Tuesday, September 17, 2019

My long time (one year!) readers probably already know that I have a slight obsession with a certain brand…

Matilda Jane – the brand we normally think of for little girls.  

No, I do not have a daughter.  I only stumbled across this brand for women through Andrea of Momfessionals blog.  She does have a daughter.  She had a reason to shop MJ!  I thought the pants looked cute on her and she is tiny.  I am not tiny.  So, I saw her wear them on her blog and forgot about them right way, but then…

Enter one of my favorite consignment stores in Louisville – Sassy Fox.  I was in the shop a few months later (this was last fall) and they had a small rack of Matilda Jane for women with tags still on them.  I found my first pair that day and I have worn the heck out of them!  I have washed them probably 40 times!  They are a dark olive color and they are slightly cropped with a fun flowery detail on the bottom.  I think I paid $18 and the normal cost is around $59 for a pair of pants.  I get compliments every time I wear them – no joke!  

This brand is normally sold by a trunk keeper from their home.  My consignment store must have had a former trunk keeper unload their wares.  So, they are not the easiest to find but you can order them full price from the website or check to see if there is a Facebook person near you, check your local consignment stores, or check ebay.  I think $59 for a pair of pants that you will wear a ton is reasonable.  

I love that they are elastic waist and super comfortable and that they are unique.  Now, they are not the right style for everyone, but the quality is superb, in my opinion.  The only thing I do not appreciate is the giant label on them but I can overlook that.  

I have found three more pairs at my consignment store for less than $20 each, bought three from a Facebook seller for less than $20 each, and then I did purchase three pairs full price.  Some of their pants are not ruffle at the bottom.  That is not the only style they have.  So, my MJ collection is pretty extensive a year after my first purchase.  

You will see me wear a pair of these pants at least once a week.  I really love them.  I may look back at photos in a few years and wonder what I was thinking, but I am o.k. with that for the enjoyment I get out of them now.  

First olive pair again:


Black pair on left (full price) and navy pair (consignment) on right:  


Light moss color cropped above.

What do you think?  Do you have any experience with this company?  

Thanks for reading,


P.S. – I am noticing other brands doing this type of ruffle bottom and maybe it is the 70s style that is making a big comeback!  

13 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Matilda Jane for Women

  1. You look great in your pants, it’s fun to have a style that is unique. I have cropped pants, and I love the flared leg, but I don’t have any with ruffles – they are cute!

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    1. Thank you Tin-Tin! I like comfortable, quality and unique style
      and these fit the bill
      for me! In our climate I can wear these most of the year!


    1. The Fin pants are great! Looking forward to wearing those as it gets cooler! They are great teacher pants since we only have 4 minutes between classes and 20 minutes for lunch – amiright?


  2. When I worked in Missouri, a lot of teachers worse MJ and I was slightly appalled (this was 2013) because I’d come from the east coast and then from Alaska. Definitely not MJ-friendly. I felt the same way about Dankso though. Everyone in Alaska worse then and I couldn’t understand why (still don’t).
    Now, I think I would totally give it a try if I worked in the south-ish.

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    1. Haha! It is true that style is quite regional! I bet there was a lot of outdoor chic in Colorado like Patagonia!
      I hate the classic Danskos! They feel like bricks on your feet and are too ugly for words! They were quite popular here among my moms group years ago!


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