Thursday, October 3, 2019

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I try to keep it positive around here (I hope!) but today I thought it would be fun to share my pet peeves. Fun for me to get these things off my chest at least! You may read this and think I’m an insufferable grumpy middle aged shrew?  Hope not!  I hope you can relate or laugh! 

  • When people are late – I’m not talking five minutes late – that’s nothing to me. I’m talking 30 minutes to an hour late kind of late. One of my best friends is guilty of this. One time I was actually so perturbed that by the time she arrived I was in a bad mood and it affected our time together. I hate that I felt that way, but I’m busy, too, and my time was wasted that I could have done something else.  
  • Speaking of busy, I hate hearing people drone on about how busy they are – ha!  We are all busy and people really do not want to hear about it.  I try really hard not to do this.  
  • When people don’t text me back it really irks me. I will even give you a 24 hour grace period. I have a friend who doesn’t text back sometimes. I am also best friends with her husband (I introduced them 20 years ago!) so I will just text him but it bothers me.  If someone texts when I am teaching or already asleep I may forget, too, but I try really hard to clean out my texts and make sure there was not one I missed responding to.  
  • People who are rude to servers or who don’t tip enough. We had a friend who we used to go out with in groups a long time ago and he thought it was “cute” to give servers a hard time and then would only leave 10%. Needless to say we don’t go out with him anymore. My friend and I would go slip more cash for his tip! I was a waitress for several years and think everyone should do this job because it teaches you a lot about life.  I try really hard not to be difficult and to tip at least 20% but oftentimes more because they are working really hard and probably really need the money.  
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  • How hard is it to return your grocery cart to a cart corral? Park next to one if you can’t be bothered to walk 10 feet. I tell my students this is an informal personality test and you can tell a lot about a person by whether they do this simple gesture or not – ha!
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  • If I let you out in traffic you better give me the courtesy thank you wave. I guess this comes from living in a friendly area. Almost everyone lets people out and receives a wave. I wonder if this is the case for my northern friends?
  • I just read one about getting tailgating supplies at Walmart – at least it wasn’t another fashion post. We know we can get Solo cups there, ok? I’m not even joking; the blogger linked to Solo cups.
  • And speaking of Walmart fashion posts, another blogger had a caption that read a “Walmart Tops Under $100” and my head snapped and I did a double take! I had to click on her link and this is what I saw. So now Walmart is selling designer wear? I do have one Walmart Time and True blouse but the quality isn’t great in my opinion and the fit is a bit off. (Sorry to those of you that love your Wal-Mart clothing; I just don’t think it’s that good.) I am just tired of all of these sponsored posts. I don’t think these bloggers really wear this stuff. I read several blogs (probably too many) and on any given day, there may be five Walmart posts. I guess I should just click away! I have seriously had a bad experience every time I have shopped or returned something at Walmart.  But, I also know that many people who live in small towns rely on Walmart.  
  • Target needs to stop trying to look like a high end department store in their clothing section (and other sections). Don’t mix the accessories with the clothes. I need Target to stay Target. I love you just the way you are/were, Target!  Do not change!  

What are your pet peeves?  Whew – I feel better!  

Let’s all get it off of our chests today!




17 thoughts on “Thursday (Negative) Thoughts – My Pet Peeves

  1. The Target thing bothers me, now that you mention it. I need 2013 Target back. When I knew where I could find what I wanted and the clearance wasn’t juniors and women’s and maternity and everything mixed together.

    Eh, I’m one of those who never texts back. Ugh. I mean, I WILL, but I hate feeling like I have to do it right away if it’s not immediate like ‘what time are we meeting?’

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  2. Ditto to most these! You know I love Walmart, but I think it all depends on the stores in your area. Ours are nice and new. I am not a fan of the high priced items that end up in my search at walmart online though. They have remodeled all the Targets in our area, and I hate the redesign. So much so, that I will actually avoid going to Target unless it’s something I can only buy there. The layout just doesn’t make sense to me! Whew…rant over and now moving on to have a terrific Thursday!

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  3. I totally agree about the Walmart posts. These bloggers are not shopping in the store, they are ordering online. If you look at the Walmart website, they carry thousands of products that are not actually Walmart products. I am sure some of what they are featuring on their blogs they’ve purchased from the Walmart website, but they are not actually Walmart products. That’s how you end up with blouses that are $100. I love your list today!

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    1. Thank you J! I was worried it would be seen as too negative! You are so right about the Walmart site. I didn’t realize it; I wonder if they are trying to be Amazon?


  4. I agree with all these! My biggest pet peeve are people that borrow things and never return them. I have a sister-in-law that does this constantly. I just know I’ll never see the item again! And I hate to see people that won’t get off their cellphone when dealing with a server or cashier, etc.

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    1. Yes! I forget that one! I am happy to loan but I don’t want to have to beg to get it back! And, yes to the phone thing, too! I hate bad etiquette in general!
      Hope you feel better now, too, Theresa!


  5. Well, my experience is all based on Southern Florida, ok? I don’t like that all handymen try to rip you off… And I don’t like that some restaurants put on a “service fee” without telling you – and then they expect you to tip on top of that!
    By the way, tipping is hard for me to understand… we don’t have that system over here… (sorry, no offense!)

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  6. I agree with so many of these!! But my biggest would be the whole lateness thing– we have several family and friends that are often quite late and it drives me bonkers (especially since I’m a 15 minutes early kind of gal!).

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  7. I think I could have written this post. I even commented on a blogger’s post recently that personally I don’t want to buy my clothes where I buy my toilet paper. I would add RSVP to your list – do it and come if you say you are coming!

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    1. You must be my kindred spirit, Lisa! I forgot RSVP probably because I haven’t hosted anything in so long due to my construction mess! Ha! But, I am big on commitments. If you say you will be there I expect you there! Thanks for commenting! Have a lovely weekend!


  8. 👏👏👏👏 yes!! All of these things irritate me as well. I don’t think there is a valid excuse for not texting someone back… like you said, I give a good 24 hour grace period as well… but it only takes a few seconds to give someone a quick text back.. People make time for what is important to them…
    The Walmart stuff drives me nuts too!!! Especially when you follow a blog or instagram page and KNOW that they never ever wear the Walmart stuff…

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    1. No one is too busy to text back, right? That’s exactly right! My friend may not value me.
      Exactly my thoughts about the Walmart blogger thing. I was so worried that I would come off the wrong way so it’s been nice to hear over people feel the same! Have a great weekend!


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