Wednesday, October 30, 2019

I’m linking up with The Style Six so click right here to check out some fall fashions!

My necklace is messed up but here is the Versona ruffle vest that is so soft once again.  I told you I would wear this a bunch!  Matilda Jane pants and a TJ Maxx top that is too long with my MIA Sofia clogs complete the outfit for school.  

My one of two Free People tops, MJ pants, consignment necklace and consignment Tieks were the next day school outfit for me.  

I made a trip to Target and my black monochromatic base topped by my new super soft leopard duster was my outfit of choice.  I looked at the clothing section but did not buy!  

This has been my two Saturdays in a row outfit.  Black leggings, black long top, new this season Target A New Day poncho (it is seriously a great quality) and my older leopard scarf.  My hair looked bad – sorry!  The last Saturday I wore flats and no rain jacket but this past Saturday it was a cold and rainy day.  

Saturday night out outfit:  I wore my MIA Abba Clogs (slightly higher heel and not work worthy for my feet), my Hue jeggings, my short sleeve leopard with an old Target wrap.  I was mixing seasons a bit with the light top but I tend to get overheated in crowded restaurants so it was very comfortable.  I really need a couple of nice night out blouses with jeans and some new shoes for this purpose, too.  

This past Monday after school I got a text from hub saying his work chili cook off was that day and he wanted me to go with him around 4:30.  This girl likes to plan ahead but I decided to be spontaneous and go out on a Monday!  What???  Who am I?  The weather was gorgeous.  I wore my short sleeve poncho, black capris, and open toe slides.  

There was a band and each construction company had their chili and most booths had a signature cocktail, too.  You were supposed to vote on best chili and best theme.  

His company theme was ¨Netflix and Chili¨.  It was the best theme for sure!  

Hub sat in his display.  I got a jello shot from one of the booths.  It was literally a jello shot in a shot!  

It was a lot of fun!  I am glad I said yes and we were still home by 6:30 to eat dinner with our boys!  

What have you worn lately?  Where have you been hanging out?  Ha!

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16 thoughts on “What I Wore and Wednesday Whereabouts

  1. I love your classroom pictures, your room is so cozy! I wish I had my own classroom too! Is that a coffeemachine I see!? 😀 But it’s pitch black outside the window- is it morning or night!?
    Well, I’m having a very slow week, fallbreak you know. But I have a total of 85 essays to correct, so I’m keeping myself busy.

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    1. Thank you! Yes I have coffee maker, microwave and mini fridge. I bought them all myself. I get to school at 7 and it is dark until 8 or so now. I hate grading essays. I will have 60 to grade today!


  2. Oooooooh I like your everyday style this week – speaks to my boho lovin heart! Glad you were spontaneous and met your husband for the chili cook off, it is nice to get out on a school night. We go to game night at our favorite Italian restaurant every Monday and it is such a nice way to kick start the week!

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  3. I like your ensembles! I was in Von Mauer yesterday and they had a whole rack of Free people clothes on sale….still pricey, though. I did not buy anything. This fall and winter, I also need some nice blouses to wear under blazers and jackets, for going out; AND I really need sweaters. I pretty much wiped out most of my budget, though, by finally buying a leather moto jacket. I have wanted one for years…I found a great one that fits, and I will pretty much be living in it – just need some different nice shirts to wear under it.

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    1. I accidentally deleted your comment about the address – I am sorry! I deleted my Instacart photo for that reason but didn’t catch that. I appreciate the heads up!


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