Wednesday, September 25, 2019

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Happy hump day to you!  

I want to work on the areas of athleisure and night out clothing in my wardrobe.  I picked up these blush pants at a sporting goods store by Carrie Underwood – the brand Calia.  They were majorly reduced.  


Last winter I really wanted a velvet kimono from this local boutique but it was $80 so I did not get it.  Target does it again.  A New Day brand had this in the accessories section for $27.  I can still return it, but I think it will be great for holiday and winter outings.  

Here is the detail in the light.  

Last week was spirit week and this was my attempt at decades day – I went with 70s.  

My co-worker did 50s.  

This was just a typical day at school.  Another day another pair of Matilda Jane pants!  

This was my Sunday boat outfit.  

This was outdoor concert attire.  I wore my most comfortable Reef flip flops, drawstring linen shorts, and white Old Navy top because it was still going to be hot until the sun went down.

And, last outfit…


And, this week at school is jeans week to raise money for pediatric cancer.  If you are a jeans person, this is your fall uniform.  Get just a couple of pairs of jeans that fit you great and a couple of cute blouses and for simple accessory – ADVdesigns leather earrings on Etsy.  I have not talked about these clogs – I ordered them in the spring and they finally came in the summer.  They were around $20 and you get what you pay for!  They are not real leather but I guess they look o.k.!

What is your favorite?  What are you wearing this week?  


4 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Glad you found an affordable velvet kimono – I swear Target makes it ALL! Decade days always freaked me out during spirit week – I never knew what to wear but loved seeing everyone dress up!

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    1. I think I will get a lot of wear out of it! Maybe put it over a burgundy top? Target reads my mind! It’s hard to do decades and still be teacher appropriate but it’s fun. Hope you are all packed!


  2. Yay for School Spirit Days! Love your 70’s look. I’ve been wanting to try some of Carrie’s workout attire, too, but I haven’t found a great sale yet like you have! Hope your week is going well and thanks so much for linking up with the Style Six!

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