Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Hello!  Excited to link up with The Style Six again this week!

This was Friday school outfit: 

This was Thursday school outfit:  

This was Wednesday school outfit:  Note the Walmart sleeveless blouse.

These are my fab new bee sunglasses from Amazon.  One of my fave chefs from Food Network is Damaris Phillips and she lives in Louisville.  She wore a similar pair on Instagram.  

Nail Update:  I love dip!  This is the 2 week mark.  I am definitely more of a dark color person and I have loved this sparkle.  I am hoping to get another week and a half out of it making it cost a little over $1 a day.  

I am trying to show more weekend wear.  This is what I wore to watch the UK/FL game and I am wearing UK colors.  This blouse is consignment but Target Merona brand.  And, these are HUE jeggings and I love them.  Please look for some HUE.  I got these on sale at the end of last winter for like $12 at Macys.

This is spirit week and this was tropical day.  

My co-worker beat me badly in her tropical attire!  

Did you read my Matilda Jane post yesterday?  These are the Fin pants if this is more your speed.  I love, love, love these and how unique they are.  I just got them hemmed so now you will see more of them.  

What have you been wearing lately?  

Any favorite outfits above?  

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Those sunglasses are so fun! They look terrific on you too! Those Hue leggings are so good – I swear they look like the best skinny jeans ever. Those sparkly dip nails are so great for fall and how awesome that they are lasting for so long! Winner!

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    1. Thank you! The Hue leggings were a really good find. Department stores can be a great place to find deals! I am hooked on the nails I’m afraid. I just like my nails to be polished and look good!


  2. I just love those Finn pants! I should look into getting a pair! I teach kindergarten in MN! I love your blog and everything you share! Your style is adorable!!! And I love your nails! So fun!

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    1. The Finn pants are really worth the money! I have to be comfortable and you even more so with kindergartners. Thank you for the nice compliments! I’m trying to save money and shop my closet and I really appreciate your kind words!


  3. Love your nails, the blue weekend outfit and the wicked sunglasses! You look fab! The HUE leggings look really nice, we have similar pants over here, they go under the name jeggings (jeans + leggings :-)).
    I’ve finally abandoned the bare legs and have started to wear pants (and will for the next seven months!…) and today I’m going wild in a checked suit!

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    1. A checked suit! Wow! Yes, I should have said Hue leggings. Thank you! I’m not a big jeans person so these are the ticket for me!


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