Monday, October 7, 2019

Did you notice the exclamation point is back?  It’s because I am out of school today!  I was also out Friday!  Actually, I worked these days already through my professional development this summer.  I am linking up with Heather, etc. so go right here!  

So, Friday morning I had probably the second best donut of my life.  I am not a big donut person but the best donut is from my hometown and it has white icing and tiny chocolate chips.  This donut was on the way to our first college visit of senior year.  It was a glazed donut with decadent chocolate on top and the donut itself was amazing.  I could only eat half; don’t worry I ate the other half later.  

College visit selfie.  

This was a full circle moment.  We visited the college where our wedding reception was held (the building below with the columns)!  Neither of us went to college there but I am from a small town without many options for receptions.  

Both boys really liked it, but Mason LOVED it.  It hit me this weekend how hard this is to do with twins.  They have different interests and different wants in a school.  I can’t recommend enough to visit when kids are on campus and to let your kids sit in on a class.  They also got to meet the professor afterwards.  Mason went to an English class with only 15 students where he got to participate in the discussion and then the professor talked to him after the class for over an hour and gave him a book to keep!  What a great experience even if this isn’t going to be his college.  

When we got home, I made dinner and then Jack went to a 9:00 showing of The Joker.

Saturday Mason went to The Joker with his friends.  I made my first pot of chili!  

I had some errands and also treated myself to Starbuck’s  

I finally changed after 5 weeks to Malaga Wine dip by OPI.  

Saturday was gorgeous.  The morning was really cool but then it got up to 80.  Sunroof, baby!  

Tom and I went back to 3rd Turn brewery in the old greenhouse for their Octoberfest.  

The “German” food was not good.  I could lie and tell you it was, but it was bad.  I’m glad we split this plate.  I only took 4 bites.  

My beer was really good, though.  It was number 2 on the menu above.  

We left pretty early and just watched some new fall sitcoms on the DVR.  

Sunday was lazy and I made pumpkin bread.  

My yard was starting to get the fall memo!  

I ate a bowl of chili and a slice of pumpkin bread on the patio.  My chili recipe is coming soon.  I think it’s really good and super easy!  

And, finally, we don’t usually go out on Sunday nights but we had an early dinner reservation with our good friends and their daughter (their other daughter is away at college) and our boys.  This Day of the Dead themed Mexican restaurant just opened in a renovated church.  

Mason got the ribs.  He said they were super spicy with Mexican seasonings.  

I got a blackberry drink.  

and fish tacos.  It was a great atmosphere and great food!

It was a fun way to spend a Sunday night with no school the next day!  

What did you do this weekend?  Hope it was great!



10 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. We have visited a lot of schools during the summer, so missed out on getting a true feel for the campus. That’s a great tip to visit when classes are going on. Hope you have a great week!

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    1. I think summer is fine for exploratory because if Grace is like my boys she doesn’t want to miss school and we just don’t have enough week days off! Once she narrows down I recommend a week day visit and even an overnight with a student!


  2. I love Noche!! My husband actually requested it for his birthday tomorrow night. And I agree about the food at 3rd Turn- it’s never really my favorite and it’s a shame because it’s literally 5 minutes from home and a great place to hang out in Oldham Co. Although, I did have a couple of wings when we were there Thursday night that were pretty good. I wish it was like the one in J-town where you can bring your own food.

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    1. It was so good! It was really busy for a Sunday! And we ate at 5:30 so you might need a reservation! I wish I had saved room for dessert!
      The first time we went to 3rd turn I got the Brussels sprouts and the pretzel with beer cheese. I should have stuck to what I knew! The J town location looks cool but I haven’t been. Thanks for the tip on food though!


  3. Wow, that was a lot of fun stuff you shared! Thank you for the exclamation mark on the header! Nice for you to have a Monday off! My day was quite easy because I took my 9-graders to see an important place from a book by the Swedish legendary author August Strindberg (guess you haven’t heard of him…?).
    I love all the food pictures! The “German food” looked absolutely horrible… I look forward to your chili recipe! It’s not a big thing in Sweden, but it should be, it would be the perfect food on a cold fall day.


    1. Mondays off are always nice! Sounds like a fun field trip! I have one in two Mondays! I have not heard of him but I’m googling him now. I wonder if you can find all the things to make chili there?


      1. (gaah, I just saw that doughnut again – it looks so good!)
        Yes, I like to leave the school sometimes, since we live in a capital there are a lot of literary places and museums to visit.
        You make me intrigued about your chili recipe! I mean, we have supermarkets over here… 😀

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  4. That college trip sounds like a wonderful experience whether either one of them finds themselves going there or not. What a great idea to visit when school is in session; I think I only ever visited the colleges I was interested in during parent/student weekends and it definitely didn’t have the same vibe.

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    1. Thank you! It was really a nice day. But it’s getting too real for me! This day seemed so long ago and now it’s too close. I become an empty nester in one fell swoop!


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