Friday, October 4, 2019

Happy Friday all!  This is a special Friday for us because we don’t have school today – or Monday or Tuesday!  But, I do work on Tuesday because it is Parent Teacher Conference Day.  The students get a nice 5 day weekend.  Also, our 90+ degree weather is supposed to change to 70s today!  

I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. so go here for more posts.  

Here are some random favorites for you!  Please leave me a comment and let me know what your favorites were this week!  

I have not tried this on yet, but I saw this on the internet and thought it was gorgeous. It is a poncho and looks like great quality – Target A New Day.  Here is a link for it.  I thought the price was reasonable and I plan to try it with black skinny jeans.  I love the combo of black and camel.  

Aren’t they so cute?  These are my twin niece and nephew. I love them so much! 


I am a baby when it comes to my sleep.  We had our bedroom window cut out to lead to the addition and then our drywall was done in the addition.  We had an industrial fan running one night and the smell of drywall was bad.  I didn’t sleep well that night.  The next night there was no fan but still the smell, so…

I plugged in this Bath and Body wallflower in Mahagony Teakwood next to my side and it smelled amazing and really kept the drywall smell away for me.  


Here’s what the opening looks like now:


So, our current bedroom will be our master bath and this opening leads to his and hers walk in closets and our new bedroom.  Construction update coming soon but I don’t want to bore anyone!  

My favorites then would be the wallflower and the amazing mahogany teakwood scent!  And, I guess progress on the renovation, but it is moving very slowly like I knew it would.  My husband is managing the project. We didn’t hire a general contractor.  

I love these non-slip hangers so much.  They are 2 for 1.00 at my Dollar Tree right now so I picked up 8 more.  I need to do a good closet clean out and inventory my fall clothes.  

When my boys were in elementary school, a mom said that grape juice can prevent stomach viruses – Hi A!  My boys don’t drink soft drinks but they love grape juice.  I think it might work but I know it does have many of the same benefits of red wine?  

I really want this sweater!  I don’t often think of Aerie but I want to look into them.  I know their stuff is ridiculously soft and I love the quality of American Eagle.  

I picked this up on a whim.  It is really good!  I have a Keurig at home and at school and lately I have been drinking two cups a morning.


The nail saga continues:  I was too lazy to make an appointment this week so now these are 5 week old nails tomorrow!  

Did you read my pet peeve post yesterday?  I hope it didn’t come off as too snarky!  

Did you see my What I Wore and Transition Tops ideas Wednesday?  

What are you up to this weekend?  

We have a college visit for my senior twins, I would like to see Downton Abbey, I want to go to a brewery for their Octoberfest, I need to clean, and I’m very excited about trying a new Mexican restaurant in an old church with our friends B and B!

As always, thanks for reading!  You make my day!  



8 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. I envy you for your long weekend, enjoy! We have a fall break in three weeks, that will be so nice. We will take care of a colleague’s dog, a lovely little thing, and I really look forward to that! Our family really wants a dog, but it doesn’t really fit our lifestyle unfortunately.
    Are you looking forward to a drop in temperature? We had 36 this morning (!) and it was a freezing ride on my little blue moped! I guess it will have to go down to the cellar soon…
    I look forward to a quiet weekend! We found a show on Netflix; the Kominsky method – have you seen it? Really good actually! I hope you’ll see Downton Abbey, I’m sure it’s as fantastic as the tv show!

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    1. Thank you! Do you have a full week off? I wish we did. Taking care of a dog occasionally is a good compromise but I understand. It’s a lot of work and you always have to have a dog sitter. I am really looking forward to a drop in temps! I am hoping to see Downton on Monday with one of my best friends. I have heard of Kominsky. Maybe I will check it out this weekend. Hope you have a great one!!!!


      1. Yes, one whole week – can you believe it! But I have three days of teacher-professional-development to do during the school year, so… I thought I’d work with some of the podcasts that you shared with me!


      2. Nice! I hope you get something out of the podcasts; they made me think about some practices I use. I did show and tell yesterday and it was so fun! They could bring in anything and talk about it without paper and we sat in a circle!


  2. I love construction updates! I lived “in it” like that for so long. It’ll be worth it!

    I also really like Aerie. I prefer it to AE, actually.

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  3. Enjoy your 4 day weekend! I saw Downton last weekend and I really enjoyed it. It was like getting to see an old friend after a long break away.

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