  

Then Saturday night, a small group helped me celebrate at The Omni Hotel Speakeasy and then dinner in one of the hotel restaurants.  

The Speakeasy has bowling lanes you can rent and the atmosphere is really cool!  Outfit details coming Wednesday!  

I ordered a chicken sandwich which is kind of boring for a birthday meal, but it was really good and I took more than half home for Jack.  

This cake is from Phlen’s Bakery which is 95 years old and a local favorite and it is called a shadow cake.  My friend told hub what to order and it was spectacular!  

Sunday morning my son and his group arrived in Budapest, Hungary and this was their evening view on Sunday night.  How picture perfect!  

This is short and sweet because even though we gained an hour, I was up most of the night answering the phone tree calls when the flights landed and then calling the person below me!  I also tracked on  That is a really cool site to see if flights are on time and to track progress. There were 3 flights involved so we are lucky there were no delays. 

I am not looking forward to darkness coming so early now and then the shortest day of daylight will be December 20, I think!  What about you?  I need to make more of an effort to get sunlight during the day when I can so I don’t get seasonal affective disorder.  

This is a weird week for us.  The students don’t have school today or Tuesday.  Today all of the teachers in our district have to go to a seminar downtown at a hotel and tomorrow is election day and I think it is a state law that we have to be out.  This is why the European trip falls right now – so the students don’t miss as much school.  

How was your weekend?  I hope it was great.
Come back tomorrow to see my super thoughtful gifts I received!


6 thoughts on “Hello Monday – Birthday Weekend

  1. Happy Birthday! I hate the time change.. so much darkness really does depress me but as long as the sun shines during the day we do try to get out. We went hiking this afternoon but it is already getting cold and we have yucky snow in the forecast for Friday. I hope your son has an amazing and safe trip!

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    1. Thank you!!!! I know! If it’s a sunny day it really helps! We have a chance of snow for Thursday! Keep up those hikes; I need to find the time to at least walk!


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