Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Before we talk shoes, I started an Instagram for the blog!  Please follow me on Instagram at Coffeeandcocktailsatthecasa!  I will follow you back!  I have a personal account but I use it mostly for Spanish with my former students.  I hope to use my new blog Instagram to connect more with my readers and with other bloggers!  

What are you wearing on your feet these days?  I keep a pedicure year round and I wear open toe shoes as long as I can.  

The front two have been my school go to shoes.  They are comfortable for teaching all day and one or the other goes with all of my outfits.  

The back two are closed toe but I will start wearing these soon, too.  I have already worn the clogs a few times – cannot say enough about them.  They are the Sofia by MIA.  The open cut out booties were a consignment find but I like the idea of cut out booties for this time of year.  


I find that most of my fall clothes have tan, mustard, olive so that works well with a brown or tan shoe.  

Any suggestions for my early fall shoe wardrobe?  


P.S. – Follow me on Instagram if you have an account!  

7 thoughts on “Early Fall Shoes

  1. Yay!!! I’m headed to follow your blog IG! I get most excited about open toe booties in fall – they are so comfortable and a nice transitional shoe.
    Have a great Tuesday!

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  2. Instagram, cool, I will follow you pronto!
    Well, my feet are still in good condition, but I must confess that I tend to let them deteriorate during the winter months – hey, no one sees them anyway! But my new (temporary) school building has a strict no-outdoor-shoes-policy, so I tend to walk around barefooted in the staff room – maybe this will be my first winter with well kept feet!
    My suggestion for fall shoes: espadrilles! Comfortable and cute (not good in rainy weather though!).

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      1. Yes, Swedes are famous for always taking their shoes off when they enter a home. Even at the gym you need to remove your shoes, same with kindergarten. I know that Americans find it strange… But I thought it was strange when an American friend came to our place, kept her shoes on – and put her feet up in the sofa! Is it only me…?!
        I saw that you have a tough week with late nights – just do it, and try to enjoy it!

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